5 Unusual Reasons Why Subliminal Messages Do work Effectively

why are the subliminal messages effective and how do the subliminal messages work?


Do you know why subliminal messages do work so effectively?

And have you ever thought that how they influence your brain, social behaviour, attitude and choices you make?

You might have probably gone through all the information on the internet, social media and still not found the exact reasons for the effectiveness and the nature of the subliminal messages.

Or probably not satisfied with the information you got, then This article is for you.

So, I am going to present to you with strong reasons why subliminal messages do work effectively based on deep scientific research and psychology.

By the end of this article, you will get a vast clarity on subliminal messages effectiveness and influence on your overall attitude and behaviour when you exposed to them in auditory tapes and visual videos and you will not go with empty hands.

Let's jump in:

There is a lot of confusion going on as far as the subliminal word is concerned.

The basic confusion is what you think and consume the information about Subliminals is mixing up both subliminal influence and the subconscious influence.

As per the scientific study, these both are different from each other.

In what terms?

Yes, when any stimuli exposed to your senses your subconscious mind grasps first even if you are not aware of it. 

In other words, if the stimuli perceived by you and haven't noticed that yet, then it doesn't need to be subliminal but could be a subconscious influence or superliminal influence.

For instance, while you are busy in your daily routine at home and the radio or TV is on at that time, then all of that information is picked up by your subconscious mind while your conscious mind is busy with the other jobs.

And you humming the song all day long at work, which you've heard on the radio, people around you ask where did you get this song from.

In the first case you say that ' I don't know', and immediately you recollect the memory back and say that  'oh ya! on the radio' Isn't that right!

This is what the subconscious influence is and also called as a superliminal influence. Not just that, our subconscious collects tons of information from your surroundings even when you are not conscious of.

In the above example, you were listening to the song at that time but not aware of it at that moment and can be retrieved from your memory whenever you need it.

In some way or the other, we are all subconsciously influenced by things in the form of advertisements on tv, mobile phones, media, and e-mails etc.

Now it looks like both the subliminal influence and the subconscious influence are similar.

But the main difference is the duration of the exposure to the stimuli.

Subliminal influence is said when the exposure duration is between 1-12ms, where you could not catch the stimuli.

Subconscious influence is said when the exposure duration is between 12-48 ms or more which is also called a superliminal influence, where you can catch the stimuli.

Let me explain to you a bit more precisely.

1. The strong reason why subliminal messages do work effectively is the duration of exposure to the stimuli.

In an experiment, participants were presented with different kinds of stimuli in the form of specific words, geometric diagrams, and some unfamiliar photographs.

And repeated the experiment with the duration from 0-48 milliseconds.

The participants exposed to the stimuli at 4ms(subliminal)  and above 12ms(superliminal), but subliminally exposed participants showed a positive attitude and behaviour, even though the participants were unconscious of the exposed stimuli.

Though some of these experiments proved to be flawed and too unusual to the eagerness, and the way the participant's received the stimuli without any awareness can impact the behaviour and attitude still continuing in the present.

On the whole, if the duration of the exposure to the stimuli is 1-12ms then the subliminal messages in any form will substantially change the behaviour and attitude positively.
Because you are not aware of the messages at that speed.

Here what happens is that when a stimuli is flashed with the speed of less than 4ms or 12ms, the stimuli can safely create an impression on your subconscious mind without the conscious mind interference.

So, the subliminal messages or presented stimuli will influence your choices, recognition judgements, and affect judgements.

Effectiveness and positive attitude changes can be seen when the subliminal exposure duration is just 1 millisecond.

And moreover, researchers have found very unusual effects of subliminal messages when the exposure durations at less than 12ms, the affect judgements were apparently more than recognition judgements.

On the other hand, when the exposure durations are 12ms or higher than the previous, the recognition judgements were higher than affect judgements. 

However, the more you are unaware of the stimuli the more effective they are. And the lesser the exposure duration the more the chances for the subliminal messages to influence your choices, decisions, and the overall behaviour.

2. The subliminal messages are more effective and positive when you are exposed to the stimuli repeatedly.

Researchers and experimenters have repeated the subliminal influence on the participants several times, the results were even more positive than the first time the stimuli were presented.

This shows that the subconscious mind can be influenced by the repetition of stimuli exposure.

When the subliminal exposure to some specific words repeatedly affected and changed the behaviour significantly.

So, the positive results can be gained through repetition and habituation. The subconscious mind can be influenced by many techniques like self-hypnosis but it takes more time to influence than subliminal messages.

3. The subliminal messages are powerful when you perceive the stimuli without awareness. 

Usually, in any subconscious mind reprogramming techniques, you are aware of the affirmations or messages induced in the programme.

But, in the subliminal self-help tapes, the affirmations and positive messages are hidden from your awareness and they are designed with the masking through relaxing music or followed by a light flash in visual subliminal messages.

So that your conscious thinking mind couldn't interpret and create a barrier.

But, how does listening to subliminal messages work?

Yes, as I said that in self-help auditory audiotape, you cannot listen to the subliminal messages or positive affirmations exactly, but you can listen to the relaxing music.

The proven subliminal messages in the audiotape directly reach your subconscious mind penetrating through your conscious mind successfully and change your behaviour and attitude positively.

Without you being knowing the messages, they can work silently and powerfully, you can notice this after listening to the subliminal audio music.

That you will notice a gradual increase in your quality of decision making, choices, and you can recognise the exact opportunities you need the most.

Effectiveness is completely depended upon the type of self-help audiotape you are listening to.

There are several self-help audiotapes in the market like for addiction, self-confidence, positive thinking, business, career, wealth, money etc.

You can choose what you want to change in your personality and according to that, you can go ahead with the subliminal programme. 

4. Subliminal stimuli exposure effects vary from person to person and purely depends on individual personality.

Now here the subliminal influence is effective when you already make a decision to change your behaviour or else they might not work that effectively.

And your previous strong beliefs and intentions can sometimes affect the subliminal messages not to influence, but in this case, you got to repeat the subliminal programmes in the form of music and visual videos again and again for the positive results.

If you are ready to change your personality positively, then the subliminal messages can do wonders. 

Interestingly, subliminal messages are effective because of the placebo effect when a person believes something strongly then it will work automatically irrespective of the hidden messages induced in the programme.

5. Subliminal messages are effective even when there is no prior familiarity with the stimuli.

The research shows that when you are exposed to unfamiliar stimuli, still the results might be quick and fast.

Usually, if there is any familiar information in your memory then the mind would compare it with the new information and if it's familiar then it would allow it into its system.

But in the case of subliminal messages, it's different that they influence even if the induced information is not familiar with the information which is already in your memory.

As per Freud's Psychoanalytic theory, The ego always tries and refind the old pleasurable memories to satisfy its needs, rather than the new unknown things.

In other words, the ego which is part of your mind functions for your needs and using mechanisms it defends the events in order to decrease the anxiety.

It is the ego seeks the comfort zone of choosing the same old pleasurable moments and rejects the new unknown objects and things, to avoid anxiety.

The ego always prefers to do the things where the results and final outcome is already known, but not the unknown.

Because it thinks that it may loose the pleasurable moments if it chooses the new decisions.

Here, the subliminal messages won't give any chance to the ego to analyse and make the decision, they get through anyway to your subconscious mind.

As per the scientific analysis, if a person decides to change his personality for the positive results, then the subliminal messages can bring a great impact on their overall personality and life.

When you focus and give your attention to a specific goal, then the reticular activating system in your brain will activate and attracts what you have been focusing on all the time.


If any idea is accepted by your subconscious mind, then it works for it every minute and sees to it that the idea takes the physical reality in the outside world said by DR.JOSEPH MURPHY the author of THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

If your conscious mind wouldn,t play the role of a barrier, then you wouldn,t need subliminal messages to influence your personality to create the life you want.

Or to boost your confidence levels and positive behaviour, without using or seeking the Subliminals in the self-help programs, you could influence your personality on your own.

But, unfortunately, the human mind is evolved with all limiting mind programs which have inherited from your parents, society and wherever your mind has been exposed in this world.

Thus, accepting the fact that we do have limiting thoughts, beliefs, intentions deep down in your vast subconscious mind, you need to take an initial step further to change your mind and influence using subliminal messages positively for success in every aspect of your life

What is your opinion on subliminal messages effectiveness?

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