How to Manifest What You Want Quickly and Easily: The secret.


How to manifest what you want quickly: The Secret.

Are you struggling to manifest and attract what you want?
Do you know the secret behind manifesting anything you want?

And how the things in your life will come into physical reality?

Now, you might have already tried it before several times and failed to manifest the things you love.

Here, in this post, you will learn what to do and what not to do for the things to manifest into the physical reality.

And most importantly you'll know the secret behind why manifesting works for some people and doesn't work for many.

You'll get the complete picture on how to manifest what you want quickly and easily.

Ok, before diving deep, let us find out:

What is manifestation?

Whatever is appearing in The world is a manifestation of the human thinking mind.

What happens is, when your thinking is emotionally attached to the gut feeling in you, has to take the physical form in the outside world.

Every thought carries a certain amount of energy and vibration when you fuel it with the right emotion and feeling, then the action follows your feeling and manifests in the physical reality.

In fact, feeling triggers the action automatically and the energy flows into whatever you do will take a form as situations, events, and things in your life. 

It doesn't matter your thoughts and feelings are positive or negative, the results show by itself according to your feelings. 

You are manifesting every minute something or the other in the form of events, and situations.  

But luckily, all thoughts won't come into reality immediately, because the human mind is restless with the involuntary thinking and it couldn't hold on to one thought for a long period.

In other words, when your desire changes the direction every time, then the energy is consumed by other thoughts, your desire will not manifest quickly.

 If your thinking is with the utmost feeling and holds the desire for a long time will manifest into reality fast.

It's wavering in nature, thereby everything appears to be accidental. Nothing seems to be manifesting because of your thoughts, but you think that everything is happening to you, without doing anything on your part.

But in reality, whatever your circumstances, events, and things in your life are because of your thoughts in your head.

 You won't realise that everything is happening within you first and later happening outside.

So, generally, we are bound to think that "nothing is working according to me".

For instance, if you want to buy your dream house, this desire's vibration is high. And if you come up with low vibration self-talk like " No I can't afford it now" or " 

       " No, it is not possible now".

In this case, you are putting a break to manifest, rather than you decide right now and work for it, and say I CAN in everything you do and resonate with it.


It is the law of attraction that what you think all day long is what you become.

 Whatever thoughts in your mind will manifest according to their level of emotional strength and vibration of energy.

The more the emotional strength the more vibration of energy, your mind will put all your strongest desires in a Que and prioritise according to their level of emotion and feeling and then manifest into reality.

A simple solution for manifesting what you want quickly is:

 To clear the pathway that is blocking you to get what you want, the blockages are your involuntary negative thinking, and your old beliefs, intentions, opinions, judgments and so on.  

I will give you A step-by-step guide to clear the blockages and manifest the things you wish to.


For you to choose and decide what you want, you should be in the present moment.

To be in the present moment you'll have to practice:

  • Watching your Surroundings: notice what's going around you, it may be you are at your house, workplace or it could be anywhere else.
       Watch for what is occupied in your surroundings, people,                 things, including mental noise in your head.
       after some time the mental noise slows down and you could perceive the things as they are around you.
 This is the initial stage of being in the present moment, now you notice your body sensations, like carving for coffee, heaviness in your hands and your legs and all over your body.

As said by ECKHART TOLLE  the author of ' THE POWER OF NOW'. You cannot perceive anything clearly and think simultaneously.

So, to live in the present, you need a clear perception.
When you are in the present moment, you know what your mind is speaking, then it will be easy for you to choose your thoughts and decide what you want. This is a process of habituation.

What happens when you are not present, all thoughts, emotions rush in and confuse you and even make it harder to choose things.

That's ok when things are not going your way, you can focus on that obstacle and work with it by being present.

And come back to your strong desire.
In fact, all you ever have is 'NOW', it seems that future and past are happening but the question is where does it happen?.

Everything happens in 'NOW' and is.

 Being in the present moment you'll have the freedom to choose positive thoughts which resonate with you and feel good.

  • Point blank observation: You can practice this technique for being present when you are at home.
      It,s simple, you target a point that could be a painting, doll, or any switchboard 5 or 10 feet from where you are sitting and observe it clearly without moving your eyeballs.

You try to focus on that point and perceive the complete picture covered by your eyes without moving your eyes or blinking.

Here what happens is, when you don't move your eyeballs and focus on that point, your mind becomes calm and still, now you are completely in the present moment.

You can try this before taking any important decisions or any important work.

Coming to the point, now you can choose and decide what you want in the present moment without any mental disturbance.

Being present allows you to CHOOSE the best decisions you have ever chosen.


You have decided what you want clearly, now you ask the universe.

Here one important thing to understand, asking doesn't mean like asking your friend or a family member.

Everything in this universe including your body, thoughts, feelings, are interconnected. One common point in this universe is energy and vibration.

Your body and mind is a molecular system with massive energy which is also present in the universe.
Now, how can you use this energy to manifest the things you want? 

Understand that your thought with a strong feeling and emotion itself is the energy to manifest the things.

When you are holding any thought with a feeling for a certain period, it forces your body to take action and the continuous process of choosing, deciding and making an alignment with your emotions itself is asking the universe for the things to manifest

The universe speaks to you in the language of feelings and emotions.

then automatically things will manifest into the physical reality.

Now, one thing to digest, all your wishes and desires must match with your vibration of energy.

You could notice that your vibration is matching with your desire is when you feel the joy and passion. If you are not joyful, then know that your vibration is low and not matching your desire.

You can also ask the universe by defining your desire and visualization.

Write your desire on a paper and describe every aspect of that:

What do you want?
 Why do you want that in your life?
 How do you feel when your dream come true?
 When you think about it, what is that emotion you carry?
 Are you desiring it because of others forcing?
Is there any outside influence on it?
Do you desire because everyone is desiring it?
How unique is it? If it is not unique how specific it is?

If you keep on writing your desire specifically, then you can extract the original desire within you.

And you can even notice that all that you were wanting because of the influence of the world but not your true desire.

Now, you've to extract what your desire is, one simple mistake everyone does is wanting it in the future.

For example, if you want to own a car, you must feel that emotion and imagine that you own in the present, but not asking for the future plan.

When you are asking it to happen in the future, that shows you are lacking now and the universe will always work according to your present state of emotion.

Here you can do one thing:

Visualise your desire as if it has come true in the present moment.
Imagine that your desire has already taken physical reality and feel the emotions.

If it is a car, you visualise that you are driving now, and smell the perfume in the car, the interiors and so on.

Now, as you start doing this, your reticular activating system in your subconscious mind will assume and take everything is real and attracts the opportunities to buy a car, you can replace the car with anything you want.

Let us do the math:

(Thoughts+Desires+Dreams+Wishes)What you want=(Feelings+emotions+Intentions)Vibration of energy.

Now, see to it that what you want, must match with your vibration of energy.

Now, the emotions which are at a high vibration are:

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Forgiveness
  • Peace
The emotions which are at low vibration are:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Greed
  • Jealous
  • Desire
You can monitor the emotions that you experience throughout your day and try to be in the higher vibrational state as long as possible.

Most of the people will say that " how can one be in the higher vibration state all-day-long".

Yes, your mind says that so, but higher vibration is your true nature and your negative self-talk is the obstacle.

The secret is that even if you are not clear about what you want and you are in the higher vibrational state, still you'll manifest what you want.

Because you attract things which are proportional to your vibrational state.

 Health, wealth, money, peace, harmony, and abundance vibrate high so your emotions about your desire must equate.


Its time to take some action on what you have decided and visualized.

You need not take a huge action but a tiny action will do. Use the present information, let us take the car example, you've already decided to buy your dream car:

Now you take action like looking for the information regarding the car and enquire about it.

Your desire could be anything like a dream car, house, career, and a job that you love.

Depending on the present situation you will know what to do at that time.

Keep your mind clear of any negative self-talk. 

And come back to the present moment and feel within, whatever comes into your present moment work with it and see what happens.

All negativity comes from not taking action on what you have desired but in this case, you've already taken action in the form of deciding, asking, and feeling the emotion.

The internal part of the action is done, now the physical action will happen by itself. You couldn't resist to take physical action.

That's the power of feelings and emotions connected to your desire.

The last thing is to get it:

You are likely to get crucial clues from your surroundings such as people you meet, email or a message you get, and a sudden thought will pop up.

There is scientific evidence that when you are relaxed in the present moment, your brain produces theta waves, which are responsible to trigger your subconscious mind and generate creative ideas.

Relax and be in the present moment, get ready to catch the clues which are connected to your dreams. And acknowledge the things you have already.

The quickest ways to activate your higher mind and imprint your goals in the subconscious mind are these 6 ways.

Note: Once your desire and emotion is strong, take it for granted that you'll manifest it anyway.


The final thoughts on how to manifest what you want quickly and easily.

You can manifest anything at the blink of an eye if your emotions, feelings, mind, body are aligned exactly without a tinge of negative self-talk.

Watch your emotions on your limiting beliefs and intentions.

Cultivate rich thoughts and feelings consciously so that they manifest into reality.

Understand that even if you have any limiting beliefs, things will manifest according to it.

Whether it is negative or positive thoughts, everything has to manifest and take a physical form in the outside world.

So why aren't you take advantage of choosing your thoughts consciously and get what you want?

No, but's and no if's only yes to what is in the present moment.

If your mind and body's feeling is good and aligned to your emotions, then go ahead and continue in that direction you'll manifest what you want quickly and easily.

How about your views on manifesting what you want, comment below and subscribe for more posts.


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