how to focus on your goals relentlessly when distractions are unavoidable


 The focus happens once you decide and choose 

Do you know where the focus originates from?

Have you ever faced a condition where you had to focus on an important goal, despite too many distractions?

There are many techniques and ways you can get that from the internet.

 Where you can get the wisdom on how to overcome and get rid of distractions. And only focus on your target.

But, if you want to improve the ability to focus and deal with never-ending distractions, you need something better understanding of focus and distractions.

In this post, I will share tips and the secret behind focusing and get away with the distractions forever.

And you will learn the art of focusing on your vital task despite some unavoidable distractions.

Where do these distractions come from?

To focus on your important tasks and goals, you don't have to avoid distractions.

Or get rid of them and continuously fight with them is no more 

In fact, distractions are born out of your cravings to satisfy your inner urges and deep-rooted wants and desires.

Avoiding distractions is like leaving a basket full of chocolates beforehand in front of the kids and avoiding them to eat.

Instead, understand why distractions are there to disturb you?

And why they only target you? are the most important questions
 ask yourself before even thinking about focusing.

Here is the thing:

Actually, you know that they are distractions is because you have created them and when you have to focus on anything productive, they creep into your work.

And in fact, they don't disturb you, but you get distracted.

Distractions are like stubborn kids who asks for mouthwatering chocolates and delightful confectionery every 5 minutes.

Remember when you had nothing productive to do then these distractions had served you, entertained you and you enjoyed undeniably.

For instance: imagine if you have no other important goals to achieve, how joyful would it be browsing for your favourite shows and movies or having a delightful dinner.

Even further you looked for more of it, isn't it?.

But something strange happens, that these experiences leave a strong imprint in your brain and sneaks when you are busy with your vital task.

So, you need to understand what your brain and mind are doing when you had indulged in some kind of unproductive routines and behaviours like checking Facebook frequently, emails, constantly checking your to-do list.

And none the less Netflix web series, in most cases notifications about your favourite shows and movies distract you.

But as soon as you thought about being productive and focus on your task, those entertainments and things you had enjoyed have turned into distractions now.

Watch carefully, who has created these distractions that you had enjoyed the most during the late night.

Not just this, you have enough volume of luxury things that you have been doing for long and they have taken the power to interrupt you at the most important task.

That said, the focus is your natural ability and before you even practice it, it is there with you all the time or else how would you do the things you enjoy the most?

Practising to focus is like checking and confirming your presence in a dark room by putting the torch on your self.

If at all you have to practice the focus, then you should be practising how to watch the web series uninterruptedly. I don't think so we need to.

It is that you have moulded and directed the distractions as per your likes and dislikes.

And wanting to do and not wanting to do and now wondering how to overcome or get rid of your way.

Importantly, we employ our whole wisdom to focus on to watch the breathtaking and electrifying web series, on the other hand, to focus on crucial goals we need to surf the web.

I have a simple but yet powerful way to deal with the distractions step by step:

1. Make your distractions into your strengths

How to avoid distractions to focus on a crucial task?

Try and figure it out what is that reason and benefit that you are so interested and excited either to watch NetFlix web series without missing an episode or checking social media.

 Or any other instant gratifying things like watching short videos, tv shows and it could be anything that is distracting from completing your crucial task.

What pulls you into it, why it has made you surf the web to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Then the answer comes that it must be serving you with an immediate pleasure, where you won't get that in pursuing your goal or target.

This is the only reason why you get disturbed and get pulled in to take an instant action in the form of response to the so-called distractions. 

Turn all those distractions into your strength:


1. If you are distracted by watching web series, you decide that you will watch them only right after finishing your task ie at the end of your task.

2.But your brain craves immediate gratification, now you divide your main task into many small tasks and after every finished task, you reward yourself with a short video of about 5 to 10 min.

3. And increase the reward strength so that you perform well during the task because your brain anticipates the reward strength and makes you take action on your task.

4. Rewards doesn't need to be the same as above, but it varies with what you are getting distracted with and excited about.

5. For some people, distractions are watching tv, playing video games, constantly checking social media status, phone calls, and also they build habits like overeating, smoking, a cup of coffee and so on.

6. Even having a hot cookie or chocolate right after finishing your task will boost your productivity levels and increase your performance.

When this becomes automatic, then you don't need to focus on your target but your brain makes you focus on it without much mental energy on your part.

Then focus and concentration becomes like driving a car, initially you might have struggled to learn.

But once you are familiar you think of something else, listen to music, chit chats with the other people in the car effortlessly while you are driving. 

Here, everything boils down to you can turn your distractions into rewards as an instant gratification machine.

And importantly distractions are the actual rewards that your brain craves and anticipates all the time.

You do everything for that reward sake but nothing else, and a few times these actions will turn into automatic habits and will interrupt you while you are seriously working towards your important tasks.

2. Turn your important tasks into distractions

I guess you read it twice right!

Confused, let me explain:

Why your actual work is not interrupting when you are watching NetFlix, prime show, playing games or at your favourite club.

Instead of thinking about how to overcome distractions in life, you understand that distractions are self-inflicted and can be overcome as they are created.

Focusing on your task is not a problem but choosing to focus on is the problem.

If there are no distractions, needless to say, that you have to focus on some important work.

The focus happens automatically. The distractions have taken shape because you had shown interest in them.

For instance: while you are watching web series nothing was distracting. While cooking your favourite recipe no distractions at all,

Watching your favourite movie, you watch it despite all distractions under the sun.

How you are able to do these complex things without any distractions?

Because you are interested and excited about them. They are entertaining and you got that dopamine shot and relaxed your brain.

And you repeat those simple habits, actions over and over again without any burnout, breaks, and any second thought.

But when it comes to your actual task which must be crucial but facing all problems and leaving yourself in dilemma.

This happens because your work is not entertaining and importantly you miss the excitement.

The entertainment need not come at the expense of your productivity and the quality of your work.

Now, you can overcome this:

1. Imagine, how would it be if you could focus on your goals and important tasks as you focus on web series and your favourite shows

2. And I bet you would end up being the most successful person and one of the most productive persons.

 3. You need to change the reward system you follow and reward yourself as never before.

4. You decide that once you finish your important task you will reward yourself by watching your favourite show or any web series.

5. Here if your brain gets that refreshment right after finishing your task then every time your brain compels you to work on that task in anticipating that reward.

So the reward should be powerful and anticipation should be high.

For instance: while watching a thriller movie, how would you feel the excitement and anticipating the next jaw-dropping scenes will make you stick to the seats.

Let us put it another way, imagine tonight you have planned to have dinner at your favourite restaurant, how would you feel, you finish off your important works before the event and get ready for the delicious and enchanting dinner. wasn't that right?

6. By doing this you use the distractions for your benefit and get distracted back to your important task as you usually get distracted from your task to the other entertainments.

You might have using these tricks unconsciously but now you use them consciously, remember that your brain understands the language of emotions and feelings.

When you start caring about your feelings and emotions and use them properly for your benefit, your brain allows you to do your work without any distractions.

For instance: How would you deal with this situation when your kids have not done their homework properly.

 You promise them that they are going to get a precious surprise or anything which entice them right after their homework is finished.

The same way applies to every area of your life if you want to get your work done then treat your brain like kids.

This kind of approach will make your distractions work for you and this is the way how to deal with distractions in life.

This improves your focus and concentration as there are no distractions while you are working.

And you have made it clear that you are going to reward your self right after the task then your brain would cooperate with you.

If you have not decided to reward yourself, then your brain would interrupt you for the same reward while you are in the middle of the task.

This way your mind will get distracted from your entertainments to your important work.

Because your brain will get that boost of reward right after your task and it will allow you to work on the task first.

Important tip: Take short breaks and when you are on a break don't think about your task, just relax your mind and focus on enjoying your break.

First, win over your self created distractions and other distractions will be controlled on their own.


On the whole, Everyone has the feeling of wanting something right now, and sometimes this feeling turns into distraction and quite a few times your strength.

The distractions are always there but without your permission, they don't have the power to interrupt you.

Moreover, you can turn every distraction into your massive strength and rule on your own to finish your important task.

  • Understand the roots of your distractions.
  • Divide your task and Work on one task at a time.
  • Increase the power of reward to get instant pleasure.
  • Design the reward system exclusively for your crucial tasks.
  • Importantly enjoy whatever task you are working on.
  • Use short breaks as a power nap during your task.
  • Don't resist the distractions but decide to do it after your task.
  • Treat your brain like a kid who only understands the language of rewards.
Distractions come on to the surface until you give your attention to them, reward them, and make them calm by enticing them with what they want.

But do not treat your distractions with rewards all at once, give a portion of the reward first and later you release a massive reward after finishing your bulky task. Boom!

And now your brain put a blindfold to your distractions and make you focus on what you always wanted to accomplish.

Focus and concentration happen not only when you overcome distractions but even when the distractions are unavoidable.

And the secret is to listen to your distractions and dispense what it wants at the right time after fulfilling your goal.

What tricks and techniques you use to overcome the distractions?

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