2 Remarkable Techniques of Self-hypnosis for success in life



Hypnosis is a deep silent state just like sleep, where a person's thought structure can be easily changed by the hypnotist.

Hypnosis can be used to cure different types of psychological conditions like anxiety and depression.

The research shows that hypnosis can be a very good asset to mankind and provide different types of improvements in behavioural therapy and physical health.

But how does hypnosis work? and about the exact mechanism, there is no clue. 

But various research has been done on several people and discovered that hypnosis can change the human way of thinking and most importantly the most complicated psychological disorders can be rectified.

Hypnosis is a Greek word means "a mental state like sleep" but as far as the therapy is concerned, it is not explained exactly.

The main psychological and physical changes occur because of our own thought patterns and the changes depend on the constructed thought processes in that particular person.

It is because of the research on hypnosis, there is a gradual rise in popularity. Hypnosis was used and introduced medically in the mid-1800s as a pain killer during surgery.

Learning self-hypnosis: 

You can learn more about self-hypnosis at inspire3, Karl Moore an expert in self-hypnosis, and many more, he is a successful entrepreneur and best selling author and founder of inspire3.

He is a person behind the brands zen12, subliminal Guru, Raikov Hypnosislive, and manifesting course.

Does hypnosis work?

You might be wondering that hypnosis work or not but, 
The psychology and neuroscience are saying that the mind carries every aspect of the human mind and consciousness, which are produced by physical processes in the human brain.

It is beautifully explained in the book 'IRREDUCIBLE MIND'(toward a psychology for the 21st century) written by EDWARD KELLY AND EMILLY WILLIAMS KELLY.


Self-hypnosis is a process of hypnotising yourself, in which you induce commands and auto-suggestions to yourself with positive thoughts. So that you can improve yourself personally and professionally as well and achieve remarkable success, and abundance in your life.


Diving deep into the concept of self-hypnosis.

Successfully inducing commands consciously: Techniques for self-hypnosis.

Here are two fundamental things to be noted, 'inducing commands' and 'consciously' before we get into the techniques of self-hypnosis.

The first one without any further discussion you can understand that it is to give commands to yourself. And 'consciously' is quite interesting and critical.

Consciously means focusing your full attention to what you are doing or saying and performing any task, that could be your day-to-day routine work or any mundane job.

Remember that your every word and thought has the power and energy to obliterate into reality.

The American essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson said that "Man is what he thinks all day long".

Whatever you have today is because of your thoughts in your head, if you want to change them for success and prosperity, then you got to terrifically work out for that through self-hypnosis.

Now, How conscious are your actions in your present life?

Most of them are unconscious i.e to say you are not giving your full attention to your present things, whatever it may be people, situations and circumstances and so on.

To bring a remarkable change in your life, there is only one sure-fire possible way of giving your full attention is your 'interest'. 

It is not showing interest in things which are not in actuality, but the things you feel the emotion at the heart centre.

When things are not in your interest or we can call it as not passionate about what you do, then you won't be able to give your full attention to it, right.


The simple reason why Iam discussing 'interest' is, without your 'interest' you cannot give or induce commands consciously to yourself.

And astonishingly everything registers unconsciously in your mind when it does, then your present actions will be unconscious. The effect of the unwanted result is the cause of the subconscious mind.

Now, it is quite simple that, if everything registers in your mind without being aware of it, whatever goes in comes out unconsciously and you'll probably wonder that why am I not able to live a life that I always wanted to live.

So, first, you decide what do you want? You have that will power to make a decision to live your life as you wish and desire.

When you desire something, definitely that must be your interest.
Strong and steady desire is a powerful way to easily achieve your goals for incredible success in every aspect of your life. 

Note: The desire must be constructive rather than destructive because of the higher intelligence in you won't accept any kind of destructive desires or thoughts.

2 Remarkable techniques of self-hypnosis for success and abundance in your life: 

1. Increase your awareness: To increase your awareness you can practise simple meditation like listening to the sounds around you and watching the objects without any interruption.

And first, you start with any louder sound around you, it could be a kids noise or whatever at that particular moment.

 Now, you try to listen to the lowest volume and you keep on decreasing the volume of the sounds around you until you listen to your own heartbeat and maintain that for at least 5 to 10min.

This is the right time to induce commands and suggestions. Because the busy conscious mind is now silent, pick up self-hypnosis audio and listen to it completely and relax.

Now, the commands do its vital job and serve the purpose of guiding you through your situations, circumstances and events in your life.

The most interesting part is the positive commands are like seeds and the subconscious mind is like a fertile field where you sow the seeds of positivity and harness the power of your subconscious mind.

You never know the seeds are growing quite rapidly and suddenly you come up with the solutions for your problems and you will be able to face the situations in your life with confidence.


2. Immerse yourself in the stillness: The mind becomes still when you question why and choose your desire. whenever your mind is disturbed with unnecessary thoughts.

For instance, if your mind comes up with any negative thoughts like:
  • "It is not possible to do"
  • "you are not quite efficient"
  • "Who cares about you?"
  • "You cannot succeed"
And so on, now the moment this kind of thoughts pops up, you question them 'why', then the thoughts vanish automatically.

And your mind becomes still, just be there and observe silence behind the stillness.

The negative thoughts play as they wish because you won't question them anyway. Now, you can carry on with your listening to the audio. You can even record your own commands and suggestions and use it for the self-hypnosis.


The benefits are incredible such as:

once the commands and auto suggestions are induced when you are still and peaceful the programs run automatically just as while you drive a car not thinking of it all the time you are driving.
 You can see the signs that show your subconscious programme has changed, the signs and benefits would look like as follows.
  • You would find yourself indulging in the tasks of your day-to-day life very easily and efficiently, that you were thinking not possible at all or very hard.
  • Reaching your goals quite comfortably.
  • And at the end of every goal, you probably wondering how did I reach finally!.
  • You will find peace at the core of your heart because everything will be on autopilot mode and nothing to think much about.
  • You'll love to face challenges that were quite hard to imagine.
  • And your response towards everything in your life will take over your normal thinking mind.
  • And people around you will never understand how the heck did you changed drastically.
  • You won’t participate in general topics, but rather than you will show interest in new topics and nothing less than creative.
  • And in the end, you don't care much about the results and only focus on your goals and live hazel free life even when the circumstances seem quite hard.
  • And you feel as if someone plucked off the negativity filters and will be able to do what you've always wanted to.
You should be able to aware of your thoughts if you want to notice the signs and changes in the self-hypnosis. 

Conclusion: Wrapping it up,

All you need to do is quietening the mind and give your own commands and suggestions or with the help of an audio

There is no one else there in your mind to control, the thoughts which you had misplaced in the past so are the results today. There is no separate entity called mind, only thoughts are in the form of mind.

Every problem seems to be like a hectic period in your life, but remember that the solution for every problem underlying the problem itself. Just a matter of awareness is needed that success is in the form of thought in your head, which you are thinking that you have lost, can be restored by self-hypnosis.

How did you like this post, if you like it share it, and if you would like to ask any questions feel free to comment. 


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