How to stop subconscious anxiety Easily: Complete Guide.

How to stop subconscious anxiety easily: Complete guide.


Have you ever experienced situations where your thoughts attack you asking for your attention and causing discomfort?

You must be thinking that the situations you are in and facing hectic moments are never-ending and is unavoidable.

If yes, you are probably disturbed by subconscious anxiety.

You might have tried every technique under the sun and not able to overcome the anxiety. 

At this very moment, you are looking for a permanent fix and put an end to your anxiety. Right!

After reading this post you will learn to face and overcome subconscious anxiety with ease.

And you take that hope to stop subconscious anxiety easily and completely.

Lets quickly jump in:

You are probably thinking that:

What exactly anxiety is? and what is subconscious anxiety?

Now, here you need to understand the anxiety in every possible dimension to stop it and get rid of it completely.

Firstly, anxiety is a disorder of your thoughts about a situation, person, and a thing further causing fearful thoughts about the existing thoughts in the present conscious awareness is all about anxiety.

 AND When you are unaware of your anxiety and suffering, is called subconscious anxiety.

Now, subconscious anxiety is the anxious thoughts underlying your conscious awareness, which haven't come yet on to the surface level of your awareness.

In other words, the anxiety is hidden in the memory but you are not experiencing it right now.

And later on, when anything triggers it, the subconscious anxiety would come on to the surface of awareness and causes you discomfort and turns into actual anxiety.

The triggers could be anything right from people around you or any circumstance and events.

Subconscious won't make you anxious because it is unconscious, deep down in your memory, and moreover, triggers are not outside, but they are inside your subconscious. 

Yes, you can identify the triggers inside your subconscious and have a close watch, then you can replace or make them powerless to come up repeatedly.
You can avoid social anxiety

For instance, I had a problem in going to places, where huge crowds hanging out, I use to escape it every time when I had to go to a crowed places like cinema theatres, art galleries or any exhibitions.

Whenever my friends asked me to come along with them, then I use to reject it and when they insist me, these situations use to trigger my anxiety and fear.

I have no idea why it was this way, but gradually I questioned my mind and knowing more about anxiety enabled me to live with it easily.

I cannot deny that sometimes the anxious and fearful thoughts peep in, to check how am I doing, but they are powerless.

Most of the time the subconscious anxiety is accompanied by fear and constantly worrying about the future unconsciously.

You probably wondering that, 
" can I ever be free of anxiety"?. Isn't it. 

Yes, you can be free of anxiety unless you are aware of your thought patterns.

Researchers have found that how your subconscious mind creates and handles anxiety and other mental disorders.

And have a look at what medical science is saying about anxiety 

Actually what's happening is you are not aware of your thoughts which are causing anxiety and moreover you are that anxiety itself at those moments.

You can change your behaviours by changing your basic habits.

When you identify your self with the fearful thoughts in your head then automatically anxiety amplifies and grows into a monster.

This is because you anticipate the future in the most possible worst-case and second you imagine it is going to happen right now.

You can never get rid of anything from your life, especially if it is caused because of your imagination and misconception.

So, have a clear look into the eyes of anxiety and fear.

I mean to say that whatever you think and create a strong belief that they are real in the present moment situations, creates an equal impression on your subconscious memory and stays there forever and whenever anything triggers, it will come on to the surface as anxiety.

Whatever happens to you right now in the present awareness is the only reality, and the rest of the imagination is not real.

So as to speak, you can deal with the anxious thoughts or any negative thoughts in the present conscious awareness, but not subconsciously hidden things.

Now, when the anxious thoughts are on the surface that you are experiencing right now then the below steps are for you:

  • For you to overcome anxiety, first you need to separate yourself from it by creating a space of awareness around it.

  • How do you create a space for awareness? right, you meditate for at least 10 to 15 min every day.

  • Meditation will get rid of unwanted thoughts and create space.
  • Now, you concentrate on what's going on around you with a clear perception.
  • A clear perception of the things around you will allow you to create that space of awareness.
  • How do you create space in your house? just by getting rid of the unwanted things in your house.
  • The same applies to your subconscious mind, when you meditate and have a clear perception, you will be able to clear the unwanted thoughts.
  • And importantly enables you to catch hold of that thief and interrogate for the reasons for causing anxiety, fear and other behaviours.

  • Accept that anxious thoughts are there in you, and notice them keenly without getting carried away.
  •  Be aware of your thoughts, look at them closely and be alert they will pass soon.
  • Ask your self that "why am I anxious at this moment".
  • Break the anxious thoughts into pieces of information and you will soon come to the conclusion that it is a piece of information.
  • When the answer is revealed to you, write it down on paper or notes, you keep questioning the revealed answer.
  • And your mind gives a bunch of answers and reasons. 
       Ok then:
  • The next step is, you take a tiny action on the things your mind was resisting,  you don't need to take a major step, but you need to take a small step to prove that your imagination is wrong.
  • If you take a tiny action, it proves to your anxious thoughts that you can take action despite your mind resisting it.
  • Now get back to your notes which you have written before taking action and compare them with the results after taking action. 
  • You would feel confidence and liberation by knowing that anxious thoughts are an unnecessary imagination.
  • Because, when you return to your notes, you already have taken action on that situation, then your mind will be proved wrong.
  • Be specific about what you want.

Here at this moment one question for you:


Imagine, What would you do when a small kid appears with a scary Halloween mask, from nowhere else, while you walk down to your home.

Obviously, you get scared and your heartbeat rises up with fear right!

But, when you realise that's none other than your kid with the scary mask, your anxiety would disappear.

And whenever he appears with that mask in front of you, again and again, running around your home, then you ignore it because you know it already.

Know that behind every fearful, and anxious thought there is an innocent kid is hiding.

In the same way, however scary the anxiety is, when you are aware of it, there is no more anxiety.
Now, when you keep on doing this questioning, writing notes, taking a tiny action and finally getting back to it.

Interestingly your anxiety will be there as it were before, but with no more power of overtaking you and push you into the cycle of fear and anxiety.

 Gradually you will learn to face the anxiety rather than turning your attention to other things like physical exercise, watching your favourite show or going on a candlelight dinner.

It seems that you have escaped it, but the truth is if you haven't faced it completely then it will reside in your subconscious memory to come back again and again.

It is preserved for the next anxious experience, yes not just anxiety but every negative emotion like anger, fear, guilt, shame functions in the same way of a cycle.

All attempts to turning your attention to the other things help you to escape from anxiety for a while, but it's not a permanent solution, instead, face your anxiety, and work with it by taking small steps whenever is needed, is the most efficient way of dealing with the anxiety.

And on the other hand, if you try to force yourself to get rid of the anxious thoughts or stop them, will cause you more discomfort.

The very act of stopping and getting rid of anxious thoughts leads you to suffer.

For a change, increase the space of awareness, be with it and withdraw the energy from it, understand being with anxiety is not suffering, but to run away from it is the actual suffering and pain.

Your awareness itself is the superpower to overcome anxiety.

When you follow the above steps you will feel and know that the complete power is in you, which is obscured by unnecessary thoughts. 

What are subconscious anxiety patterns?

The anxiety can come in any series of thought patterns that only seeks the comfort zone and will not allow you to take any action.

So, when you don't take action then it is quite obvious that it leads to the other thoughts to pop in and cause more anxiety.

This kind of thoughts forms and patterns that are stuffed in various thoughts and resides in the subconscious memory. whenever the outside world triggers, you will feel the same kind of feeling discomfort, shivering, increased heartbeat.

The physical symptoms like intense feelings, emotions and thoughts in your head create a continuity in the present moment, and it seems to be real.

Understand that your subconscious mind has no idea what is real and what is not, so you can take advantage of it and think what you want and discard the rest. 

The subconscious patterns are associated with identical reactions and feelings for every situation you experience in your daily life.

All the subconscious patterns are habitual, deeply rooted and firmly programmed by you unconsciously in the past.

Now, as it was programmed, in the same way, it should be replaced.

You can reprogram your subconscious mind to be anxiety-free and live a happier life. 

There are several techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind fast, some of them are as follows:

And on the other side, if you put a question that "can subconscious anxiety replaced with positive thinking".

Yes, certainly any negative thinking can be replaced by positive thinking but there are thousands of thoughts that have been created.

How many of them would you think you can replace?

Hardly 5 to 10. You need to go beyond your positive thinking and make a habit of repetition of positive affirmations.

For instance: you can repeat " I know that I am happy", but sooner or later if you come up with "No, I don't think so, all the situations are against me".

Then the positive thinking doesn't work and you end up creating more negative thoughts than positive ones.

Instead, you either consistently repeat the affirmations with the feeling and emotion or use any subconscious mind reprogramming technique above.


The common behaviours AND habits which causes anxiety:

  • Always looking for a comfort zone and don't want to come out of the box forever even when the situation demands, you would want to be in that comfort zone.
  • You don't want to get disturbed by what you are doing, when disturbed you will resist it and the resistance will cause discomfort.
  • You would want to work in a certain way or an organised pattern when everything falls according to your pattern, that's ok, but when it doesn't, then you will start feeling bad about it.
  • Sometimes expecting the best results and immediately come up with the worst and confused at times, which in turn causes discomfort.
  • Wanting to know the future plan clearly, when you are not able to figure it out, you will land in anxiety.
  • Continuously worrying about your health and money, even when everything is fine relatively.
  • Expecting the problem to get resolved without even taking any action.
  • Imagining your future based on past events and anticipating the worst thing that could happen to you.
  • Expecting everyone to understand you, and sometimes you'll worry that no one understands you.
  • Looking for more resources than what you have already.
  • In the end not being in the present moment, you either think about the past or future.

Let us have a look at the science behind the ' Being in the present moment',


The final attitude on subconscious anxiety:

Thus, To stop subconscious anxiety and fear completely, you need to get rid of the misconception that it is unavoidable and impossible to overcome it.

You don't need to stop and avoid anxiety from your life, but you can develop an awareness and know the patterns and mechanisms behind, and withdraw the power to overtake you.

 By knowing how it works, you are already free of it.

  • Always write down your notes.
  • Take a tiny action.
  •  And come back to your notes.
This will allow you to be aware of your subconscious anxiety or fear and enables you to lead a happy, and harmonious life.

What is your experience of overcoming subconscious anxiety?

Comment in the section below.


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