How can you easily train your subconscious mind:reprogramming for success in life


A powerful way of reprogramming the subconscious mind is one of the keys to achieving success in every aspect of your life.

Personal development is changing your limiting beliefs and intentions behind your every action.

When I see the successful people, I see the thoughts behind them but not a person; it means that behind every successful person there is a quality thought structure. Perhaps they might have programmed their subconscious mind the way they wanted.

In this post you will get a complete guide to the subconscious reprogramming and the facts behind, and important keys to succeeding in reprogramming your subconscious mind.

After reading this article, you'll not achieve success overnight in whatever field you are in, but you'll take the courage, confidence, and hope to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve what you have always wanted and consistently strive for success.
Let us start:


The subconscious mind is a programmed input memory, which is always on a play mode. Whatever the conscious mind gives or orders, it plays back and performs the actions and reactions.

 Most of our daily actions and reactions come from the subconscious mind unconsciously, i.e. 98% of our functions, actions, and reactions are from the subconscious, and only 2% of our actions are from the conscious mind.
The conscious mind plays important roles like,

                        •    Decision making, and
                        •    Creative thinking.

Decides what thoughts to allow and what not to allow into the subconscious mind. But when you are not conscious of your actions then the subconscious mind takes in charge.

That’s the beauty of the whole brain.

For example, while you are driving a car or a bike, at the starting point you are conscious and attentive, and after some time you start thinking of something else. And suddenly you find yourself at your destination and wonder “How did I reach here!”

You probably haven’t noticed yet but at that time when your conscious mind is busy in thinking, certainly, your subconscious took the job.
Isn’t that great, yes.


Subconscious means underlying consciousness or repressed memory of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and patterns of the human mind. The mind is divided into conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind. And the brain acts as the storage unit for the mind.

On the other hand, the subconscious mind is like a tape recorder, which plays on the CD or cassette, which is already recorded by a conscious mind. The conscious mind itself decides what to do and what not to do at that particular moment.

Every action and the reaction of a human being is a combined functionality of the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind.

 You can refer to this article written by KENDRA CHERRY an author, educational consultant and speaker the founder of very well mind, where she has explained in detail aboutpsychoanalytic theory of personality” by a famous psychologist SIGMUND FREUD.

And even when you are not conscious of your surroundings, the subconscious will keep on recording and literally accepts everything into its memory bank.

So be conscious most of your waking time to avoid recording unwanted things.


You know what is the subconscious mind meaning on a surface level, but if anyone puts this question a little bit deeper, there is no particular answer because the answer should come from the subconscious mind or memory itself.

That is to say what all I have read and listened in the past, which has been recorded in my subconscious memory and certainly the answer will come from it.

But the answer depends on how well and appropriate the question is.

For instance, if I need a solution for a problem, the subconscious programming has every answer to my questions, I should be able to put the right question and most importantly with the emotion and clear intention. 

Reprogramming the subconscious mind lies in the emotion of your intention.

So I have researched a lot on this concept and discovered that a subconscious mind is just a memory bank with heaps of data and information in the form of,

    Thought patterns
    Thought structures
    Behaviours and

And more precisely the mind is divided into two functionalities are subconscious mind and the conscious mind and also known as voluntary mind and the involuntary mind. They are the one mind with two distinct faculties.

The conscious mind looks after all rational thinking, reasoning and making decisions, whereas the subconscious mind takes care of your body functions like heartbeat, respiration and other vital functions without you being aware of it. 

And more importantly, it stores all the triggers and actions to perform in the most emergency cases, which you are not aware of, but your subconscious knows when to and how to perform a particular task at a given point of time.


The information stored and processed by your subconscious mind is unknown most of it. But the researchers have experimented in different ways and concluded that the subconscious mind is capable of dealing with the most difficult tasks if it is trained properly. 

The subconscious is fully loaded with lots of information; yes, of course, it is powerful because it is fully loaded like a machine gun. It is ready with all powers but 

who is there to shoot?

So however powerful the gun is, there should be a more powerful person to use or to shoot it right, the gun cannot shoot by itself.

 But in case of the subconscious mind it is repetitive and completely habitual in nature and always on-mode, never sleeps for a while, whether you are conscious about it or not.

You know what? The powerful person to shoot the gun is the “conscious mind” whatever it asks to do and orders, the subconscious mind will obey its orders and performs the tasks.

So shoot the right question for your goals.




With the present information of your brain you can do anything and everything under the sun, but it depends on what types of programs you have given to processing for the present result.

All your present results, behaviours, actions, reactions, emotions, feelings, intentions and including your decisions are because you have programmed it in the past.

For instance, if you imagine anything or whatever you think consciously in the present moment, it grasps and stores as if it is a real event, it need not be a real event. 

So as to say if your imagination in the present moment is negative the result would be negative and if it is positive, the result will be positive. The power of your subconscious mind will reveal by itself when your imagination is positive and strong emotion and feeling.


Use the suggestions or questions properly in the present moment and you will get much better results in the future. If you are confused, do not push yourself too hard and try to control, because there is no one to control in the inner mind or subconscious.

How many times you thought that you need to change your habits and failed.

Oh! I think a lot of times.

It is because all your habits and behaviours are recorded in the past and playing in the present moment and you feel the urge to repeat the habit, it goes round and round eventually lands you in addiction. 

And you are probably wondering, “Why am I not able to change myself”.

Instead, you ask that "I need a solution for the problem" if you want to control it.
Use your past happy moments which you have experienced, remember those moments and pull towards the present awareness and feel the emotion completely and ask whatever you want you will get it right.

For instance, you have old gold coins and you need money urgently, that is the currency for the exchange. What would you do? 

Yes absolutely right, you exchange the gold coins for currency. The past happy moments are like old gold coins and the currency is the result you are expecting in the present.

Isn't that fair enough!

How to use subconscious mind power to overcome addiction?

 An addiction is a loop of thought with a strong emotion sits in the subconscious, which repeats until you fulfil that thought. Most of the time you are not aware of the thought and emotion behind, it is on an autopilot mode.

Whenever that thought pops in, you feel the urge to fulfil or take an action according to that intensity of addiction. The moment you fulfil the urge, after a while, it pops in again and again.

Once the thought is attached to the strong emotion, it is difficult to stop, because everything will be done automatically, it doesn’t matter you are aware of it or not. You can come out of it by choosing, and as per psychology an addiction a disorder of choice.

Now, You can put a break for this by just knowing that whatever is playing, is the suggestions were given by you unconsciously, and let it play, be conscious watch your breath and look at your surroundings and be quiet for now.

What I mean to say is, when an automated machine is speaking on the phone, you cannot interpret in between and fight with it or you won’t try to control it, because you know that whatever is playing now has been recorded and programmed before.

That’s it.

In the same way, you are just programmed, and no one programmed it, you are the one who has done it.


Replace the patterns: How to start with the process:

Here we are,

You can choose to change all the patterns and programs that you don’t want to repeat again and again. Rather than techniques, I call as simple ways to change the programs or patterns. Drop all your techniques for a moment.

Here are the two simple subconscious mind exercises to replace the programs.


The magic moments are the moments before you just fall asleep, that is to say, reprogramming   while seeping, you are into low vibration when you are about to sleep or just a few moments before sleep, count down the numbers 10 to 1 and relax.

Now, you recall what you wanted to replace, whatever it is, whether it is about your goal or next day’s task or your long term goal.
This is the right time to say and repeat the affirmation you want.
For instance,
    Be conscious and say it repeated again and again, and then you will slip into the deep sleep. Now it will work out for the solution even when you are sleeping. 

The moment you wake up in the morning, you will find yourself repeating the same what you were repeating before sleep.

Do this every night with a different goal or affirmation and you will definitely see the positive result. And another technique fall under the same technique is.

How to easily train your subconscious mind WITH SELF HYPNOSIS AND SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING.


It is a mechanism of improving your subconscious through the process of audio-music and instructions used for relaxing. 

It directly downloads into your mind and eventually changes the programs for the wellbeing of your life.

It helps you to reprogram and the instructions include a combination of positive affirmations, visualization, and special NLP exercises. For more details, you can visit hypnosis live.

Subliminal programming:  

Subliminal programming is one of the effective and absolutely powerful way of programming your subconscious mind.

This programming of your mind deals with the subliminal messages, where stimuli of positive affirmations induced into audio music and visual tapes and presented to you for listening.

While you are listening, you will not be able to notice what messages they are, because the subliminal messages are integrated and masked into the audio and video system and they directly penetrate into your subconscious mind and changes your attitude, choices, and decisions positively.

And your conscious mind is not aware of this, subliminal messages break the barrier of your rationale and the reasoning mind and reach your subconscious mind and functions according to the positive affirmations.


While You repeat the affirmations, watch your emotions

Your present thought patterns, beliefs, habits, and intentions are a recorded piece of your memory.

Make it a daily habit with the strong intention to change, replace the negative with the positive pattern.

Seems quiet hard isn’t it…ok then there is a trick to change the habit.

Write your 5 intentions and beliefs on a piece of paper, write it spontaneously one by one and have a look at it and ask yourself, do I really want to keep the same intentions and beliefs in my mind?

If the answer is no, change the sentence to what you want and write your fresh beliefs and intentions, now daily write your fresh sentences 10 to 20 times, feel the emotion behind the sentences.  

Suppose your belief is that you can’t write an article, you replace it with ‘can’, that is to say, “I can write one of the best articles” you repeat it continuously like the mantra and feel the emotion behind that fully, and will be replaced.

 Hey, it’s quite simple,

This is how the subconscious mind creates reality,

 When you repeat the positive thoughts with the positive emotion and feeling, your subconscious mind will take that imprint as real and search for the evidence and attract the same kind of situation, feeling, and emotion in the future.

I am not declaring that even if you repeat negative thoughts, you will attract everything good. The subconscious takes whatever you give and creates the reality in the future that’s it.

It depends on what thoughts you give it with the emotion is the most important thing. The thought may be an intention or belief.


If the thoughts are clearly positive, sooner you will be drawn to the situations, and the total reality changes in favour of your thoughts itself, nothing other than that.

Ok I will give you a math equation,

Total reality= [Thoughts+emotions+feelings=results]

Now what would you do if you want to change the reality and the results?

Yes! You got it.

You CAN also apply the techniques such as Visualization, positive affirmations, and meditation, hopefully, you will feel better.

The above equation will do the job for you.
And on the another side of the coin is an intention, the intentions play a vital role in everyone’s life. What we are today is because of our intentions.

Whatever negative intentions you carry in your subconscious, they affect all your future results. Unless and until you drop all that you carry, it will not allow you to do what you wanted to do.

Watch for every action in your day-to-day life and notice for the actual intentions behind your every thought and feeling.

The Moment you notice your thoughts and intentions, then the awareness increases in you and eventually will be able to replace the intention or belief according to the above equation.


You see and imagine the whole world in the big picture of your mind, and it reflects back according to your accumulation of thoughts.

There is an opportunity to change your thought structure and make a new habit for well being, health, wealth and success in your life through your subconscious mind reprogramming. Everything that you want is already within you and it is just a matter of building quality habits and positive thought structure.

What techniques do you use to reprogram your subconscious mind?
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Thank you.


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