9 Amazing Facts Of Body Language in communication will blow your mind

9 Amazing Facts Of Body Language In Communication will blow your mind.


Why does one wish to scan other's body language?

And why does one even wish to understand what other's area unit of thinking?

Before digging any, let me show you the explanations behind knowing and reading the visual communication or body language of others.

The simple reason may well be you're curious to understand what they're hiding from you knowing or:

It may well be the opposite means of taking advantage of the unseaworthy info out of their body for your profit.

There is plenty of confusion happening on the tv and different media concerning visual communication and body language of late.

The information created by them is very obsolete associate degreed not from a correct analysis purpose of reading but:

However, recent research analysis has discovered associate degreeunconcealed several superb visual communication and body language facts and truths which may blow your mind out of the misunderstanding and permit you to scan others much better than a knowledgeable

I am reaching to set out the curtains of the truths and facts behind the visual communication and body language.

This could modification your recent beliefs and misunderstandings on visual communication forever.

And allows you to tackle all of your situations and build your relationships quite Powerfully.

Let us begin:

1. The fact behind body gestures have a specific meaning:


All these days you may have a browse and detected concerning body gestures have a specific meaninghowever, that's not the actual fact behind.

The data given by the planet around you concerning body gestures maybe a little facet of the human mind.

The body gestures meaning changes from person to person, what that means differs from what you're thinking.

If I cross my hands for a minute, it doesn't suggest that I'm perpetually defensive, it can be that I'm feeling shy, anxious, or chills in my body.

And it might mean several alternative things, not simply defensive concerning matters.

Because all the body movements are from the subconscious mind, were programmed since childhood and also the things that we've got been learning from our families and friends.

The one that is presenting the gestures is totally unconscious and do not even grasp that he's moving his body in a very explicit manner.

I have been observing folks around ME like my members of the family and friends and that I will tell that what they're thinking of at a selected time, a minimum of 50% of the time.

And the remaining of the 50% is unknown to ME as a result of they themselves don't have any plan what they're thinking, I used to be solely reading what their body is chatting with ME.

Because I do know them better than anyone else, and that I use to talk and act in step with their visual communication.

did not notice this initiallyhowever, they use to say that " you'll perceive me higher than anyone else".

After that, after I researched concerning human behaviours, reticular activating system in the human brain, and emotions, then I came to understand that I used to be reading people's mind, that too unconsciously and subliminally.

Similarly, everybody on this earth will browse and perceive others by observing them keenly. It is just like any other perception and experience.

But, reading other's body language or mind depends on how alertly you're observing them is very important. The thinking and rational mind cannot browse other's mind, it's that your subconscious mind will do that completely and involuntarily.

We all genetically familiar with the art of reading others, however, it differs from person to person and the way well you've got understood your own body language is additionally an enormous move about reading others.

So we have a tendency to label a body gesture with one specific meaning which is not true.

2. The fact behind the origin of the body language:

All that has started from the purpose once we humans began to use bound emblems and signs, like thumbs up for OK, and therefore the middle fingereverybody on this earth is aware of regarding this sign o.k.

These emblems and signs do have a selected meaning which means however not in each culture and country, it varies from place to put and since then each body-postures, gestures have conjointly been attributed to bound specific meaning.

The fact is any body-posture or gestures don't have any bound which means per the analysis.

But psychology and research have discovered that we cannot read others thoughts completely through body language and can only grasp the intention and emotion behind them.

All this thought happens once consultants offer their instant analysis on the tv and therefore the individuals take it with no consideration, as a result of they're a lot of reliable and trustworthy.

But nobody digs deep into the analysis and wished to grasp the reality behind, cause it's associate degree entertaining and fascinating piece of knowledge.

3.The fact behind the facial expressions and micro-expressions:


 Facial expressions will reveal actual feelings and emotions in a way or the oppositegenerally, these expressions square measure deceiving.

Because of you and that I have learnt we have a tendency to cover our true feelings since childhood and not let others recognize what precisely we square measure brooding about.

But, astonishingly micro-expressions could reveal your true feelings and unconsciously expose your feelings.

Because these micro-expressions come back and move into a fraction of a second, not most are AN knowledgeable in reading these micro-expressions.

For you to browse others micro-expressions, you ought to be gift enough and application otherwise they're therefore momentary in nature that you just could not notice them along with your thinking mind.

Unless you've got smart listening skills and maintaining steady eye contact, you would not notice them.

Moreover, these micro expressions are like subliminal messages, which lie below the threshold of your conscious awareness and they come and pass like a flash of lightning.

Unless you drop your all thoughts and focus on them, they are not that easy to catch. 

4. The connection between your feelings, emotional intent and your body.


Everything is interconnected right from your body, feelings, emotional intent and mind. and therefore the superb issue is that your material body responds to what you think that all day long.

To browse and learn others body language in communication, first, you must observe your own body language that however you progress your body after you are showing emotion triggered and the way your body acts, sure enough, delicate feelings and emotions that you're not tuned in to until currently.

The fact is that you just will solely understand the emotional intent and what others are feeling, however not what are the precise thoughts happening in their mind.

Learning and reading body language is just about like reading their emotional intent however not the content of their mind.

In fact, the analysis shows that each one the emotions that you're feelings 1st show up in your body and later in your gift thinking mind.

For instance, if you're angry, jealous or guilt then your body speaks 1st and once a number of seconds, your mind is aware of and verbal communication happens.

You can hide the emotions and emotions through facial expressions, however, the remaining of the body could not resist while not disclosure in alternative body movements.

Most of your body's movements you're not awake to each moment, as a result of by the time your mind grasps the emotions like anger or any irritation, your body shows up instantly within the 1st case.

This is what you must grasp and understand the precise intent of that feeling and act consistent with it, by doing this the alternative person loves it and you'll build healthy relationships.

The main reason folks such as you reading their visual communication is that you just are acting while not even verbally mentioned by them.

And curiously they never understand you're reading them and may solely understand you're understanding them than anyone else.

Everything is occurring unconsciously, however reading their visual communication consciously would provide extraordinary results.

You don't have to be compelled to be 100% correct however a number of readings can do the job.

5. When you think about reading the body language, you cannot read it.

Yes, this is often true after you stick with it pondering what the alternative person is thinking, you can not grasp the particular intent behind their thinking.

We are all experts in reading others body language in communication, trust your intuition which supplies clues and you'll feel their intention.

Your body will catch it before you are aware, the mind interprets and your body moves as per it.

Have you ever felt discomfort before an intruder or have you ever detected why you're feeling so comfortable with people you like the most or some strangers?.

This is what resonance comes into the imageyou can not make a case for why? however, you'll feel it right!. this is often as a result of bound things don't have any verbal language to convey, it takes the shape of bound feelings and moments in your body.

General facts will offer you a basic understanding, however, To browse the body language of communication, you got to watch their body like facial expressions, smile, eye movement, hand moment, feet direction, gestures, and significantly micro-expressions.

You cannot browse it consciously, however, you got to be a silent observer and listener and place applicable queries at the correct time and wait for the cues and clues for higher understanding.

6. Utilizing body language to impress others will not work.

Yes, this is true that you cannot impress others with your body moments and signals.

There are many myths regarding body language, which you never give attention to.

To the best knowledge of psychology and personal, you cannot prove that you are smart enough showcasing your body language.

And you cannot detect others accurately by reading their body language.

Because first the thoughts pop into your mind and before your conscious mind interprets according to your beliefs, emotions, feelings, and intentions your brain signals to your whole body and then verbal communication happens.

And interestingly, your body moves accordingly to your bunch of thoughts in your mind. 

So, TRY and understand your thoughts first then guess what? your body language automatically turns positive and displays according to your wish.

All this won't happen in a day or two, but you got to observe your own emotions and thoughts will allow you to read your body language first and later others to build better relationships.

7. Smile is one of the deceptive facial expression of all.


There are about 19 types of smiles, which you can perceive in others, they are all not deceiving but every smile has an unconscious intent behind.

I have been observing people around me smiling, I can tell why people are smiling, not exactly what they are thinking but I could grasp the actual intention behind their smile.

I have no idea how can I notice, but I know that whether they are happy, sad, guilty, sarcastic, angry and so on. This is your subconscious mind power.

Majority of the people will try to suppress their feelings to cover their emotion, but their smile tells what is their main intent.

I am quite sure that everyone has this ability to grasp the intention behind others smile. Sometimes if you are not present enough, you will not grasp.

But most of the time you won't notice, this time you do it consciously to understand people clearly.

Your conscious mind wants to hide the information to leak out, but your body always conveys and shows it off in smile, facial expressions and other cues.

8. What others are thinking and exhibiting body language while communication is not about you.

The moment anyone signals anything weird before you or if people displays unusual body language gestures then it doesn't mean that they are intentionally signalling you.

But those body language signals are quite unconscious and they might not even know they are doing.

Everything boils down to how they imagine themselves and how they accept things for themselves.

Whatever you see on others face is not actually about you, but they are displaying their own feelings and emotions based on their beliefs and intentions about themselves.

One cannot anticipate what someone is thinking just by looking at their body language, its fleeting and changes quickly.

For you to read and understand other's body language, you can't rely on one gesture or facial expression, but you got to observe them throughout the conversation and notice them overall.

9. How eye contact and eye moment plays a vital role in non-verbal communication.

You might have heard that eyes are the gateway to your soul.

Yes, It is true that your eyes can reveal many things about yourself even if you try to hide it from others.

There is no escape to you, however hard you try and suppress the intent and emotion, any way you will reveal them.

Even if the opposite person is not an expert in reading your body, they can subconsciously read your true feelings by just looking at your eyes.

Your eyes are the main communication, sometimes you speak something and your eyes speak something.

And there is a lot of misinterpretation that eye direction of a person reveals whether they are lying or not.

But it is always not true, the researchers have revealed that you cannot say whether the person is speaking the truth or not, just by looking at his eye direction.

To confirm whether the person is speaking the truth or not, you got to observe many of the body signals, voice, and repetition of the same question again and again.

If you ask the same question in different ways, and if the answers to all of your questions are the same then he is probably speaking the truth.

Because no one can lie and pretend for too long, if anyone is lying then they will give different answers for the same question asked in different ways.

Final thoughts on facts of body language in communication.

Therefore, everyone is an expert in reading others but the difference is how present and observant you are at conversation is important.

Silent observation is the key to read other's body language of communication.

If you are busy interpreting your own mind and continuously anticipating what they are thinking, then you cannot read others accurately and you'll end up in confusion.

Thus there is no magic formula to read others body language accurately, you can only know what is the intention and true emotion behind at that moment. And it purely depends on the relation between two persons.

Thank you.

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