Simple meditation techniques:

  • Mindfull observation.
  • Inner silence meditation.
  • I AM meditation.
  • Say yes to everything.
  • Forgiveness meditation.

Meditation is noticing what’s going on in your mind, let it stream, at one point when you notice continuously the flow of thoughts decrease. The moment you notice, you are free of mind, just be there the mind becomes still.

 Now you are observing the stillness, the stillness is nothing but only pointing truth, the mind can never know what’s happening when you are aware of thoughts it immediately becomes still.
Just put in some practice daily, it’s not that meditation means you have to sit for hours doing nothing. In your daily life notice how your mind patterns are, then the mind has no power on you but some times it rebels and attacks on you when you sit for meditation, don’t worry immediately watch your surroundings and breath deeply the mind calms down.

 When the mind is calm, deepen even more just be there, everything happens automatically, if there are no thoughts awareness shines and you feel peace.
Concentrating on I thought repeatedly gives you strength. You can concentrate on I thought continuously, only when you give up desires and worldly attractions. 

Whether you think about your situations or not, it doesn't matter, the situations are not going to change for your sake. How many situations changed because of your thinking? at least when you are meditating, you give up everything and meditate.
Meditation is being present in now, then you connect to the unlimited power and creates an energy field you never  accessed before, now you are accessing that power, miraculously inner changes happen and things flow as usual but with true power, which in turn  things happen to your favour, this s not our  goal but it is a side effect of connecting with the unlimited power. 

Therefore you are one with power and energy, gradually finds its manifestations, which you need the most.

The techniques I am going to share with you are unique and I practice on a daily bases. 

1.Mindful observation exercise:

 observation is one of the most powerful techniques, everything that I share with you is not a new thing for you, but you rarely notice in your life. 

Where ever you are just there and observe what's going on around you, don't interpret just be aware and you find your self as a present awareness. That is to say, mindful observation of thoughts meaning, you neither think about future nor past events.

And that present awareness is the higher intelligence in you, in fact, you are that higher intelligence that you don't know before. The answers to your every question will be answered, when you tap on this higher intelligence suddenly a thought pops out and strangely you find a solution to a problem.

2. Inner silence meditation or mental silence meditation:

 Silence is one of the unique technique that cuts off your conceptual mind and allows you to work according to your will and wish. 

Every time you speak just keep quiet for a moment and watch the silence between the noise. Whenever you are in a conversation with another person or a group of people, just observe your own breath and listen carefully and the mind calms down and you will find yourself coming up with a solution or an effective speech.

Always give chance to others to speak first and you be the observer, you might be probably thinking that if you don't speak first, you will be considered as a dumb, that's absolutely wrong in the first place. In fact, when you observe a lot, you will be able to give the right answers at the right time.

Your mind will keep on interrupting you to speak first, but ignore and leave it alone. Eventually, you will be able to understand the situation and act according to it. Always try to observe the silence in your inner body.

For example:

  • Slight tingling sensation.
  • carvings for your coffee.
  • energy flow through your arms and legs.
  • sometimes slight heaviness in your head.
Thus by observing your own inner silence, the mind's activity will get less and whatever you do the energy flows through it, and you will notice the best results

3. I AM meditation

whatever you see keenly notice it, when you're disturbed with unwanted thoughts just say I AM and try to hold on to it, initially you find it difficult, but gradually you gain power. 

You attach positive affirmations to IAM and repeat:
For example:


When you do this you keep away the other unwanted thoughts, when you resume thinking you come up with creative thoughts. Put in practice every day you will find the difference.


When you find yourself in no mans land and the situations that disturb you a lot then say the magical word 'YES' i am not asking you to say yes to the situation, say yes to that moment that's it, then all of a sudden you will see yourself in peace, 

When you say yes to everything that happens is you are not resisting what is, then it will not persists. Quite simple when you resist it persists.


Forgiveness is the best meditation for beginners that gives you ultimate power and you feel burden-free and can lead a peaceful life. 

Now here the mindful meditation comes into action and set you on a complete liberation and you feel the difference immediately.

You will be liberated from the past burden of thinking and unnecessary future projections.

Sit in a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and take a deep breath as many times you can and say " I am forgiving everyone that I thought they have hurt me, and everyone forgives me if I hurt you in any way". That's it, you feel better, and you will be able to choose the right decisions.

Only one thing I would like to share with you is the moment you resist to anything it persists and when you are at calm and peace you will not be creating wonders but the wonders happen.

These are the five simple meditation techniques that you can practise anytime and anywhere.

Thank you.

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