5 Exclusive Placebo Effect Hacks Can Solve your Problems Immediately


On a sunny day:

Two friends John and Robert were sailing on a boat with the other passengers to reach their home town.

They were talking to each other on the topic "How human mind impact lives".

And all of a sudden Robert was suffering from stomach pain and said: 

"could anyone help me please!" then john was tensed and asked the co-passengers for the help.

One of the co-passengers sailing on the same boat reacted:

 And asked, what was the problem? and Robert said, "I am suffering from a severe stomach pain suddenly".

  Then that co-passenger replied,

 " I see! don't worry I am a doctor. I will give you a pill and your pain will be alright".

Robert took the pill and he was relieved from the pain immediately and said to the doctor that he was very thankful to him.


John was also thankful and said to the doctor, " You appeared on this boat like an angel and saved my friend's life".

The doctor laughed and said, "I am not a doctor, I just gave a candy sugar pill like a pain killer".

                                 John was shocked!

Here, what might have happened in the story?, even you are shocked RIGHT!

Nothing to get astonished,


The fake doctor gave a fake pill and the patient believed that the doctor knows what he was doing and Robert took the sugar pill as a medicine.

How does the placebo effect work in the brain: What is the placebo effect.

Here, one point that will get stuck in your head. How come that could be possible to cure any pain with sugar pill?.

That's not a problem, because the patient believed that it was really a  painkiller indeed, and that caused his neurotransmitters and receptors in his brain to respond and immediately released the painkiller chemical naturally.

Some medical studies on placebo effect have discovered that the placebo effect powers went beyond the brains activity and reached beyond the researcher's expectations.

Your brain has that incredible potential to heal and cure any kind of pain and disease naturally. It does matter how you believe that treatment and the person treating you is important. 

How to increase the placebo effect drastically?

And the Reticular activating system(RAS) in your brain plays an important role. It is a system in your brain with a bunch of nerves in a circuit acts like filters and weeds out the unwanted information.

And it records and holds on the important information, that you need the most and processes it for your survival in this world.

RAS is an automatic function and process the information with rapid speed and makes decisions for you to carry on with your day-to-day actions.

It doesn't matter you are conscious of it or not, RAS will carry on with its functions effectively.

RAS programs the daily functions, actually every moment right from getting up from bed to again going to bed.

 It processes with the existing files of information in your brain and compares with the fresh information coming into the system.

And it works always in favour of you and sees to it that the new information matches with the existing information like your true intentions and strong beliefs.

And RAS also cross-checks with your feeling and emotion connected to the information coming in, and with the existing conditioned beliefs, intentions, feelings, habits and emotions and then it allows the decision making or judging anything important.

There is always a great impact of RAS on all your actions and looks for only useful information connected to true intentions and beliefs and functions according to it. And you can increase the placebo effect by triggering RAS.

Usually, the placebo effect refers to this kind of fake treatment is called placebo in the medical terms. And the way the patient responds to this kind of treatment is a placebo effect. 

 Placebo effect statistics and examples are explained in detail here in this article.

And on the other side of the coin Nocebo effect is exactly opposite to the placebo effect.

Where the patient's response to the treatment will be negative, that is to say during the trial patients do not believe the treatment given by the doctors. And the results will be negative.

This is not at all new in science. Since a decade the doctors and the researchers have been digging for the reasons behind the placebo effect.

The researchers had experimented on several patients, the patients don't even have an idea whether they are on a real drug or a fake drug, sugar pill will be given to the patients as a fake drug.

You might probably be wondering that: is the placebo effect real or not?

The placebo effect has been proven in an experiment where two groups of people participated, one group of people has been treated with the real drug and the other group with a placebo drug(sugar pill).

Surprisingly the results were amazingly positive and the response to the placebo rapidly evolving over a period of time. And the placebo effect is proving its potential.

And you can imagine how powerful the placebo effect is.
If you ask what is the percentage of the placebo effect.

it is said that 75% of the treatment and placebo surgeries results are positive and the scientists couldn't find the difference between fake and the real treatment.

And DR.BRUCE LIPTON revealed the secret that it is 66% of the time the results are quite positive.

The placebo effect can even cure cancer:

What's happening here is the human mind learns to indulge in the habituation of taking a pill and start feeling better and it can recreate the same feeling whenever you take a pill. 

And how long does a placebo effect lasts depends on the patient's belief and expectation?

It's superb that placebo effect is influencing the scientific research and medical science.

And would you believe it, that scientists have been researching this phenomenon rigorously for 15 years and discovered that just a sugar pill can cure any disease?

We can expect in the coming future that medicinal drugs can be used less.

Here is the real twist in the tail:

As far as the scientists are concerned, they couldn't figure out the actual reasons behind the placebo effect, So we can use it for our advantage.

Believe it or not that only a strong belief is the most familiar classic medicine known to mankind since ages.

And you know what, the time itself is a kind of placebo effect that heals pains and diseases in most of the instances.

The placebo effect examples and reasons for a positive response:

  • The hope of a patient.
  • Changing the patient's focus.Patient paying attention to the treatment.
  • Subconscious mind programming.

The hope of a patient:

If you are hopeful to anything, not just a medical treatment majority of the time things get better than you think.

Here in the case of medical treatment, the patient is subconsciously conditioned that if he is getting the treatment he is going to get better anyway.

And most importantly patient not giving attention to his illness or pain at the time of treatment is one of the basic reason for a positive response.

Changing the patient's focus and attention:

Sometimes the doctors change the focus of the patient so that they can give attention to the signs that they're getting better and relieve from pain and signs of worsening the pain.

Anyway normally we all change our behaviours when anyone is noticing us, the same way patients change their behaviour unconsciously, but it turns out to be a positive sign as an effective response to the placebo effect.

It is just a matter of expectations and habituation of your subconscious mind, where it is programmed with the cause and effect.

Subconscious mind programming:

Your Subconscious mind is programmed when you take the pill and gradually with the habituation it remembers the memory of taking a pill and getting recovered.

 When you take a placebo drug or sugar pill, your subconscious mind creates a feeling of recovery and drags the memory to the surface which is already recorded in your brain in the past.

Caring treatment can always cure any kind of pain. When you receive caring it directly activates neurochemical receptors in and releases opioids in your brain and reduces the pain. This is how powerful the placebo effect is.

And most importantly placebos are being used in the surgeries and scientists found that the fake surgeries are showing the effectiveness and a gradual improvement in decreasing any kind of pain. 

How can you solve your problems with placebo effect immediately?

However, the discoveries are, it is the ultimate power of human connection with caring and love heals any kind of disease, the placebo effect is not just limited to fake treatment.

It is teaching the human beings that anything is possible when you believe heartfully and its enormous power reveals when it is connected with strong emotion and feeling.

Everything is interconnected and serving the purpose of humans. The placebo effect is just a tiny aspect of human discovery, there are lot many things, which are out of the human mind's reach.

Hopefully, we have discovered a surefire option to problem-solving. That is to say, you can use the thread of the placebo effect and apply to solve any kind of problem.

  • Target your problem.
  • Analyse the situation.
  • Evaluate the facts.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Find your solution threads and use.

                             1. Target your problem:

Find what is the specific problem you are facing at the moment and which one needs your immediate attention.

When you know what you need to focus and give your total attention to it, then the problem is 90% solved because most of the problems I would rather call them the situations you are in at the present moment:

 Because of not giving your full attention.

Majority of the time you lack focus on the situation you are dealing with and It is accompanied by FEAR. Just by knowing your problem is no more than a situation, then you can win over.

Simply knowing the origin of your problem and fear will favour you in dealing with any situation.

And fear is born out of anticipating your future with unnecessary imagination and forces you to not take any action. Rather than you start taking action despite your kind of situation you are in.

Then the fear gradually decreases, because all problems are due to not taking any kind of action in the present situation.

You don't need to know everything to solve your problem. Just focus on the present situation work on with it and suddenly all your problems will get solved on its own.

                                  2.Analyse the situation:

Analyse the situation you are dealing with at the present moment by knowing the facts behind and what can be your immediate action on it.

It doesn't matter whether it is going to solved straight away or later on, taking at least tiny action is important.

Here what happens when you take a tiny action, the problem itself will reveal with the solution and you don't need to look for a separate solution.

                    3.Evaluate the facts:

Take action on evaluating the facts and laser focus on the present facts, while taking action you don't need to look into the future or analysing the past facts in detail. 

Just focus on the present action and move on with the next moment and here there is no need to look for any situations you don't want to involve. 

If it is your cup of coffee, then the situation will come to you in the present moment, unless and until the situation is not in your present moment you don't need to think about it.

                                4. Believe in yourself:

As we have seen in the case of the placebo effect how powerful the beliefs are. Then why aren't we use them to solve the problems and reach our goals?.

Whatever the situation you are challenged with, you take the solution for granted and make the goals as you want.

Believe that you are going to solve any problem and remember how did you solve some of your difficult problems in the past, that's it. 

Your subconscious mind program will accept and impress with the fact that you had solved already the same kind of problem in the past and it is going to co-operate with the present problem.

This is how the game of belief works, and there is nothing to do with whether it is a real or fake event. Just like a placebo sugar pill, it works for you.

You just got to believe that you are going to do it and take tiny action and move forward and see what your subconscious mind reveals for you.

                         5.  Find your solution thread:

The thread is a clue given to you to reach your goal, which is tied to a treasure in your subconscious mind, where the solutions are hiding. 

pay attention to the present moment, you can get plenty of threads

For example placebo effect, you can use this phenomenon as a thread to deal with any kind of situation.

examples of solution threads:
The other end of these threads is already tied to solutions of your problems, and goals. You just need to catch hold of these threads and reach there.


Wrapping it up with the final words: These placebo effect hacks can change your life forever and allows you to make the right decisions.

And powerfully impact the way you think and behave to any present concerned situation and act according to it for the well being and leaves you to face the problems with the right attitude.

An attitude that not running away from the so-called obstacles of life rather than face them with ease and when you welcome anything in your present moment, the obstacles and problems get solved by themselves and allows you to lead a happier life.

Thank you,

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