9 Powerful and simple habits will help you to reach your goals


Habits are a road map to reach your goals

Overlooked Simple and powerful habits add value to your life.

All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits. (William James)

Have you ever thought that where do these habits come from?

Have a close watch, all your habits have a certain and specific goal to be achieved when you find a trigger you decide to initiate an action in the form of a routine and finally get the reward in the form of a goal.

All habits come from previous memory, which you might have done it in the past and those habits leave a pattern and come on to the surface as your regular new habits

Anyhow, after repeating the habit quite a few times, the routine becomes automatic without any need for a reward or goal. The goal fades away slowly and your brain starts taking the reward in the form of anticipating the reward without any defence mechanisms of the mind.

That means now to repeat the habit you don't need any particular reward or goal in mind. But only anticipating the reward ignites the habit to repeat, if and if only you do the habit over and over and again, it will become automatic.

 Once you figure it out how any habit works and then it will be a game to you.

You can change any habit to work for your life goal.

You got to ingrain the process, habit loop, and the system of a habit into your brain so that you can make the habit to work for you.

Mostly, any habit uses us for the reward and all these days you might have running back of habits which are there just for the sake of little pleasures.

But now you can use the habit for your favour and make the habit work stubbornly for you to reach your goals.

Think of it this way that habit is like a tool that you have to use it more effectively. This kind of thinking will make it possible for you to understand the habit more precisely.

Usually, we think and assume that only habits like smoking, alcohol, and gambling are addictive and stubborn in nature or generally we get addicted to these kinds of habits.

How would it be if you could find those habits which help to reach your life goals and be addictive so that you couldn't resist performing these habits?

Then the sky is the limit, you can do anything you want and anything you have been waiting since long.

Now, here is the opportunity:

The 9 Powerful habits will help you to reach your goals

Listen to first before you speak

1. Listen first before you speak

Normally what most of us do is not allowing the opposite person to finish the conversation completely, meanwhile, you'll have an urge to interrupt in between the conversation and put your ideas in front.

Perhaps, it looks like a big debate on a popular news channel, where no one wins, because everybody is probably busy with their own thoughts, rather than listening to each other.

And constantly thinking about your own ideas while speaking will show ineffectiveness and you never understand what the opposite person is trying to say.

What everyone thinks is if you don't interrupt in between and share your ideas, the opposite person would think that you are dumb or you may interrupt to show superiority.

In fact, if you have a habit of listening to the complete conversation, you'll be able to give your best advice or maintain good relationships.

Apparently, Listening could make it possible to access to unknown things which you have never experienced.

Basically, if you are constantly thinking while you are talking to the other person, you miss certain clues and messages sent subliminally.

Key take away: Actionable tips on listening skills.
  • First, decide to listen to others while you are in conversation, you don't need to accept what they are saying but you just listen.
  • If you have an urge to speak, you could simply convey it in your body gestures.
  • Let them finish what they are saying, you save your energy for the end conversation conveying your opinion or a piece of advice.
  • Make them relieve themselves completely.
  • If the opposite person is overwhelmed and emotional, don't get involved in it, let them come out. 
  • Listen to the person without any judgemental mindset but with gratitude and compassion.
  • Already the person feels interesting and would like to talk more and they love the attention you give them.
  • Focus only on what they are saying, it is quite often we get carried away with their emotions and feelings.
  • To win the conversation be out of it, so you can solve it comfortably. Winning means giving a piece of great advice, solving their root problem or a smooth conversation to build relationships would be ample

2. Reading more books.

Make a habit of reading books

The habit of reading more books wouldn't harm you in any way but helps you to explore your knowledge, which you can use it for your professional and personal gain.

The more you build a good habit of reading the more you gain knowledge and you can get ideas on many topics and how you think and see the world changes.

Probably you'll get the answers to many questions and it touches your creative part of you.
You could even raise your confidence levels and improve the way you approach any problem.

Research says that reading books can relieve you from stress, anxiety and depression and allows you to solve your day-to-day obstacles and aids in sound sleep

But how to make a new habit? here we go:

Key take away: Actionable tips on reading books.
  • Make a habit of Reading books as many as you can.
  • Start with a couple of pages at least in the beginning.
  • Choose and read what interests and excites you.
  • Don't push yourself too hard to read.
  • Set a trigger for your reading habit, like early in the morning or right before you leave to bed.
  • Slowly increase the number of pages you read.
  • You make sure your books are easy to reach, get them on to the desk first.
  • Make sure your favourite book is on every device laptop, mobile, and tablet.
  • And finally, reward yourself to make a habit automatic, you can have your favourite cookie, drink or anything which you enjoy or simply feel the completeness that you have done something great.

3. Find out a routine that changes our life

A simple routine could change your life

Routines like writing a personal journal will make it possible for you to explore yourself more and understand yourself completely.

Writing a journal could calm down your inner urges which affect you in your work and relationships.

You choose routines that have a centre force of energy which can impact your other parts of your life dramatically. 

That is to say, the routine should be able to boost you up with energy and that energy will spill over
 your whole day and life.

And the research has confirmed many benefits. Build these daily habits at home.

These routines could look like 
  • Make a habit of Getting up early in the morning.
  • Running early in the morning, 
  • Exercising and working out.
  • Writing a personal journal or free writing.
  • Brainstorming ideas for your business, 
  • Drinking more water, Including a bowl of fresh veg salad and fruits salad
  • Affirming positive thoughts every night before you leave to bed
  • Stretching your self regularly.
  • Planning your day, before, like build a to-do list for your daily routines. And the crucial thing is to do only what is important now.

4. Visualize and imagine your goals before leaving to bed.

When you are about to fall asleep your brain produces theta waves and accepts any kind of suggestions, at this state you can imprint your goals into your subconscious mind so that without your conscious effort you can act on your goals automatically while you are awake.

The idea is to make an image of your end goal and imagining every aspect of your goal, for instance, imagine as if were achieved your goal and feel those moments in the present and believe in the process.

Your beliefs play an important role in manifesting what you want into reality and you get what you believe in from the bottom of your heart.

Your programs of the subconscious mind understand the language of pictures and images and take the imprints and look for the exact clues and help to make your goals, wishes, and desires into reality.

Let's have a look at what science has to say about visualization.

Key takeaway: Actionable tips on visualization.
  • You either do it in the morning or in the evening, decide the exact time.
  • You can lay down or sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes.
  • Now, take a deep breath and focus your attention on your breath for a few seconds.
  • Now, imagine your dreams and desires come true.
  • In the process you visualise how would you feel when you get that dream car or luxury house.
  • And try to recollect, what are your feelings and emotions, how excited you would be, how happy and joyful you would feel when you get what you want.
  • In your visualization, Focus on specific things like what is the colour painted to your luxury house and what were you doing at that time? or the colour of your dream car, could you smell the perfume in the car.
  • Get into the deep state that you are enjoying it already what you have desired. 
  • Visualization and imagination can train your subconscious mind and will improve your life with a great probability of getting what you want. 

5. Measure your day-to-day progress.

Measure to find out your progress

Desperately measuring your progress on a daily basis gives you enough spark to kick start or it initiates you to move on to the next level of success. And it gives that inspiration to carry forward to the next segment of your goal even though in the face of any obstacles and hurdles.

Let's put it this way if you have no idea what you have done yesterday and how much work you have put in or at what level you are at? then it's quite obvious that you couldn't proceed with your goal or the present task.

Your brain needs confirmation and assurance that how much you have progressed till now and further it allows you to proceed with your goal.

Measuring your progress will make it possible for you to continue to strive for your goals and achieve success more easily. Let's have a look at what research has to say about measuring your progress.

Focusing on the end result would make you overwhelmed, instead focus on the process which brings you to the end result.

Measure to know how good you are, measure to find out the possibilities to be successful in future, measure to get in touch with what mistakes you have done and learn from those mistakes.

Success is light years away from you if you fail to measure what and how much work you have put in. The future results are entangled with what you measure now.

On the flip side, Set small goals to achieve massive results and for every milestone, you set a reward so that your journey to your long term goal would be interesting and exciting and moreover it boosts your energy levels to achieve your goals quite easily.

6.Plan to face the obstacles before they arrive.

It is unlikely that we plan for a bad day, instead of expecting a bad day you could make a simple plan like:

'If something goes wrong I do this and this' will help you to figure it out what to do when your boss is angry, your kids are not listening, stuck in a traffic jam, the lift isn't working or you may meet people who are arrogant.

For instance: If my boss is angry I will accept the mistake and own the responsibility and assure him that I am going to reach the target at any cost. 

If my kids are not listening and behaving rudely then I will spend some time with them and let them know how to behave, If I am stuck in a huge traffic jam, instead of blaming myself I check if any important e-mails in my inbox so that I save time in the office.

If the lift is not working, then I choose the staircase and make any important call to my client.

And finally, If I meet any arrogant people, instead of yelling at them I accept and apologise for the inconvenience and ask them ' How may I assist you?

Not necessarily you'll have a bad day but planning positively would make it possible for you to face any obstacles evenly on a daily basis. 

Expect less and do more with whatever limited resources that you have, because starting to reach your goal with what you have gives you the satisfaction of at least you have started in the first place.

On the way to your goal, you might face many types of obstacles. To overcome them plan before you face them.

Starting is more important than to reach your goal if you don't start, then the probability of reaching your goal is negligible.

7. Accept the imperfection in you

As we all know that no one is perfect in this world. Apparently, trying for perfection is good, but expecting everything to be a perfect masterpiece in one go isn't that efficient way of doing, things won't work that way.

Perfection is something which is a very long term goal, and our job is to practice, practice and more practice deliberately. As you keep practising at some point that masterpiece would take the shape. But still, you wouldn't agree that you are perfect.

It is very strange that when you think what you have created is perfect but the world doesn't like that much to your expectations, but when you think that you have produced an average piece of work, it is more likely that everyone accepts that like a wonder. This is how it works.

What's going on here:

Is when you have no expectations, your complete focus will be on creating something really good, but when your expectations are high, your attention on crafting your work fades away and your total energy will be wasted on unnecessary thinking out of anxiety and fear of imperfection.

When you accept the imperfection and learn from it and constantly practice the craft, you'll end up succeeding in what you are doing.

Key takeaway: Actionable tips.
  • Take a tiny piece of your task and start with it.
  • Make it extremely easy so that you couldn't say no to it.
  • Plan for the uncertainty and reduce the steps to your task.
  • Do your routine task every day at the same time.
  • However, the task is small so you finish it off and feel the completeness in itself.
  • If you choose a hard and tedious task, at the initial stage itself you would drop the decision to start.
  • Eventually, daily increase the amount of work you put into your task so that in the long run you would be able to handle and wrap-up the bulky and massive tasks.
  • If you think that your work is imperfect, then learn from what you have done already and refine and loop the process, learn-refine-repeat.

8. Accept your laziness

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it".
( -Bill Gates)

When you make unrealistic goals and making things more complicated than actually it is, and overestimations on your goals will make you feel lazy sometimes.

Laziness is actually born out of looking to make things out of easier and faster methods, so if you feel lazy it means that you are brainstorming new ideas to reach your goals easily. 

Instead of worrying that you are lazy, you turn it into your strength, accept and know that being lazy is not a sin but your mind is constantly thinking about easy ways to do the things faster.

On the other hand, we all know at some point we need a break and if you can use it like a short break that's ok, you can daydream about how would you feel when you reach your ultimate goal and get into the technique of imagination and visualization so that your subconscious mind takes it as a real and makes it possible for you to take appropriate action at the right time.

Have you ever encountered any successful person being lazy? I guess no because it is so hard to be lazy if you have a proper goal. So, if you feel lazy sometimes don't take it as a weakness, but it is your strength in terms of next opportunity.

You can change your behaviour at any point for good.

9. Rather than trying to reach your goal start doing it

What everyone does is always thinking to reach the goal, forgetting to start to reach your goal in the first place is important. You make an effort to reach but the key to success is starting it anyway despite any hurdles and obstacles.

If you keep on planning, analysing, and desperately wanting the reassurance from others will get you stuck and you never start anything.

Choose the goals which resonate with you and you love the most. The things which come naturally to you are precious and moreover, if your goals are unique and specific then you are bound to be successful.

You might have noticed it already that you do the things which are urgent and leaving or postponing the things to do which are important.

Everything boils down to start creating your craft now and make it a priority to do the important things first and you keep the urgent things for your long term goals. And a four-step process to reach your goal. Let's look at what science and research have to say about setting goals.
  • Evaluate the facts and collect information.
  • Analyse as much as you can and stop at some point.
  • Start it anyway in the face of adversity and uncertainty.
  • Learn from the obstacles and refine your work.
  • Focus on one thing that you have been overlooking since long.
  • Use the end result of your past work and make it an initial point from there.
  • Give attention to your present task and future tasks will fall into place.
  • Start with a mini-tasks to get massive results.
  • Finally, work on the basic fundamental issues, when you feel uncertain.

Final thoughts:

On the whole, when you learn how to use any habit constructively then success in reaching your goals is not that far away. I am still in the learning process, I share what I put in practice. I always try to give the best of my experience.

And perhaps, Every habit has its own importance, without you being aware of it, things will flow naturally.

But the only thing you got to do is to notice your own life, and what is that one habit if you could change it, your whole life would change dramatically. Try to find out that simple and powerful habit and build a series of powerful habits that last which serves you as tools to achieve your goals.

What habits do you follow to reach your goals?
Comment in the section below.
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