Silence is the gateway to the absolute truth. Observe the silence behind every sound, you will discover every sound emerges from silence and only observing, you will know that your true nature is simply knowing or present moment awareness. The silence points to present awareness that you are.
The awareness in you knowing everything and nothing, so there is no other awareness to know the awareness. When you notice only silence, then you know yourself as the awareness.

There are only pointers to the absolute truth, some of the pointers are silence, nothingness, presence awareness, consciousness, conscious witness and so on.

All these words are given by mind itself, the mind can never know your true nature. And silence always pushes you into the present moment awarenessTruth is nothing but your awareness itself. Absolute, awareness, consciousness, are nothing but your true nature. In fact, one cannot define truth in terms of words.
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In order To be in the present moment you need To know your true nature, you can only know your true nature by knowing what you are not, negate what you are not till nothing remains, but only your existence as awareness remains, which you cannot negate further.

The nature of awareness is simply true bliss. The truth itself is bliss, but when we use language there is duality, the language can only point the truth, you have to know it by yourself because it is your nature. And whenever you notice the silent gaps between the lines you find yourself as present moment awareness.
You are always the absolute or the present awareness, then why is this confusion all the time? am I changing all the time? why I react to things? where there is no need at all.

 You are always the unchanging awareness, the mind changes but not you, if you really change, there must be something knowing it, all moments happen in mind and you witness them as present awareness, you are unshakable, which is always a witness of everything.
  • You are not the body, because you witness it.
  • You are not the vital air you breathe because you witness it inhale and exhale. 
  •  You are not the mind, because you witness the thoughts in mind.
  •  You are not the intellect, because you witness it taking the decisions.
  •  You are not the bliss, because you witness it coming and going.

If I am not all five layers body, breath, mind, intellect, and bliss, then who am I? I am that witness which is witnessing all the five layers and negate them. You can negate all the five layers, which you are not, but you cannot negate the witness, your existence. 

When you are free of all five layers you are free of suffering, perhaps you are always and already free, but if you know that in the present moment, you realize it. 

But the mind always holds on to the past and future denying the present moment ending up in the unending thoughts flowing through your head. Therefore the mind always wants conflict, struggle, suffering, emotional roller coaster. 

However intellect the mind is, it will land in unnecessary suffering. After negating all five layers, you are not that negated layers, but the awareness which cannot be negated is you the pure witness.

The nature of awareness is the truth, unending bliss and eternal. We can call it as pure awareness.
              Initially, all I need is noticing the thoughts and its patterns that's it, then the thoughts lose its grip on me, as I am not feeding it with energy, rather than I am withdrawing it by being aware of thoughts. It seems the toughest thing to do because the mind creates it. 

The mind makes everything serious and tough, the only reason is you believe the voice in your head is true and the mind creates an illusion as you. In the end most of the time it succeeds and makes you believe that you are the voice in the head.
  • VOICE IN YOUR HEAD: Don't believe the voice in your head as dialogues and images. Always know that your subconscious mind is playing the show and just watch the show silently, and know that you are not the perceived objects in the subconscious mind, perhaps you are the present moment awareness.

  • THOUGHTS OBSERVATION: Observe the thoughts, just be alert and watch ceaselessly. Sometimes the thoughts rush in like waves in an ocean. 
        However dreadful or horror the movie is, you know that it is not real. Same way with your subconscious mind or unconscious mind, it wants your attention and your energy and plays all kinds of dreadful and horror thoughts, just be in your seat and watch the movie.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Observe what's happening around you and pay attention to your surroundings. Paying attention is the key to be in the present moment.
  • DO ONE THING AT A TIME: Do not rush in with your multitasking skills, do one thing at a time one after another, then you will find your self completing everything. The only thing is when you rush to do everything it becomes a mess.
  • BREATH OBSERVATION: Observe your breath as frequently as possible to calm down your mind. When you find yourself carried away with the situations, take a deep breath, because breath happens all the time, even if you are not aware of it. Much closer to the present moment.
  • BE AS SILENT AS POSSIBLE: Being silent doesn't mean doing nothing, you can do all things by just being silent like our body vital organs does.
        For more on how to live in the present moment check out: 'power of now'    written by the author Eckhart Tolle, for in-depth understanding the present moment awareness.
                  Questions need to ask yourself.
  • Whenever you feel depressed, ask who is depressed? 
  •  If you feel like overeating, ask who wants to eat?
  •  whatever you feel like doing watching television, movie or indulging in any work, ask yourself, who wants to do?.
   Therefore, the old subconscious mind patterns may come and peep in at any time, so to dissolve the mind, be alert and aware of thoughts. 


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