5 life changing Things that impact your Reticular activating system and goals.


How the Reticular activating system(RAS) and goals related to each other:

Have you ever noticed how you are able to focus on the things you want and why attracting that you don't want?

And how successful people are so focused on the goals that they want to achieve, consistently?

The answer would be, they might have tied their goals to the RAS and made everything autopilot and successful. 

And on the other hand, you might probably be focusing on the things that you don't wish to.

Now, you can turn your focus on the things you want and achieve your goals without any resistance.

Yes, this is possible if you train and activate your RAS:

Let us see how this is possible.

How the Reticular activating system function?

The RAS is the circuit of neurons and nerves connected in the form of network communication centre in your brain.

 Which filters out the unnecessary information coming from the outside environment through five senses, and presents you with the only information you were focusing on.

This activity of filtering the information is subconsciously done by your RAS, that is to say, you are unconscious of its functions 98% of the time.

The subconscious mind programs are stored in RAS.

RAS allows you to keep ticking to focus on the things you are interested and important for you, moreover, it shows you the exact opportunities you need.

That is to say, it will allow you to notice the opportunities through five senses touch, taste, smell, hearing, and seeing.

The more you focus on a specific goal your RAS will take it into its account and helps you to point out what you want and work according to your goals.

The main function of the RAS is to safeguard you from unnecessary information coming into your brain through a filtering system.

And astonishingly it weeds out all the crap information except the information that mostly you have been focusing on.

I will give you some real-time examples of how your RAS works:


For instance: when you pick up your child at the end of the school, the moment last bell rings, all children rush out of the school in the same coloured uniform.

Have you ever even thought about how you are able to notice your child in hundreds of children in the same coloured dress.

This is because of your RAS ignores and filters the rest of all children and will allow you to identify only your child.


Imagine, if you are in a huge crowd of people and you are making your way through the crowd to reach your home, now, what if one of your best buddies on his way somewhere in the same crowd.

You will be able to identify him automatically and spontaneously because your RAS ignores the rest of the crowd and spot your buddy, you might have encountered this some time in your life.

The RAS can identify only things which are already there in your memory bank and it looks for the exact relevance to your priority and enables you to recognise the right people and right situations which will prove to be helpful.

But in the case, if you are feeding your memory with full of negative thoughts associated with anger guilt and fear, then your RAS will just respond to what you have given and comes up with the exact results.

5 life-changing Things that impact your Reticular activating system and goals.

  • Specific Goals.
  • Beliefs.
  • Intentions.
  • Interests.
  • Habits.


How goals activate your RAS? And the reticular activating system exercises.

Just think about your goals and look for how often you focus on your goals or even set goals for the long term and short term as well.

Whatever the goal is, you try and be specific in setting goals rather than any broad goals.

For example: "I want to become a businessman" is a broad goal, rather than you choose a specific field in business-like:

 " I want to be an expert in Digital marketing".

You can be even more specific in choosing your goals, the more specific you are the more success you gain.

When you set goals specifically, RAS grasps it clearly that you are serious about and will make a note of it and when the situation comes it will knock your conscious awareness and drags your attention towards that important message coming in.

Setting goals is nothing but making yourself clear on what you want so that your RAS activates and helps you throughout in achieving your goals.

Everything you do and practice takes its own course of time to sink into your brain, especially when you are trying anything new, your RAS resists following your guidelines.

 But making it into a habit gradually it will cooperate you to focus on your goals easier than you ever thought. 

And on the flip side, when you have no idea where you are going or you are sabotaging yourself with negative self-talk.

98% of the time the negative self-talk comes from the subconscious mind.

 Even though you have a set of goals or dreams to fulfil, but not that specific or passionate about your goals.

Not being enthusiastic or specific towards your goals, the result would be, you RAS won't be able to notice or identify the exact opportunities, situations or resources that are helpful.

Then here is the good news:

 You will have to set crystal clear goals so that your RAS takes those clear and specific goals as stimuli and allows you to pay attention.

Jot down your goals in your personal diary if you have one, or maintain a special notebook for specifying your goals on a daily basis.

While writing down your goals look for the excitement and positive emotion behind and focus on what matters to you a lot.

When you specify your goals in your dairy your RAS gets enough amount of stimuli to work in your favour.

I would like to say one thing at this moment, your RAS is absolutely laser-focused if and only if you specify the things you are connected emotionally and positively or else it will take a dormant state.

However powerful the computer system is, unless and until you use it for your sake properly with smart programmes otherwise it is just a piece of plastic and metal sitting idle.

The same applies to your RAS, but the moment you start knowing how it works and by applying the right stimuli and approach, you could find yourself in win-win situations, peace and harmony.


How beliefs activate your RAS?

You get what you believe strongly, it doesn't matter whether you are positive or negative, If you pay close attention to your results in your life, you will notice that the results you are facing only because of your beliefs in your head.

Now, let's quickly jump into how to change your beliefs and get what you want.

Watch what you are thinking when you are alone and nobody is watching. 

Yes, when you are alone your true thinking mind comes into action and maybe your inner voice is sabotaging you with the negative talk and making you believe that you are not worthy and sometimes your inner voice may even say that "you are not that successful than others around you".

In this case, is this true? no no not at all, it is just your inner voice that has been created by you that you are not good enough than others.

And it is just a piece of recorded tape, you need not believe that and just pay attention to what you want and start taking tiny action on the things you want and see what happens.

What happens is, it proves that though your mind is saying negative things to you, you can still take action and prove your inner negative voice is not true again and again.

I am not saying that if you believe in others or any superstitions you will succeed in achieving your goals, but to believe in your superpotential and immense power residing in your brain.

Even though your inner voice is negative and causing discomfort not to believe in your self, you can just ignore it and immediately say it to yourself that you can accomplish whatever you wish to.

You always have a golden chance to take tiny action on what you wish and prove your negative self-talk wrong. You see what happens if you take action despite your negative self-talk.

Your brain gets habituated for taking action and feeds the RAS with a sufficient amount of information to help you out.

Do your best and leave it to your RAS, it has the capacity to provide and function on what to do and what not to do.

And the Reticular activating system visualization comes into action when you visualise your goals as you want and eventually your beliefs start to change.

The result would be amazing, you will end up in a successful life and could not escape the situations where your dreams and wishes come true.


How intentions impact your RAS?

Watch for the intentions behind your every action, why do you even take action on certain things? 

Now the intentions are unconscious most of the times when you are unconscious then the results will be according to those unconscious intentions behind every action.

 Every intention behind your action creates an imprint of memory in your RAS and eventually seeks that intention of action which manifests as results.

Then you would rather think that, why are the results not as expected and why am I not able to accomplish my goals, because you forgot those intentions and actions or even reactions performed by you.

Here is the trick and twist:

Focus on your intentions, see to it that your intention behind your goals is constructive without any negative intentions of destruction.
Everything you want to achieve is well proportional to your intentions.

So, feed your memory with the information related to your goals and have faith in yourself and you don't need to figure it out that what could be the results?

Once you give your focus of attention to your intentions your RAS will respond to it and provide you with sufficient information and compels you to take action on your goals. 


How your RAS responds to your interests?

Interests are the things you are passionate about your goals and excitement behind the goals.

You are able to take actions only on the goals you are interested in and feel the excitement in what you are doing.

If there is no interest or excitement in what you are doing, your RAS won't be able to clear the pathway to your goals.

So try and find the things that you are interested in: How do you know you're interested and passionate.

  • Ask your friends and family members what you are good at, sometimes people around you know better than yourself about your interests.
  • Don't take their advice for granted and you find out what problems you can solve whereas others cannot solve.
  • Always your problem-solving abilities are unique in nature and if you apply them to your goals you will be definitely successful. 
  • I am quite sure you have got a unique quality of finding the solution for a different problem while others struggle to find the solution.
  • Sometimes the things you are good at and others find it hard to do, so here is the key, try and build that potential that already you have and be successful in reaching your goals.


How your RAS functions according to your habits?

Your RAS loves new habits whether they are good or bad, it works very rapidly when you are habituated.

So, why aren't you make your goal into habituation:

The idea is to turn your whatever habits into building a platform for your goals like you make a habit of working daily at least a couple of hours in finding the information about your goals.

Understand all habits are deeply rooted in your RAS and keep a close watch on your unwanted habits.

Rather than you take advantage of it and turn on to your goals.

Now, when you give attention to any goal and make yourself habituated, then RAS will be on auto-pilot and functions according to your habits and forces you to achieve your goals apart from there is no other way to it.

RAS anyway attracts the things you give your focus of attention, you just turn that focus on to what you want, that's it.


Wrapping it up:

On the whole everything, specific goals-beliefs-intentions-interests-habits are firmly interconnected.

You try and focus on the above life-changing things which impact your reticular activating system and goals to clear a pathway for achieving your main goals.

Just be aware of what is going on in your mind, thus by knowing it you can change it into your advantage and not getting carried away with the negative self-talk, it comes and goes, you stick to what you want to hold on to it.

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