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Habits are the roots of our human beings, habits create the lifestyle and habits creates reality. A habit decides your destiny and helps you to achieve yourgoals.

Since long the time I have been thinking of what drives us to do anything for the sake of doing. I have discovered that habits are the only drivers that drive you throughout your lifetime whether it is success or failure.

In fact there is no such thing as success or failure, the only thing that exists is, your own habits. If your habits are good the results are good, if your habits are bad the results would show bad.

And if you observe it closely there is no such thing as good or bad. For instance, a person who wants to lose weight, eating peanut butter is a bad habit, but for those who want to gain weight, it could be a good habit.

Everything boils down to what is the thing you want to do or achieve?

A habit is a decision taken by you to satisfy your inner urge or craving, the urge could be small or huge but the end result would be making your cravings calm down by performing certain actions.

If you do something repeatedly it’s a habit. The habit becomes an addiction in the long run. And what do you want to get addicted to? and your habits may also depend on your beliefs and intentions.

All your addictions and habits in your lives are determined by the outside world like friends, television, advertisements and so on. All your life you have been habituated unconsciously under the threshold of your subconscious mind.

But you can change your habits and make a new habit with awareness. Being aware of your current habits will allow you to know them exactly how they work and if you know what your habits are, you can change them or make improvements for good.

The habits which you hold unconsciously gives the results which you may not want at all, this happens because you would not be aware of your habits, the outcomes and the results are perfect for both unconscious habits and conscious habits.

Finally, you should be able to decide which one to hold on to and which one to replace.

You have this wonderful opportunity to turn all your present unwanted habits to reach your life goals or else the present habits could take you to unwanted destinations, this is inevitable, because you have already adopted a lot of habits by now, you need to replace those habits consciously with what you want.

You have already taken a major step towards your habits, but if you are not satisfied with the outcome change and replace the habit.

Here are some practical tips:

·        Have a close watch on your day-to-day habits and your behaviours.

·        Be aware of what decisions and actions you take in your day-to-day life, then choose one habit that you want to replace. And later you can apply it to all your habits you want to change and replace.

·        Remember that every habit starts with a small action, make yourself free to start your new habit despite any discomforts.

·        Startsmall and short which can be achieved in very less time. The most crucial thing is that your brain looks for the actions, which would take a minimum amount of time to accomplish, and most of the time in your daily duties your brain will see to it that all your actions are done in a short time. 

·        Look for immediate pleasure in your habit, therefore you can find it easy to repeat. Here the pleasure I am talking about is the reward your mind is looking for. For example, having a cup of coffee gives you the reward of refreshment and a break in your long hours of work.

           Don’t worry about the end result, start it anyway. However, any habit is a habit because it gives you that reward of satisfaction in the end. 

         Identify and discover cues and triggers which starts the habit, these triggers could be your environment, sounds, and stimuli.

         Actually, these triggers will ignite your habit to start in the first case. For example, an alarm could trigger to wake you up early in the morning or any reminder on your phone will force you to act on it.

        Act as if you are familiar with your new habit and make yourself clear that you have a purpose to adopt this new habit.

How to implement the above steps into your area of life?

I don’t claim that I can give you expert advice but I have enough experience to share with you and the tactics and techniques I share are first used by me’

For a long time, I had a dream to write an eBook, but I had no idea how to start.

Once I read on a blog that if you want to write an eBook or even become a professional writer, you should be able to write at least 1000 words in a day.

When I read this immediately my mind was withdrawn from writing an eBook.

Because it’s a lot of work and practice to put in, then I have decided to break down the task of writing 1000 words to 100 words and I have increased it bit by bit and day by day and one day finally I was able to write 1000 words easily.

Importantly I felt the pleasure when I completed the task of 100 words that I have achieved something. Even though that was a small task I was able to do and make a habit because I have chosen to start with small and in less time. In the end, I use to feel an immediate reward of pleasure, which our mind needs to repeat the habit more and more again and again. 

Your mind looks for that pleasure which comes out of any habit, this is the reason why we all have certain habits like overeating,  watching short and thrilling videos and so on.

One cannot explain what is that reward of pleasure exactly is, it looks like a bit satisfying moment and for that moment of pleasure, we make all kinds of habits in our daily routine.

For instance, posting a status on Facebook gives some kind of achievement or showing off. Listening to pop music gives a pleasant feeling and watching a boxing match satisfies your inner anger on something and so on. 

That said, we do make habits for a reason, it could be mainly because to satisfy the internal urge and to stop that craving feeling in some way or the other, or else we don't have a reason to act at all.

You can apply this to any area of your life, it’s not important whether you may succeed in achieving your goal or fail, but getting started is important.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your present habits, change and replace them and see what happens.


   3 Steps to Make new habits

  • Be aware of your present habits
  • Choose a small habit
  • Replace your habit

You can turn all your present habits into your life goals, 

How to Choose a small habit and replace

If at all you want to replace your habit, first choose your present habit.

For instance, if you want to change your habit of drinking a glass of beer daily, then you choose it to replace with sparkling water or any flavoured water.

You should be aware of your habit that you're habituated first and later you choose it and replace it.

If you are not aware of what habits you are holding, you would never admit and be able to replace them, which leads to anxiety.

Now here is the crucial stage, the habit which you have replaced, it needs to sink into your subconscious mind, so that it will work automatically, just like brushing your teeth, having a cup of coffee or tea and biting your nails. 

You should repeat the habit over and over again and again so that it reaches your subconscious mind and becomes automatic.

When you are habituated subconsciously to something you will do it without much thinking about it.

For instance, remember your first days of learning car driving, bicycle. The first few days might be a nightmare for some of you and those anxious moments, but the moment you get familiar with and habituated, you don't need to think much, you get into the car put on your seat belt and start driving.

From starting point to your destination, you rarely remember how you drove all the way. This is how simple and powerful habituation is. The same way it applies to every area of your life.

You can replace any habit in your life which you think it is unwanted, the first and important thing to understand is why do you want to replace the habit? and what do you want from it? 

For example, if you want to replace your habit of overeating when you ask why? because you are gaining overweight, and for what? you want to be healthy and fit.

When you question yourself your brain will get clarity on why you are doing this and allows you to adapt any kind of habit.

Now, replace the habit of overeating with some easily digestible liquids like fresh fruit juice or lime juice. 

When you feel like you want to eat something, you start preparing your juice recipe and have it. You continue it till your old habit is replaced. 

This is not just for overeating but you can apply to change any bad habit in your life, what I mean by a bad habit is an unwanted habit.

Repeat your adapted new habits every day and refine it till you think you are perfect and by the way, nothing is perfect in this world.

In case of a healthy or being fit doesn't mean you need to get that 6 pack abs and win the Mr UNIVERSE, but just a flat tummy and feeling healthy for your self would be perfect.

In the case of car driving, you should be able to drive without any hazel on the roads is generally said as perfection in driving, but you don't need to make dangerous stunts and set the world on fire, If you wish to, you can refine your driving to any extent with habituation.

In many cases, your mind will resist when you start anything new, so you keep in mind that starting small can be finished in 5 min. The time period is one of the triggers to any habit to continue for the long run.

And importantly, one of the easiest ways to make new habits easily is through subliminal messages.


On the whole, in whatever profession you are in and whichever project you are working for, you can choose habits anything which are:

  • Easy to do.
  • Takes less time.
  • A little bit of pleasure of reward.
  • And purpose, that why? and what?
These points are enough to get started with adopting a new habit and replacing your unwanted habits to reach your desired targets and goals without any hazel. The important thing is we humans think a lot about the things which we should not be thinking and never think of anything which we should be thinking in the first place.

What tactics and techniques you use to change and replace your habits? and subscribe for more posts on habits




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