6 Quickest ways To Activate Your Higher Mind And Imprint Your Goal easily


Everyone in this world has goals and desires and would desperately want to achieve them as soon as possible.

But the majority of the people fail to get to their intentionally set goals because of their own limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind program.

And the most important thing is crucial and hard is that many people cannot have control over their thoughts, feelings, emotions and end up in certain behaviours which could probably put a barrier to achieve your goals and desires.

In this article, I am going to take you to the deepest level of your conscious mind and subconscious mind, then you can better understand how your conscious mind and the subconscious mind functions in your daily life and influence your actions and decisions.

Understanding your own mind is not rocket science anymore these days, anyone can get the knowledge online or following any psychology blog will let you know your mind conceptually.

After Sigmund fraud proposed the psychoanalytic theory of personality, since then things have become easy to know how your mind works.

Conceptually you can get the knowledge but, unless you experience it on your own it is difficult to control your mind and.

Before getting into the important things to do to activate your higher mind and imprint your goal, Let me explain the conscious mind and the subconscious mind functions in detail.

          The functions of your conscious mind and subconscious mind:

The conscious mind is one of the functionalities of your mind, which is responsible for your current behaviours, decisions, choices and all your decisions right from brushing your teeth to going to bed.

Your conscious mind stops you from taking any action in the first place, and analyses the information, logically it sees to it that everything goes well relatively to avoid discomfort.

If it finds anything new, it wants to stop you first and thinks about the end result and allows you to take action, if and only if the picture is clear and successful unless it never takes action.

And moreover, the reticular activating system in your brain filters the information from your surroundings and allows only the familiar information which matches your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

And if the information doesn't sink with your present thoughts, then it discards and delays the action. 

The conscious mind handles one thought at a time, it can only decide what to do, why to do, and how to do it. And rest of the whole complex work process is handled by your subconscious mind after a certain amount of practice and habituation.

This is the reason why it looks hard in learning new things because your conscious mind always interprets and want the results fast. But when you are habituated to anything the subconscious mind carries on with the task automatically without you being conscious of it.

For instance, driving a car is one of the best examples to convey the concept, while you are learning car driving your conscious mind always would think about the end result and make you feel overwhelmed and confusing at times.

And finally, after some practice and habituation, you don't even consciously think about it, everything becomes automatic, you'll be thinking something else and the driving goes on and when you reach your destination, you might probably wonder that " How did I reach here!".

Everything in your life works in the same way. Unless you give some practice, it seems difficult but once you are habituated things will run on auto-pilot.

You don't even need to put your conscious effort after your subconscious mind is programmed and activated.

The major role that the conscious mind plays is with the beliefs that you carry in your memory.

All your present actions are because of your own beliefs that have a deep root in your subconscious mind.

But without your conscious mind permission, your subconscious mind never accepts anything for granted.

The conscious mind decides to believe certain things and later enters into your subconscious mind and influences your future actions right from choosing your toothbrush to the career you seek.

Things like what to eat in your breakfast, lunch and dinner are some of the decisions taken by you completely depends on the past experiences and beliefs in your memory.

The conscious mind which is also called EGO as per Sigmund Freud takes decisions on the
 pleasure principle and the reality principle, i.e the ego decides and takes action according to the level of satisfaction and pleasure that event or moment going to give you.

If your ego thinks that the situation is not serving its pleasure purpose then it would ruthlessly refuse to take action to avoid anxiety and discomfort at that moment and find it's the comfort zone.

For instance, if you would like to learn a new skill, your conscious mind analyse and compare the information which is already in your memory as your past experience.

If the information is matching then it will go-ahead, but if it thinks that it's not going to work, then your conscious mind would seek its old comfort zone.

And on the other hand subconscious mind takes everything that your conscious mind believes and accepts. Your subconscious mind cannot take decisions, but only obeys your conscious mind and functions as needed.

The key to activate your higher mind or subconscious mind and imprint your goal is to watch and observe your present thoughts, feelings and emotions.

And follow the below steps:

  • If you find yourself being in the same old comfort zone, then you take a tiny action even if you think it's not going to work for you.
  • When you take tiny action anyway irrespective of the result good or bad, positive or negative, your conscious mind will be proved wrong and allows you to take action further.
  • It's simple, Take a tiny action, watch the present Result, Refine, learn and take another action, loop the process to complete the task and reach your goal
  • one of the easiest ways to reprogram the subconscious mind fast is subliminal messages.
Imprint what you want into your subconscious mind through visualization and imagination to manifest into the physical reality.

One of the most important and powerful things your conscious mind can do is visualizing and imagining the events, situations and the end result as desired so, that your subconscious mind grips it firmly.

When you imagine certain events in the present conscious awareness with strong feeling and emotion, then your subconscious mind takes it as a real event, because the subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is the real and unreal event.

Your subconscious mind understands only the language of feelings and emotions behind your thoughts, images in the visualization process and when you are imagining a certain event.

All you got to know is, you are already doing this process of imagination but, unconsciously. Now you get this process into conscious awareness.

I mean to say that, set a time period for visualizing your goals and wishes to come true.

To successfully make an imprint or impression and activate your higher mind to work for what you want, you got to follow the below 10 things.

1. Know what are your present thoughts, beliefs, and intentions are:

Usually, you might have never noticed your own thoughts in the form of beliefs and intentions, but the moment you notice you can choose what you want and let go of what you don't want.

You can make it simple and powerful following the below steps:

  • Take time to observe your thoughts.
  • Let go and allow all negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Now, focus on the positive thoughts and emotions behind it.
  • Choose the ultimate goal, which you are connected to emotionally.

2.Know how you feel when you think about your goals.

Here the majority of the people choose their goals because they worked for many in the past like your friends and family.

Or you choose it because someone is asking you to do it, both ways it leads to dissatisfaction and you feel empty.

Instead, you would focus on the below steps. 

  • Look for the only things where you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Give your attention to your own self.
  • Understand what you are good at.
  • It doesn't matter how others feel about your goal, but how you feel about it does matter. 
  • Now, hold on to the feelings you carry about your goals.

3.Know what are your present feelings and emotions?

Normally what happens is you either think about past events and anticipate the future.

Instead, you focus on the present moment feelings and emotions.

If you are not comfortable with your present thoughts, feelings and emotions.

  • Sit with your thoughts and feel it completely all at once and release them to make some space to positive thoughts.
  • For you to grow a tree, you got to weed out the unnecessary crap around it, similarly to grow your goal, you got to weed out the unnecessary thoughts.
  •  Hold on to the thoughts that make you feel good and emotionally strong.
  •  Visualise the event with the utmost feeling and try to hold it.
  •  Imagine all possible ways that you can feel the positive emotions in your body.
  • Don't try to forcefully avoid the negative thoughts but accept and allow them to move on.

Once you know what are your thoughts, you will be able to identify goals, so that it will be easy to achieve them.  

4. Write down your goals on a piece of paper

 What happens when you write on a piece of paper, the messages will directly reach your subconscious mind and will allow you to work on your goals.

It is important to be specific while you write your goals, narrow it down and you should be able to explain exactly what it is.

For example, if your goal is to write your dream book, then you don't write just I want to write a book, instead, you write down the details like what book? which topic? how many pages? what should be the colour of the book cover? what is the title? and so on.

5. Draw an image of exactly what you want

Here is an interesting part of programming your mind and imprint it into your subconscious mind. When you draw anything on paper, you simultaneously create an image in your brain and it gives suggestions to your logical mind that this is important for you. 

So that your mind will see to it that you achieve that particular image. You try to draw a detailed picture like for example if want to buy a brand new car, you draw it and feel how it would be when you get that car. 

You don't need to be a professional artist, but just try to draw that outline. This is an attempt to tell your mind what you want.

6. Create a visual image of your dream wishes

What are your dream wishes? It could be anything from shoes to a dream house. You collect all images from google and create a visual slideshow in the video editor and watch it frequently. 

How many times you should watch it? This is not a medical prescription that you take in the morning, afternoon, and evening, but you watch it as frequently as possible. You can save it as a screen saver on your phone or laptop. 

You can also collect the posters and paste them on to the wall at your home and office. The idea is to not make your goals out of sight. It is said that anything that is out of sight, then it is out of reach.

Because our brain cannot process which are not available in memory at all. This practice will assure train your brain to know which is important for you.

Final thoughts

Everything boils down to activate your higher mind and imprint your goal is knowing yourself that what exactly you want? and why you want that?

Make a habit of following the above points and reach your goals. This post is an idea to make yourself familiar with your dreams and wishes. 

Now, take a small action on every technique explained and see the results, and you refine it till you achieve your goal and your dreams.

On the whole, this technique feeds your brain with multiple suggestions and programs so that it will allow you to reach your goals easily and quickly.

What techniques do you follow to activate your higher mind? Do subscribe for more posts.


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