11 Unique ways to change your behaviors for good no one will tell you

Your behaviours are merely a reflection of your personality

 How to change your behaviours by changing your mindset?

 Have you ever tried to change your behaviours and failed in the end?

Do you know why it is important to change your behaviours that obstruct your goals?

When the goal is extremely tough and throws challenging tasks, you most likely tend to make a huge effort. Therefore you try to skip the goal altogether and move to the behaviours or habits that are more comfortable at their face value. 

Then there are a lot of things that come into the picture when you try to change them, typically, no one would like to change their habitual behaviours and further strive to achieve goals and to do things in a perfect way and ends in a failed project.

Because there is a reason why changing behaviours is hard. When you have no idea with what components your habits are made up of and sometimes feels like you could never change your behaviours for good, this happens because you never looked into it in chunks.

The research on behavioural psychology proves how complicated it is to change behaviours. 

But you could change your behaviours, by changing all your keystone habits and change your life forever.

The keystone habit could be any routine in our daily life by which every habit in your life impacts your whole life either positively or negatively.

That is to say, if you change one keystone habit, then it directly or indirectly influences your other habits and all your behaviours.

Your brain processes many of your new habits, beliefs, feelings and emotions to give an ultimate behaviour as an output. Most of the behaviours and habits come from the anxiety of the subconscious mind or unconscious mind.

The further discussions and the explanations in this post will allow you to think about your behaviours, habits, emotions, beliefs and intentions and take the right actions as required which leads to a gradual change in all your behaviours in a succession that was obstructing to reach your goals.

This article will be helpful when you start taking action and put it into practice according to your life goals and situations.

Let's start:

The habits are the main cause of your behaviours. The behaviour is the physical outcome, which everyone could see it in our body language, facial expressions and certain feelings and emotions and the final result would be well-polished behaviour.

To change your old behaviours, it depends on your personal issues, conditions and the situations you are going through. It differs from person to person how it works.

And how strongly you are habituated to your old behaviours will impact the change of new behaviours.

Let's see how you can change your behaviours.


The 11 ways to change your behaviours that impact your life positively

1. Make Your Bad Habits Tougher To Do:

Always increase the distance from your bad habits, what does it mean by it? is for instance if you find yourself overeating or assuming that you would grab each and every time when you find your favourite snack on the couch.

Now, you put those snacks away from your site and make it hard to reach it, so that it won't trigger you to eat, generally every now and then we tend to eat snacks even if we don't feel like hungry.

you don't necessarily need to be hungry for overeating, your brain needs only the nearest and immediate triggers to indulge and build that habits.

What happens is when the temptations occur, you make a note that the objects will be very closer to you. When you hide it from your sight your reticular activating system in your brain couldn't find any triggers to cater with any.

Your brain doesn't need any reasons to repeat bad or good habits, it needs only the elicit triggers and the refreshment it provides in the end, and eventually, the routine happens automatically without your conscious awareness.

The triggers are in the form of programs in your subconscious mind they can be reprogrammed at any stage.

So try and make the way obscure to your brain by hiding the things or keep some distance. 

Do you remember the Inverse-square law in physics that Increasing the separation distance between objects decreases the force of attraction or repulsion between the objects? And decreasing the separation distance between objects increases the force of attraction or repulsion between the objects. ... Electrostatic force and distance are inversely related, the same way it applies in every area of your life.

2. Make good habits easy to do


Usually, good habits seem to be very critical to adapt like drinking 8 glasses of water is actually very easy to do, but most of us overlook the fact. It might be the reason why we neglect to make a habit stick is, the habit itself is that easy. If anything comes easily and effortlessly we fail to notice.

However, make things closer and easy to do, to build good habits further. For instance, if you want to make a habit of reading books, then you get that book out of shelves to your desk so that each and every time you see the book you feel the urge to flip through a few pages.

By doing this you can overcome the procrastinating behaviour and adapt to make new habit or behaviour quickly and consistently.

Perhaps, Procrastination bursts out of the defence mechanisms of your mind.

contrarily, most of the time the books you piled up on your shelves collect dust and feed the worms.

On the other hand, if you want to make a habit of healthy eating, you plan a diet and keep your healthy recipes, fruits, and a fresh salad on the dining table so that you can reach it easily.

3. Stop focusing on what others would think of me?

We all at some point have gone through this, that what others would think if I do this?, generally before starting anything like seeking your dream job or starting a business you get a pop up thought similar to " What others would think of me?". 

See in actuality others don't exist, they exist only in your assumptions, even if they exist, the piece of advice given by them is substantially about themselves. What they always think about themselves bursts as opinions on your decisions. 

For instance, if you are looking to set up a business and anyone close to you says that this is not possible to do or it's impossible, then you don't need to worry about it, but to understand that this opinion is essentially from his/her point of view.

 It could be he is not interested in that kind of business or he has minimum knowledge about the business so they reflect themselves and throws free advice.

They just come and go, they are fleeting, they never get back to you and ask " how about your goal or dream?".

They are busy with another one, they say and leave that's all they could do, not more than that.

Never the less, this is some kind of blockage in our brains and put a barrier for no reason but for the only sentence " What others would think of me"?. Just damn don't care about it and focus on yourself.

All that matters is, does that compelling to do? does that spark excitement in you? do you love what you are doing? all does matter.

If it looks fair enough after evaluating the facts and you had gone through your research, thereupon straight away make the decision on your own.


4.Make some changes to your environment to change your behaviour

Generally, we unconsciously take the actions and decisions in our routine life when we get up early in the morning, We automatically follow some routines like brushing our teeth, making a cup of coffee or tea and so on.

But, how would it be, if you could adjust and make some changes to the surroundings so that you start taking actions and build habits according to that changes and achieve success? sounds good!

For instance, if you want to make a habit of running everyday or exercise regularly, now you should change the cues in the environment in such a way that it triggers you early in the morning as soon as you wake up without a second thought you can move on to running.

For instance, if you are working out at home, before the night you make sure that your set of dumbells should be visible to you as soon as you wake up. This will force you to exercise on a consistent basis.

On the flip side, you should give the exact same triggers every day like if you decide the time as 5.00 clock in the morning the next morning should be the same but not 6'0 or 7'0 clock. Or else your brain deviates from the habituation to stick.

Let's put it another way, if you want to lose weight fast, you decide on the diet plan and stick it on the wall so that it triggers you every time you see it and will allow you to follow that exact diet plan and lose weight fast.

You make sure that you don't change the place of the diet plan on the wall.

The research says that whatever habits you want to change for better behaviours, you plan it according to your schedule and aim at a specific plan. Narrow it down as much as you can.

Remember that starting small is important for massive results. If you start with a huge target the chances are more that you might quit it any time soon.

So, tiny steps are enough to bring a tremendous change in the long run.

5. Do it for yourself

Here is the thing that most of us work for our boss, family, friends or relatives. Nothing wrong with it, but first you work for yourself.

The things which you do for yourself lasts very long and satisfies you to more extent which inturn satisfies others.

If it is not joyful to you, however whooping things you do to others, it won't give that much fulfilment.

A lot of other behaviours can be altered with this one keystone habit of doing things for yourself.

When you yourself not satisfied with what you are doing then for sure it won't amuse others.

Despite this, if your work is packed with joy, happiness and excitement, then everything falls into place.

6. Try something new every day

We all are habituated to routine life. You and I do the same things over and over again and again and expect different results.

We are slaves of our mind, we do as it orders and no self-control in the end.
The sign of doing the same things every day leads to the same old results.
If you want to change the results, try something new and try to learn new skills every day. Read books that expand your knowledge.

If the decisions are ineffective, it means that the information in your memory is limited. so, watch informative videos, read more try and write down the important notes that you have read. 

Now, evaluate and analyse research more information and relax for a couple of hours, then the solutions automatically pop out. You could see how your behaviour changes in your professional and personal life dramatically.

7. Adjust to the environmental conditions

Mostly, our actions, decisions and a lot more behaviours are governed by the surrounding environment. The objects in the surroundings act as a trigger and compel us to take all the actions.

Now, sometimes we can alter the environment so that we can build new habits like setting an alarm to wake up early in the morning.

But, most of the times distractions come and influence our behaviours in such a way that at times you get frustrated and lose control, where you might have changed the environment to the extent where you could've changed that habit.

But, apparently, sometimes you fail to keep up when your alarm batteries already dead before the alarm and so on.

 Instead of disappointment and getting frustrated, you tune to that environmental conditions and attempt again and again deliberately and sooner, you'll find your ground. This is where commitment works so well so that you couldn't resist the new behaviour or habit.

If the alarm or any other cue failed to make you tick, then you don't give a chance to your brain to procrastinate anymore, rather than you make several attempts to build successful habits.

Importantly, in the initial stage of habituation, your brain craves for the reward but after several attempts to enhance your behaviour, your brain won't need the reward anymore now, it seeks the reward in the routine itself and carries on with the routine.

8. Start making decisions on your own

We all at some point in our lives rely on someone or the other to make important decisions. Perhaps, I used to, but slowly I have changed myself and started making decisions on my own.

Because, if you start making decisions on your own, however, the results show up, you will have no regrets what so ever.

If you make the decisions relying on someone else, if the results turn out to be good that's ok, but if the results did not swing to your expectations, then you start blaming.

This is not a good sign for your efficient decisions. Blaming could make everything upset and loses the grip of effective decision making.

If you are confused at any point, come back to the fundamentals and refine it.
If things get harder and rigid there is no other way around but to get back to the basics.

9. Start your day with meditation


There is nothing new in practising meditation these days because everyone is practising meditation, mindfulness whatever you may call it, but the results would amaze you if you practice in the right way.

Meditation is not sitting for hours and hours doing nothing but suffering silently.

It is observing your thoughts in a detached way not involving or responding to your thoughts silently. The moment you notice your thoughts they slow down gradually and you'll reach the peak of relaxation and a peaceful state.

After finishing the session, you'll feel the freshness and more energetic to start your day.

10. Time management( get rid of distractions)


If everything is planned in your day according to a specific schedule, then its for sure that everything goes fine if you could manage to get over the distractions which peep while you work.

To reach your daily goals and targets, it is important for you to get rid of all your distractions on the way to your goal.

For instance: cancel your cable subscription and block games and websites on your laptop, tablet, and your mobile, so that you won't get any kind of notifications to distract you. Therefore you'll be free of distractions and it would be better for you to keep your mobile on silent mode while working on your target.

On the other hand, people may distract you from coming to our doorstep, so hang a tagboard saying that "do not disturb" until you reach your daily target.

As you start to follow these steps, you'll notice a gradual improvement in your productivity and you'll get a firm grip on time management.

We quite often than not overlook these distractions and work without a plan so ultimately the quality and the productivity levels fade away.

Sometimes you cannot avoid these distractions but you can definitely reduce to a maximum extent.
Unless you try to reduce the obstacles and the hurdles on your way, they play their game to win over you.

11. Be observant of your own life

All that happens in your life with the unexpected and surprising events could sometime add value to your life, in some cases even if it is a surprise could disappoint you.

It is because we are not conscious of each and every moment, what you think, what you do, what you choose or maybe you are living a mechanical way of life, where everything happens by chance but not by choice.

When you observe your own life in day-to-day actions, you'll notice a strange but helpful thing that is to say you'll get the solutions you are looking for your problems.

Because your present problem always has it's key in your previous or past actions. This means the output of your past actions will act as an input to your present problems.

By focusing on yourself, you'll be able to change your old bad habits quickly.

where you have ended you start there and mark as an initial point and loop the process. To be successful in every area of your life, start measuring backwards instead of measuring the future.

Final thoughts:

However your situations, conditions are, you always have a chance of changing your behaviours for good and habits for a better life. But how you handle things vary from person to person. The above 11 ways to change your behaviours for good could change your life if you implement them today onwards.

It would be irresponsible for me to say that this is the ultimate territory of the solution for your problems as far as your habits and behaviours are concerned.

But, this the most fundamental and basic changes that you could implement according to your situations and straight away get benefited.

What are the ways you follow to change your behaviours? Do subscribe for more posts.


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