What is the ultimate truth of life? How can you experience it?



·         The ultimate truth can never be defined in words or objectified, it can only be pointed to. In fact, the truth itself is covered up with layers of illusion, to know the truth one needs to step out of the illusion. The illusion itself pointing the truth.
   One can ask how we can step out of the illusion and know the ultimate truth. The the answer would be, know what illusion is, that’s it, While you know the illusion as not true, then the truth will be revealed by itself, because the truth is you.

    Then one would say if I am the truth, why am I not able to know?. The reason is you are believing that layers of illusion as you, the moment you believe which you are not then you will be trapped in that illusion and truth can never be revealed. 

§  Know, what is for sure in your life? perhaps nothing is for sure. Whatever is achieved in time is lost in time, anything you achieve in time name, fame, success, possessions, relationships, health, wealth, money, etc  one cannot say for sure that this is the ultimate thing which can never be gained by anyone.

·         In all the fields of knowledge still the research is going on, isn’t that true?. In science, astronomy, biology, physics, psychology and so on. 
    Perhaps, the research will be going on and on forever, and the result would be, “there is still something to know or discover”, the process would never end. 
   Humans are very precious in this evolution, all the discoveries till date ended up with the void that, still there is something to know and this would be the same answer for another million years, I am as a human very glad that I am  enjoying all the new discoveries and technology of the fellow human beings. 
   All these discoveries are for the outer world, and the void in every heart is filled with a lot of dissatisfaction. If there was an end to all discoveries, one would not say that, I am not able to do that, I am not able to do this. 
   In case, if one day all the researches and scientists say that all the discoveries and researches have come to an end and there is nothing to know more, the conclusion would be “THIS IS IT EVERYTHING IS DISCOVERED” there is nothing to discover. The result would be everybody on this planet will be fulfilled and complete. 
   But this is not the case everything is incomplete, left everybody in void and misery.

·         But scientists have concluded that “there is something unknown is doing, we don't know what”? said Sir Arthur Eddington.

·         EVERYTHING IS DISCOVERED, THE ULTIMATE TRUTH IS REVEALED, if this is the conclusion what is the use, the truth cannot be revealed by an object, I am using this body-mind as instruments which are limited and the ultimate truth is unlimited and eternal. How can one discover the unlimited with the help of limited tools(body-mind).

  It cannot be discovered in the outer world, in order to know the ultimate truth one should turn inward and inquire ‘who am I’. what is this I feeling, try to work out? Much more effort is needed in order to discover the ultimate truth, the effort is need until you know the effort is not needed.

·         The reason why I am discussing all these things is nobody on this earth is satisfied until the ultimate truth is discovered no one will be satisfied this is for sure. What is the root cause of dissatisfaction?. 
   You are not even making an attempt to find out the ultimate truth, but searching for the perishable pleasures in this physical world, the one which is perishable and limited quality cannot give you the total and complete satisfaction. 
   IIf I am eager to find out the ultimate truth, I am not supposed to depend on the the limited physical world, that’s OK if you desire or wish for something in his world, unless there is no attachment for the result.

·         But, do you know what you want exactly, you should know what you want In order to work out for that. The ultimate truth cannot be gained by limited and perishable things, it cannot be gained in any way which is limited. 
   Whatever you may do in this world it cannot be gained, because if it is the thing to be gained then it will be lost as per the universal law. But how could it be that there is no chance to get to the ultimate truth, if I am desiring the ultimate truth, it should exist. Know that you are the proof for everything and your existence is for sure.

·         Because you say it all the time that ‘ i am’ if you are not sure how can you say that, so you don’t have any doubt that you exist. I am in for sure, the reason why I am not able to know is due to the layers of illusion. What are the layers of illusion?. 

   The layers of illusion are created by the mind, you already know who you are. But the mind always interprets as continuous dialogues or are pure awareness which is covered up my mind, just like a cloud covers up the sun for a while. In actuality, the mind is not real, apart from thoughts there is no separate entity called mind.

T The ego won’t let you know the ultimate truth, ego is one’s identification with mind when you are not aware of what thoughts are playing in your mind is unconsciousness, if you are aware of what thoughts are playing is consciousness. 

  Most of the time you have no idea what thoughts are playing because your thoughts don’t want to lose their identity as you, it pulls you to react for each and every thought, every thought wants to be you, that is ego. 

  When I am identified with my thoughts I have no control over my speech and my body, I utter whatever I like then it creates a reaction. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.   

It is a survival of ego when ego survives, then there is no question of knowing the ultimate truth. Take it for granted that the ego wants to survive at any cost, leaving you in suffering and misery.

·         The good news is that ego cannot survive when you are aware of thoughts and its patterns, just know that the voice in your head as dialogues is no you. 

  Try to watch and be aware of what it is saying. The moment you are aware of thoughts, you are free of thoughts or minds, it won't have power on you, initially, it seems that a lot of effort is needed, but this dialogue is also created by the mind. 

  Whenever the mind comes up with dialogues, you just are aware, sooner it vanishes and comes back, again and again, no matter how many times it may come, you watch them ceaselessly.

·         If you watch the mind in your daily life, the ego loses its grip on you, gradually you know that you are not your mind, you are the watcher or the awareness, the ego is a very small aspect of awareness, you are the ocean, the ego is just a ripple comes and goes. 

   You are that unshakable, no starting point, no ending point, neither born nor you will die, absolutely steady and solid. This knowledge cannot be attained in the future.

·         The ego exists only in the past and future, it cannot exists here and now. Try to be present all the time, if you are at least knowing that you are not present right here right now, then you are present as awareness knowing it, that’s enough for the collapse of ego. 

    I don’t say it is very tough  to do that, don’t take the mind seriously, ego always wants you to take the things seriously, it’s a matter of a bit eagerness and alertness in you and try not to fight with it, just allow what it wants to say and keep a steady watch. 

   With practising being here and now you always be in the present, being present means there is no mind. If the mind is calm and quite the power of you emerges, the awareness shines through you. Whatever you want, you need not ask for that, you will get it right everything that you need. 

   The ultimate truth is you and only you, try to find out right here right now, not in the future. If you say that," at last, I have found it ", this statement is not true, it is your nature which is already present, the thing you achieve, which is not present before, you may lose it any time. The ultimate truth is neither past nor future it is now.



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