How to start Meditation for beginners at home:The movie technique.

What is meditation? How to do meditation at home?

Meditation is your own state of happiness and getting connected to yourself. It is forgetting about everything except yourself and even that you are meditating. 

While meditating you are searching for the core of your own being, where you would want to drop all the burdens that you are carrying right at the centre of your heart.

 In fact, you are in a meditative state all the time, whether you are aware of it or not, and you are an expert. Perhaps every human being is an expert.

But the human mind is an obstacle for meditation. For you to do it, you need to get rid of your own unwanted thoughts.

You will be guided throughout this post on How to meditate and a step by step process. And you will not be the same person after knowing the secrets of meditation.

Let us start.

How to begin meditation at home even when you are disturbed?

Meditation for beginners at home is quite simple

Initially watch out for a comfortable and calm place to sit for at least 15min. Always choose to meditate in the morning hours.


Make yourself comfortable with a folded legs on the floor or you can use mat or you can sit on the chair. Just lock your hands in front, and take a deep breath, inhale and exhale.

Whatever position or pose you take is not so important, but making yourself comfortable and calm is important. You can use a pillow or meditation cushion for comfort.

You forget about everything for 15min and watch your breath. You notice your breath filling up your lungs and coming out.

Now, most importantly don't try to control your thoughts, let them come for the battle. The moment you sit for meditation the mind will get upset saying that: 

oh! at last, started off.

And the thoughts rush in like a stormy beach. Confused, anxious, and sometimes depressive or the other thoughts about your daily routine and stuff.

That's absolutely ok.

Because you are meditating for the unwanted and quite negative thoughts to dissolve, unless and until the thoughts come on to the surface level, you can't dissolve them.

All these days you have suppressed the thoughts by turning your attention to your routine work, smartphone, or television and kids. They didn't get a chance to come up till now, this is the right time for the thoughts to come up and disturb you.

While you are meditating, most of the time you will get distracted and break the session. No, you don't have to: this is the right time to get rid of all your unwanted thoughts and emotions.

You welcome them like a guest coming to your home so that they can go right!

You might probably be wondering that It is very easy to say, but quite hard to do. Isn't it?

I can understand because I have gone through all those days. I use to control my thoughts and getting upset with the sessions and turn my attention to my routine work. 

You can succeed with consistent practice and you will come to a conclusion that you are already at peace and quiet, it is just a matter of being aware of your thoughts silently.

Meditation is not about controlling thoughts or shifting painful thoughts to peaceful. If you Shift the thoughts, which are at your comfort zone or those you like. In the beginning, you may feel a little bit of pleasure, but it won't last for long enough.

Because, all your thoughts, emotions or your perceptions are fleeting all the time. The thoughts you are at comfort now, you may not feel the same in the future.

So, it doesn't work like that way. Instead, let them come in and go. The key is  'let it go', don't try to hold on to the thought that gets carried away. Just be in your body noticing the subtle energy flowing throughout your body.

19 steps of meditation for beginners at  home:

  1. Notice and feel the pressure of your breath.
  2. If you are not comfortable watching your breath at first, you can watch your surroundings. Perceive it completely whatever it is.
  3. Do not label whatever you see but just notice for a couple of minutes.
  4. Now you can notice your breath in and out.
  5. Feel the energy flow in your hands, legs, or you might be carving for your first cup of coffee.
  6. Here is the fun part, now the inner voice comes up with many tricks and plans to distract you, don't believe your inner voice or a series of thoughts, once you believe them you get distracted.
  7. Know that the inner voice is not you, only a recorded thought playing like a tape recorder. They play around some time and go away.
  8. The emotions rise and fall in the ocean of your awareness just like a ripple or tidal wave. You just keep an eye on the connections between your thoughts and emotions.
  9. That's fine if sometimes in the session you get carried away with emotional thoughts, but you just come back to yourself that you're meditating.
  10. Initially, the thoughts flow will be high and gradually slows down and remember to hold on to yourself tightly, and firmly, this is only because you think that your thoughts draw your attention.
  11. All thoughts have a certain amount of vibration and energy you need to let that get dissolve.
  12. Now meditation is only a process of holding on to one thought so that you are not attached to the other multiple thoughts. You decide what thought you want to hold on to. 
  13. You can take any mantra-like 'om' and chant for a quite some time and your mind become calm and quiet. It always better to do meditation with mantras in the beginning. Or you can try this audio.
  14.  Make it a daily habit and you will gain power and will be able to focus more and more day-by-day. Our goal is not to sit for long hours, but to maintain the same quality of attitude in your daily routine work, whether it is a workplace or at home.

  15. You should be able to give your full attention to whatever you do or whoever you talk to. In the book 'power of now' author Eckhart Tolle explained beautifully. You can read this book for transforming your routine lives. 
  16. Now, there is no condition that you should not get distracted with your mind, the mind is anyway restless, your only goal is to stick to your self and observe the thoughts. And gradually the thoughts flow slows down.
  17. So that you can remain in your centre of your heart. The thoughts may explode and attack you, but they cannot touch you unless you believe in them that they are real. Every thought want your attention and drags your attention.
  18. If once you believe in them, they take you on a roller coaster ride and make you feel tense and put you in anxiety and depressive mood.
  19. But if once you withdraw your attention and start not believing them, they have no power and you are the winner. 

Techniques of Meditation for beginners at home:

You can apply the below techniques in your sessions,
In the beginning, you intentionally sit for meditation but eventually, it will become your nature. You never get carried away with emotions and thoughts and you will not involve totally in any serious discussions, but you will be there as a noticing awareness.

Whatever you do, you need to give your full attention to it whether it is a situation or any circumstance. DON't take the situations in your life seriously. Let them take it who are serious about it.

      Oh! my God a big lecture right.
Ok then, I have a nice trick, technique and the secret to share with you.

The movie technique for quick meditation for beginners:

I will ask you a question first.

What would you do when you go to a movie in the theatres?

In the first case, you are excited and wanted to be surprised or thrilled right. You expect something and then the screenplay will be different, you enjoy it like anything else. In the end, have you ever noticed that you comment on the movie is great, good, horrible or something you label or judge the movie?. Because you know that it is not real indeed: 

But sometimes you get carried away with the emotional scenes, I don't know how many of you noticed in between the movie, that you are watching a movie but:

Though you are watching it for the sake of entertainment, You know that everything in the movie was scripted and directed according to the screenplay in the end.

Do you agree?


Now, before sitting for the meditation session, you just assume that you are going to watch a movie in the theatre and pretend that you are watching a movie on the big screen of your mind.

And get excited, what's going to play this morning and watch it, enjoy it, or let all the emotions rise in the big screen of your mind and dissolve, say 'let it go'.

Whether it is an emotional drama, a comedy thriller, horror or it could be anything, you act as if your thoughts are not you, they are just scripted screenplay and the direction of the universe.

And the moment you do this, you can feel the freedom and peace that you have ever felt before. You observe and know that between your every thought there is a gap or space, the thoughts are streaming one by one just like a movie.

I mean to say that the mind creates a movie out of your thoughts that's it. But it is nice to hear, but however nice the concept is, you need to apply it in your daily routines and activities and got to know and experience it on your own. I call this trick as a 'movie technique'

6 Benefits of meditation:

You don't need to aim at meditation benefits, but you will be rewarded with more benefits if you could do it consistently.
They may show up as follows:

  • You will be able to enjoy the sound sleep and quite deep.
  • You will feel the freedom and peace and win over anxiety and stress.
  • You will be able to focus on your goals quite comfortably.
  • You will take over the negative emotions like anger, guilt, fear, jealousy, and greed.
  • You will be able to take up completely new projects with confidence and commitment.
  • And most importantly you don't care about the results and able to be in the present moment and live happily.

There are many more benefits of meditation, but you can enjoy it when you make the decision to meditate on a daily basis.


On the whole, whatever technique you may use, it doesn't matter, end of the day you should be able to lead your lives happily and peacefully, more importantly, abundance in every aspect of your life.

By training your subconscious mind you'll be at peace and harmony and have total control of your life. 

Indeed you don't need anything to prove yourself, you are perfect and a masterpiece in this universe, at the end of the story you are looking and seeking for your self. Wisdom is knowing your true nature.

How did you like this post, comment and share if you like it because sharing is caring?

Thank you.


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