3 Proven ways to use subliminal messages for success that you love


What are subliminal messages and how to use them for success?

The subliminal messages meaning is exactly "below the threshold of conscious awareness of the human mind".

Now, the subliminal messages are stimuli underlies below the conscious awareness, which is out of reach to the conscious mind.

Types of subliminal messages are:

  • Subvisual flashes.
  • sub-audio mp3tapes.
  • Backmasking mp3 tapes.

It is said that one cannot point out these messages just like any other images and sounds, i.e you cannot see directly through your naked eye or hear even when you try to point out them.

Interestingly, these messages are used to program and influence the subconscious mind to reach your goals positive results. It is the best way to reach the subconscious mind without any conscious effort.

I mean to say that in other techniques of the subconscious reprogramming you need to put a conscious effort but in the case of subliminal is very subtle and not audible and not even perceivable. 

So you can play the subliminal mp3 audio tapes and carry on with your normal day-to-day work, those messages will do the job.

You might be wondering do subliminal messages really work?

Yes, they do,  research psychology shows these messages are a quite effective and efficient way to program the subconscious mind. 

And these messages as self-help tapes are used to help people who want to lose weight, quit smoking and also improving memory and many more benefits.

But they are effective because of the placebo effect, means when you believe in something very deep down your mind, then it will manifest according to your wish, nothing to do with the reality.

The actual power is in you which shows the positive results, in the end, the stimuli messages are only the supporting pillar for the positive construction of your thoughts

These stimuli can't work out for you to do something which you are not ready to do. When you are ready and take the decision then they are effective and powerful.

Let's jump into the:

3 Proven ways to use subliminal messages for success that you love:


1.Subliminal Visual Signs and signals or subvisual flashes.

These subliminal signs and signals are flashed on the screen rapidly on high-speed play mode that it will pass in a fraction of second so that it can reach the subconscious mind bypassing the conscious mind.

There is a certain limit to the human mind perception according to scientific research, these subvisual flashes are designed in such a way that your rational mind will not be able to think much about it, and the visuals bypasses the conscious mind and reach the subconscious mind.

This is how the old thought patterns and limiting beliefs are changed through subliminal flashes. Mainly the visuals are used to clear the blockages, which obstructs your self-growth.

How to use subliminal visual flashes?

These programmed visual flashes can be used to watch on your computer screen daily on a repetitive basis so that the old limiting thoughts can be changed.

Anyone can make any type of Subliminals work by just being consistent and repeatedly using the messages or flashes.

You can use it in the day time and just before you fall asleep because your brain produces theta waves during the sleep, this is the gateway for learning and intuition.

You can also use them in the day time i.e waking state of consciousness and the present moment 'NOW' in this state your brain produces alpha and beta waves, which are active for normal thinking mind and helps for decision making.

In this state, though your mind is active in thinking, the subliminal visual flashes penetrate through the conscious mind and reside in the subconscious mind.

You can sooner notice the difference between the results before using Subliminals and after using them.

2. Subliminal mp3 audio messages: 

These messages are composed in a low volume signals that are induced into high volume music, actually, these are hidden from being heard.

These low volumes can be absorbed by your subconscious mind easily.

How to make Subliminals work? and subliminal messages exercises.

Here what happens is when the conscious mind drop from the activity or busy with thinking, the subconscious mind will be functioning and grasps even the lowest volumes which are not audible to the conscious mind. 

You can play these audio tapes during the day time and do your casual work, they automatically change the old programs in your subconscious mind and push the positive programs.

In other techniques like self-hypnosis, you need to calm down and relax, but here you need not stop your work, you can carry on with your work and with consecutive repetition, you can gradually change the old thoughts patterns, which are in the form of:

  • Limiting beliefs.
  • Self-sabotaging.
  • Self-doubt.
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence.
In to positive thoughts eventually.

The subliminal messages in any form weather an mp3 audiotape or visual audios they work at the subconscious mind level. 

Most of the time in your day you are conscious of just 2% and the rest of the 98% show is run by your subconscious mind, it absorbs huge amounts of data and processes at the rapid speed of 40million bits per sec.

Now, its capacity is enormous and efficient than you think of, so these messages can be used as support and hints to the subconscious mind so that it can work according to your wish.  

Here is an interesting thing is almost total power lies in your subconscious mind. If you really want to change your life as you wish, you must be able to make changes at the subconscious level.

It is always best to use any subliminal messages while you sleep, i.e just before you go to sleep you put on the mp3 audiotape for effective results.

3. Backmasking technique: 

It is an audio playing technique, in which messages and ques recorded in the background of the music, intentionally want to play it on the front ground of the music.

These are the powerful messages hidden in the music, and reach the subconscious mind easily.

You can change your subconscious mind the way you want it by using subliminal messages.

Researchers have found that these subliminal are powerful only when the human mind is ready and people who got influenced to it must already have the desire to change the behaviour or pattern.  

Apart from that these messages have no power to influence the total attitude and behaviour of a human mind. 

For example, research shows that these messages related to 
thirst experiment conducted on several participants is only constructive and functioning in the people who are really thirsty but not the people who are not thirsty.

Imagine your subconscious mind is like a robot that you've built. In the first step, you have programmed it to work in a certain way and this robot is inefficient and not capable of doing things that have not been programmed to. 

Your subconscious mind just works the same way. Whatever you give it, returns back to you promptly.

Are subliminal messages safe?

On the whole, these messages, can't control your behaviours, and your decisions, they can only guide your decision. So the Subliminals are safe to use for the positive result.

It is so powerful that the Subliminals have been banned in the advertising world all over. The reason behind banning from the advertising world is not because they are dangerous and harmful.

 It is because of these hidden messages have the power to make you think with the influence of a very subtle stimulation, and the quite strange thing is you don't even know that you have been influenced.

Here you can decide what stimuli you would want to focus on and for how long you would want to expose to them. When you use them with some specific and focused goal they are the most effective.

That is to say that when your motivation to change for the best is combined with these messages is enough to reach your goals quite easily.

This will practically work out for you because of the incredible potential of subliminal messages, they go directly to the subconscious mind bypassing your logical mind and then it will take charge and do the best for you.

You might probably be thinking that how long does it take for subliminal messages to work?

listening to the subliminal music or using flashes once, it improves the perfection and the validity of its recollection in a particular event. 

And with the repetition of the same music or sound will lead to quick identification, even when the messages could not be identified on its first submission.

So, listening to the mp3 audio messages over and over, again and again, can lead to positive changes in your behaviour and overcome the habits you want to. The best subliminal website I would recommend is the subliminal guru.

How to Make a subliminal text notes?

You can jot down some notes of positive messages or subliminal affirmations on a piece of paper and place in every possible corner of your house. By doing this your mind absorbs more positive messages right from brushing your teeth to wearing your shoes and even while you are driving a car.

Though you are busy with your work during the day, you need not give your attention to those notes, they penetrate directly into your subconscious mind and shift your thoughts

The text notes must be in the first person and in the present tense:
  • I am happy.
  • I am blessed with an abundance in every aspect of my life.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I am optimistic.
  • I am healthy.
  • I can do the best things in my life.
  • I can make the best decisions.
  • I can manage things personally and professionally as well.
And most importantly, you should not include affirmations like

  • I am not unhappy.
  • I am not homeless.
And so on, because of even though the affirmation is positive, but your subconscious mind grasps the negative one like 'unhappy' first.
Avoid using such text notes.

Benefits of using subliminal messages:

  • They are helpful when used intentionally and guide you to improve your attitude and behaviour.
  • They work and guide you to lead a stress-free and anxiety-free life.
  • Subliminal messages experiments have proven that they are more beneficial when used for a specific purpose like personal improvement and self-growth.
  • They have the power to heal your past regression and make you drive to your destination.
  • They can heal seep disorders and depression.

For the maximum and effective results for and How to be successful using subliminal messages:

  • Decide your target and focus on that completely.
  • Give your full attention to that target and have faith in your self. And be crystal clear on your target you want to reach.
  • Repeat and loop the process for as many targets as you can.

Pretend that you are successful and happier than ever before.

Decide what you want, go deep with into the core of your heart, then you will be able to decide the right one. Don't believe your surface-level carvings they are fleeting anyway. when you are mindful, you will get what you want right in front of you.

Sometimes you feel like what to believe and what not to believe, when you feel that your decision is right at your heart, that's definitely the right choice. 

Imagine if you watch a sad movie, you won't become sad unless you identify yourself with those thoughts, just notice and if you don't like it discard straight away.

We have been always influenced by news, media, T.V, and people we meet in our daily life with the negative subliminal messages.
sometimes the people who influence us with these messages, they don't even know that they are doing it.

Subliminal messages in movies, songs, and cartoons have been using since decades now, and if you keenly notice these messages are also being used in the advertisements, commercials also for effectiveness and reaching people.

Isn't that good enough if we try and reverse the influence on the subconscious mind with positive messages and good habits.

We have learned throughout the subconscious mind programming that "whatever you sow, so you shall reap".


Final words,
There is an emergency to influence your subconscious mind with positive thoughts so that you can enjoy positive results.

Nobody wants not to be happy and not to be successful in this world. But there is always a chance to program your mind for the best results using these messages. 

You are just taking the support of these stimuli messages to replace the negative thoughts, but the subliminal messages alone wouldn't help if you choose not to change them.

When you start using these stimuli messages you gradually see the best results and you can notice it in just a few days after starting using them.

If this is helpful for you do like and share it.


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