How to reprogram the subconscious mind during theta waves?


Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.
                                             Earl Nightingale.

Have you ever thought that why reprogramming subconscious work for a few folks and for a few not?

Because our brain turnout completely different types of waves once neurons within the brain communicate with one another with electrical repulsion and these waves produce an exact quantity of wave frequency of energy.

And this energy causes the physical reality in the outside world.

The different forms of brain waves:

  • Delta waves.
  • Alpha waves.
  • Beta waves.
  • Theta waves.
  • Gamma waves.
Delta waves: The brain produces this kind of waves when you're in deep sleep or dreamless sleep. 

It is the world of unconscious mind and information received at this time is not at your conscious awareness.

Alpha waves: These waves are generated when you are in subtle meditation and deep meditation. They improve your imagination and visualization. 

At this level of consciousness, you are just the witness or watcher of your flowing thoughts.
How these each brain waves work efficiently explained in this article

Beta waves:  waves are generated at the waking state of consciousness, that is to say when you are focused on your day-to-day activities.

Your inner voice guides you throughout your activities. And most of the times you are unconscious of the things you are doing like your body language, common stress and anxiety during the waking time.

Theta waves: This is the world of the subconsciousness of your mind. Waves generated in between just falling asleep and deep sleep. 

These waves are subtle in nature and quite powerful and effective for creativity and you can experience the future as vivid dreams and visualization in the present moment.

And with this deep visualization, you can create your own reality, where the power of your subconscious mind begins.

 Reprogramming your subconscious mind during these theta waves are effective because of the enormous energy released for activities you carry on. 

Gamma waves: These waves are generated during the higher level of consciousness and researchers have found no clue on how these waves are formed and functions, but yet these waves are also present in the enlightened spiritual beings.

You can also read this article for more details on how brain waves work.

Now, let's jump into the reprogramming your subconscious mind during Theta waves.

Understanding the theta waves and its functionality:

It is easy to program your subconscious mind during theta waves produced because your conscious mind will be almost dull and drowsy. And there is no interruption of your conscious mind.
You can follow the 3 steps to reprogram to be successful.

       1. Visualize your goals and Decide what you want.
       2. Take action based on the present information.
       3. Repeating positive affirmations.

1. Visualize your goals and Decide what you want: 

Visualise all you needed to realize in your life initially, right from your dream job to an area you needed to go todoes not matter the goal is tiny or hugesimply close your eyes and visualise as several as you'll.

Now, opt for and choose the one that you simply feel the feeling at your heart and create a note of it on a chunk of paper.

When you write it on a paper, you're creating a control to your subconscious concerning your goal clearly and showing that you simply have set powerfully.

Now, sit quietly where you're feeling comfy and visualize a whole image of the goal. Suppose your goal is such as you need to shop for a dream house, simply imagine that however would you're feeling if you get that house without delay.

Make an image of that house and who was there with you in your imagination? and what colour dress you wore? and what may you smell? and perhaps you're at the eating hall and having dinner.

You try and visualize every and each little side of that image, by doing this theta waves activate your subconscious mind. This method is one of every of the foremost powerful ways in which of programming your subconscious mind.

During the visualising image, theta waves enable your subconscious mind to require all the impressions within the image as real and hold all the impressions within the memory powerfully, and it'll use it at the proper time after you want it.

And the subconscious can lookout and provides you with the expertise specifically what you have got pictured with feeling, repeat the method as frequent as attainable for fast results.

Visualization and deciding have that power as a result of all you ever have is this moment ' Now'. the instant you selected your call with the feeling within the moment.

Your subconscious can take it without any consideration that you simply want this expertise at any value and it'll work for you mechanically.

You can also use self-hypnosis for effective results.

2. Take action based on the present information. 

Do you know, when you make decisions based on your desire or wish or specific about your goal, then your subconscious mind reveals certain clues and information in the form of situations and events or it could be any random thought.

You may find yourself meeting new people, they may be helpful for your goal. And most importantly the clues and the information comes from the situations that you resist more in your day-to-day activities.

Sometimes your friends or family members may insist on you or force you to take you to a new place, where you may find an opportunity to explore yourself and you could get valuable information about your goal.

So that you can grasp that information and take action based on that information which leads to making a new habit

Don't resist any situations in your present moment, because the clues for your goal hides in that situation or it could be any event in your life.

I would like to share one of my experiences here in this situation:

I have experienced this in my own life. one day my elder daughter was scribbling on the walls of my bedroom with coloured pencils, I was resisting not to scribble on the walls because it looks dirty.

And I read somewhere that 'Don't Resist, Be Open', and suddenly this thought popped in my head and just looked at the scribbled piece on the wall, where my daughter wrote some random digits and alphabets, I immediately jot down those letters and digits.

Then I searched for the terms on the internet, where I got this information about 'How to do business on domain names'. 

Actually, on that day, I was looking for information about online business and I wondered what my daughter, scribbling gave me a clue and valuable information on that day.

So when you resist, understand that there is a piece of valuable information packed in there, just think about what you are resisting and follow the thread of clue to your destination.

You get amazed with your life when you start looking at your life this way. Try and turn every situation in your life into an opportunity and take it in a positive way.

Taking at least a tiny action on the information that you have in the present moment will allow you to move further and carry on with whatever you are doing, this is the right way how to communicate with the subconscious mind.

This kind of helpful thoughts pop up when your brain produces Theta waves, this is certain that how your brain functions according to your brain waves.

Researchers proved that when you are stressed and experiencing anxiety, you will not be able to take action and decision.

So, just relax and calm down, practice meditation regularly and most of your creative ideas come out of relaxing and calming down your mind with theta waves reprogramming.

 Work and use the resources you have in the present moment, that is more than enough to take tiny action and when you take action on the present information, the situation reveals with more information and resources. 

So that you can keep on taking action on the available information and further it reveals again, this loop of information and action will lead you to your goal and success.

But how to know you are in a theta state of mind is the big question, it is quite simple that when you are able to notice your thoughts quietly and you feel a bit liberated and calm that's it and you take it for granted that you are in a theta state of mind.

3. Repeating positive affirmations

How do positive affirmations impact the subconscious mind? and


The impact of positive affirmations on your subconscious mind:

Positive Affirmations are usually called when a phrase or a few words together repeated multiple times in your mind to impact your subconscious mind in a positive way. 

The affirmations repeated with focus, emotion, feeling and a strong intention will penetrate into the subconscious mind and emanates an incredible amount of energy and power, to manifest the intentions of your words in the outer world. 

Normally most of the time people indulge in negative thinking including some negative words such as "I can't do" "I can't succeed".

It is quite often that all thoughts in the form of patterns, images and voices have a short span of time in your mind. 

But only those thoughts which are connected to your strong feelings and intentions stay long and influence your subconscious mind to create the reality.

To activate your subconscious mind, the first thing you need to do is focus on your habits, thinking patterns and emotions.

Here is the interesting part:

The Reticular activating system(RAS) in your brain filters the words and images which are not connected to your strong intentions and feelings. RAS is the system that decides to allow which thoughts to get in and out.

And RAS is also responsible for all your decisions and results in your life to date. Understand it only acts according to your present thoughts and the coming thoughts with emotions, feelings and intention. 


When you affirm any sentence or words ordinarily, won't enter your subconscious mind. The RAS acts as a guard and watch out for the intention and feeling behind every thought or word and then allows them to your subconscious mind.

Of course not every thought of yours will become your reality, because most of the time the sentences or words you say and repeat are unconscious, that is to say, you have no clue what you are thinking about.

But even when the thoughts are unconscious, some times they create the reality, because they might possibly be accompanied with the strong intention, feeling and emotion.

It is quite simple and certain that if you want to create your reality positively and according to your desire and wish, then there is only one way, is to repeat the positive affirmations again and again with the utmost feeling and emotion.

This is how affirmations affect the subconscious mind.

Program and train your subconscious mind with positive affirmations:

Be cautious what thoughts are moving in your subconscious mind, if you do, they grow stronger and create reality according to the thought structure that you have built. 
And eventually, affect all your actions reactions and behaviours.

To effectively program your subconscious mind you need to bypass your conscious mind which acts like a barrier. And you can also read TONEY ROBBINS article for more.

Here are the three powerful ways to do:

Power of Repeated affirmations:

 Affirmations like,
  • I will reach my goal.
  • I will be rich.
  • I will gain power over life.
  • I will be happy.
  • I am not unhappy.
In the above affirmations, there is a little bit problem and error, because the sentence starts with 'I will' your confirming that you don't have what you want right now and you don't possess and you are asking your subconscious mind to make it happen.

One Big Thing to Digest:

Your subconscious mind is the servent and the conscious mind is the boss. Whatever the boss asks to do, it will do and carry on the duties according to it.

And now, when you act like you don't have, the subconscious mind will certainly think that you don't have and you might be asking not to happen. 
And it causes confusion and mess, instead, you use the affirmations like confirming that you possess and have it all ready.

Suppose if you want to become rich, don't say that 'I want to become rich' replace it with 'I am the richest person indeed'.
or you can say ' I know that am rich and wealthy'.

I am quite sure that:
Now, you can craft your own affirmations as many as you can and use it on a daily basis.

Here is no joke at all, your subconscious mind will analyse all your affirmations and approves according to the strength of emotion, belief and feeling. 

It is habitual in nature and expects your affirmations spontaneously and regularly on a daily basis to confirm and manifest reality from only given words and sentences.
It's quite obvious that what you give, you get it back without fail.

The subconscious mind is quite familiar with manners.

This is the reason why the repetition of affirmation plays a vital role.

Once the subconscious believes that your affirmations are truly intentional and strong, then the real game starts and it works out every second, day and night and finds the clues to attract the same situations and circumstances matching your affirmations. 

And presents you with successful and positive events in your life.

Note: If you say that it is tough, it is going to be tough.
          If you say that it is simple, it is going to be simple.

For example, if you don't like mushrooms and a situation comes where you are served with mushrooms, then your subconscious mind will reject them, even though they are delicious and nutritious. 

IF you eat them forcefully then your subconscious will make you vomit.

Saying that "My Boss Don't Like Mushrooms".

Isn't that simple.

So, the affirmations  like 'I am not unhappy' won't work because the subconscious mind will take the negative one first, i.e 'unhappy'
It is always better to avoid such sentences.

No one ever mixes up the rotten seeds with the good one, before sowing them into the fertile soil for cultivating a golden crop.

Most importantly:

There should be an exact connection between what you desire and what you keep saying it to your self.

If your desire is to become Rich, then you keep a close watch on what are you saying all day long to your self.

If it sinks and matches, then you are the Winner. And if it doesn't match, then you got to work out for that consistently with the positive affirmations.

Power of subliminal affirmations:

These affirmations will be available in the form of audiotapes and visual images. These affirmations are wrapped up with the hidden messages and not audible and you can't perceive them even when you are searching for them.

These affirmations are played in low volumes at the background of the music and videos and have a great impact. 

They play at a rapid speed that your conscious mind can't judge anything and quite easily they can reach your subconscious mind and work efficiently.

The Subliminals are the stimuliwhich lie under the conscious mind, so no one can give attention to them, in fact, you need not.
You just got to get the audiotapes and put on the headphones and go to sleep.

And subliminal affirmations are effective in the form of visual videos and auditory system(audio CD), you can play them and carry on with your regular duties and the hidden rapid fast affirmations find their way to the subconscious mind.

You never know what are the exact affirmations hidden in the Subliminals, but they are effective in changing your behaviours and choices.

 But they do carry the incredible potential to penetrate through the conscious mind and change all your negative behaviours and limiting beliefs which are blocking your natural flow of life.

And affirmations when the conscious mind in a low vibration:

Here is the easiest way to program your subconscious mind easily when your conscious mind in a low vibrational state. 

When you reach some point in meditation or in any relaxation practices and before when you just fall asleep, your conscious mind enters into a low vibrational state.

The moment your mind is in low vibration state, you can programme it easily with the positive affirmations and luckily you don't need anyone help in this type of subconscious mind programming.

And another method is self-hypnosis, where you consciously enter into a low vibrational state with the help of a self-help audiotape and induce the affirmations effectively.

One thing to say, when you use any kind of affirmations with a specific purpose in your mind then the impact will be high.

How long does it take to change the subconscious mind?

The time it would take to change the subconscious mind depends on that particular person's present thought patterns, behaviours, intentions and how you react to the emotions in you and the present situations.

And most importantly it depends on the subconscious blockages that you hold and how effectively you can clear your blockages through subconscious mind reprogramming techniques.

If you hold on to the limiting beliefs and unnecessary and unwanted thought patterns, the more your grip on negative thoughts the more it takes time to programme.

If you grasped the technique and keep a close watch on your inner voice and stay positive and talk positively to yourself then it would take around 21 days to 90days to reprogramme your subconscious mind. You can refer to this article by lifehack.

And if you are wondering that, to whom does reprogramming the subconscious mind work fast.

Yes, if you have been practising meditation or any relaxation techniques, you can impact and activate your subconscious mind very quickly and easily.

Because meditation and relaxation will allow you to be aware of your thoughts and gradually you will be able to clear the blockages that you hold on to. And induce the affirmations and programs as per your wish and desires.

If you are the one kind of a person, who is capable of taking firm decisions will also be able to activate your subconscious mind fast and quickly.

Normally It would take 90 days to reprogram effectively, but before that, you could see the influence of induced programs.

 And you could also notice a drastic improvement in the way you look at any situation with ease and solve it on your own without relying on someone else.

You might probably be thinking that how many times you have to repeat the affirmations:

Oh! little bit tough question, but there is an answer, one thing you make it clear to yourself that unless and until you change or influence your way of thinking, you keep on repeating the affirmations.

I do it for myself, I follow until I can see at least a subtle result. It works for me, so it works for you too.

As long as you repeat the affirmations with intense emotion and feeling, your subconscious mind will take them as real and look for the clues and proofs and create the situations according to your affirmations.

Every affirmation​ carries an incredible amount of energy and vibration, which is enough to manifest your wish and desire physically.

Most importantly, of all subconscious mind reprogramming techniques, the subliminal messages are effective and fast in changing your desired results. 


Final thoughts,
 I can only say that all the positive affirmations impact the subconscious mind positively when you grasp the point that your inner voice during the day time should sink with what you affirm.

And take a tiny action on what you say and hopefully, you will see one day you would reach your goal quite effortlessly and gain that courage to take up the challenges given by your life. 

 It is quite simple and easy reprogram your subconscious mind during theta waves using 'being in the present moment' and relaxing your self with self-hypnosis or just by watching your thoughts as a witnessing watcher.

understand that whatever you want is hiding in the present moment, and most importantly recognise that you have enough information and resources already, just by noticing them will reveal the secret.

You may find it difficult in the beginning but gradually by practising meditation positive affirmations during theta waves your mind produces the best results and achieve your goals.

What are the reprogramming techniques you use the most?

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