How to improve focus on your work even if you think it's insurmountable

Do the most important work in your day

Do you want to crack the secret?

What does it take to improve your unwavering focus?

You might probably think,

What if you could spike your attention span?

What if you could elevate your focus to the peaks?

So that you could finish your creative work to your expectations and fulfil your dream work getting closer to progress.

But if you couldn't cope with focusing on your work, you'll end up with bland results falling flat to the possibility of touching rock-bottom.

I know how it feels, like suffocation when you are stuck in a maze. 

Likewise, I went through all the pain to start my creative writing and blogging and put an abrupt end to my projects out of confusion and despair.

And my progress was rolling downhill.

Until I read the blog Unmistakable Creative by  Srinivas Rao and discovered the key to focus on creative work even if you think it's impossible.

That's a huge breakthrough.

What if I say there are simple strategies to put an end to all focus and attention span crises.

Yes, In this post I will share little known strategies to boost your attention span and upgrade the ability to focus on your meaningful creative work.

In fact, you can use these strategies to any area of your life.

Sound's good?

Aren't you ready to gulp the tips to feed your attention span and focus?

Let's start:

Improving your attention span requires your ability to cut off through irrelevant activities and tasks that add no value to your life.

This has been our dilemma for ages, researchers, scientists, artists and many more professionals find it rigid to focus on one thing for a certain period.

In this hustling busy world, we have been bombarded with a bunch of information, and people around us throw responsibilities on us, whether they are important to you or not, it doesn't matter.

But everyone needs your attention the moment you wake up and as soon as you brush your teeth.

But, we somehow manage to take over those activities through making decisions and taking actions that sometimes not at all matters to you.

If someone rings on the phone, you have the urge to talk to them or answer immediately as though the earth-shattering issue will not be solved, if you don't answer on the spot.

And likewise, crises sneak into every area of your life like text messages, emails, social media and so on.

So how do you know what to spend your precious focus on while it's running out of fuel and sooner gets to rock bottom in your day?

And how to give your attention span to crucial things while eliminating unnecessary, which is evaporating by the dawn.

There are 4 steps to enhance your focus and attention span.

1. Identify what to focus on.

The ability to focus and concentration is the fundamental quality of a human being.

What everyone thinks is that they need to especially focus on something they want.

But, you won't get to know what to focus on until you identify your important activity or task. There is a correlation between the focus and the importance of your work.

If it is not important, then it is not possible to focus because your brain signals that it's not important for now. And it will eventually make you withdraw from what you're doing.

Wherever your focus goes the energy flows, but unfortunately, we haven't been taught how to focus and what is focus and concentration in our schools.

However, the average attention span reduces gradually because there is no point for your brain to focus on, when the importance of anything reduces then the amount of attention also drastically falls flat.

Focus occurs exactly when you reject all other activities except one and do it until it is achieved is what makes you improve your focus and enhance your attention span.

For instance: Imagine when you are in a situation where someone close to you falls ill and need immediate medication, then what would you do, you browse for the medicines and doctors prescription and your eyeballs focus only on the precise information and eliminate every other information.

In the same way, if the situation demands focus and attention happens automatically.

  • Say no to everything and yes to one thing

  • Do the important thing when your energy levels are high

  • Don't push yourself to extend beyond your attention span.

  • Notice the patterns in your day-to-day life and spot at which times your focus is unwavering whether it is morning hours or evening hours.

  • Utilize these hours to get the maximum of it.

  • Rather than multitasking, rely on single-tasking and focus on the things that add value to your life.

  • Multitasking will scatter your attention and squeeze out your focus.

  • Manage your decision fatigue which occurs when you indulge in making more decisions in a day which leads to burnout your focus.

  • Early mornings are the best to focus on your work, because you probably haven't made any decisions, so it's the ideal time to get the most out of less time.

2. How do you know what is important to you.

Focusing on what is necessary has become an issue like never-ending crises of the world.

 If you are stuck then you are stuck forever in the delusion of feeling something abundant achieved by doing multiple activities and keep yourself busy. This is ineffective.

I had wasted my precious time not deciding what is important and haven't made any conscious decision that would have filled me with purpose and meaning in my life.

This was my backdrop, that I had never realised the opportunities would slip off my hands and they are never into my firm grip.

On the contrary, I had unconsciously given my focus and attention to the habits like alcohol, smoking and binge-watching web series which never added anything of a legit value to my life.

Until I had a breakthrough by practising daily meditation and reading books had taken a turn but yet important one and changed my life forever.

I thought life will happen by accident and never under control and I can never be able to take conscious actions and make the decisions that are important to me.

Now, I have been habituated to some good practices like reading books and writing at least 500 words a day. 

This has happened after identifying my most important work reading books and writing deliberately.

But, you only come to know what is important to you through adapting and evaluating your to-do list to pick the most necessary goal to work out.

You might probably have many goals, you make a list of your goals for the present month and evaluate and filter until you get the most relevant one to start with immediately.

Now, Concentrate on the present task and follow the system which gets you to the end result. The focus happens when you choose to do one thing at a time, ignoring the other tasks.

Ignoring the other tasks doesn't mean that you eliminate forever, but you focus accordingly as per your to-do list.

Then something strange happens, you discover that every task or goal is interconnected with one another on your list.

Unless you concentrate and finish the first task, you'll not be able to start and focus on the second next task and it follows one task after the other.

For instance, suppose you have a list of 5 goals for your day. Unless you start and finish your 1st goal you cannot proceed with the 2nd, and until you finish your 2nd you cannot get on with the 3rd goal and it continues till your list comes to an end.

And this is the order of rule you got to follow, if you focus on all goals at once through multitasking you'll end up with all unfinished tasks.

Understanding the connectedness between your list of tasks and working according to the order is the key to success.

And it applies to any goal daily, monthly or long-term goals.

Doing one thing at a time enhances your progress and improves the quality of work.

To focus on your important work which matters to you:

  • Practice meditation first 15 minutes of your day.

  • Eliminate all other activities which are unnecessary like sticking to your devices, social media and checking emails.

  • Figure out which task will make you fulfilled and you feel the urge to do and finish.

  • And plan a schedule beforehand to start that work.

  • Design your environment in such a way that your task becomes easy to do by overcoming distractions.

  • Focusing on your work starts with saying no to unnecessary activities and sticking to one task at a time.

  • And finally measure your results, by doing this you'll get an exact idea of what to focus on.

3. How to expand your own internal motivation.  

We usually think and decide something and do something else altogether. And there is no way of connection or correlation to what our guts speak to us.

Most probably either you are so scared to put yourself in what your gut actually asks you to do or simply ignore it for now.

Quite often than not you are not able to do what you think is important and matters to you because you are frozen and your thoughts scattered in different directions.

And you would never want to come back to it in the near future and end yourself unfulfilled and void.

The delusion that you couldn't at least make an attempt to know whether you could be doing what you love and what matters to you will stagnant your thoughts.

To extract the most important work, you ask yourself what is that one thing you feel that excitement about or that you can sacrifice anything for that if you could pursue it or at least start doing what you want.

And importantly which takes you to the deepest levels of yourself, most of the time you get lost in it.

People around you might think that you have lost and you are so involved, that you forget to eat and forget that you exist.

And that work frees your mind from all anxieties, fears and confusion.

Fear and confusion sprouts from not being able to do the things which you care about, and you love the most.

All we have is confusion and despair when we are not ready to pursue what matters and what is important for us.

And eventually lack focus on whatever you do, because you are not committed to what you care about, do what is essential and importantly which drives you crazy and makes you feel more alive.

When you love something and you are ready to give your whole life for that sake, you don't need inspiration and motivation from an external environment.

On the flip side, doing what matters dosen't mean that you won't get distracted and burnout.

But, when you know how important it is, your brain and subconscious mind will be wired to work according to it and sets you to go the extra mile.

Find out that one thing that inspires you from within and figure out the thing that motivates from within yourself.

  • Discover yourself that What is that one thing you could do with ease.
  • Do the things which come naturally to you.

  • Shrink the number of things on your to-do list.

  • Allot a specific time to do your task at what time you start doing your work.

  • Don,t think about the end result, but make a habit of starting, because starting is important to kill procrastination.

4. How to kill your confusion and fear.

And that's when fear strikes you and all doubts arise from the roots of your brain and disturbs you so frighteningly, fearful moments will drown your ideas which matters to you a lot and you forget the things which matter to you, even matters to the world.

And slip into the things which are glossy and makes you feel pleasurable and which gives momentary relief and pursuing mundane tasks satisfies you for this moment.

Let us put it this way: you rather choose to work on the things which are in your comfort zone than to workout on things that are out of the box.

For instance: if your task is to read a book, then you might find it hard at the moment and jump on to work on easy tasks like answering your emails, reading short status updates on social media and so on.

Your brain craves instant gratification and the boost of dopamine shorts, where you can only find it in short videos and inspirational quotes.

But this will drop your productivity and quality of your work gradually.

And leaves you distracted. Interestingly the things which you are actually supposed to be doing are close to you haunt you like your doggy follows you wherever you go.

Instead of thinking about long term results, you focus on the present task and give your attention to the present gratification of how you feel when you accomplish your task in the present.

For instance: If you have planned to go on a long drive for about 500 miles, thinking about the long journey and hurdles you face along the way will not make you move even a bit, rather than if you are excited about starting your journey and focus on planning the event will allow you to make a move quickly.

And the momentum begins as you focus on the present task and flows like a river.

All fears and anxieties born out of thinking that your goal is massive and bulky, and you forget that a huge goal is made up of small fragments and pieces of tasks.

If you Achieve every single fragment of tasks and altogether you end up accomplishing a massive task.

For instance: writing a 2500 word article might be a huge task but when you break it down into 250 words per session will allow you to take instant action.

Altogether you got to work only on one task of writing 250 words in the present moment.

The same thing applies to every area of your life.

We usually withdraw from doing anything because we look into the big picture and think of it doing later and never get back to it.

When you target your goal by narrowing it down eventually improves your focus and you will be able to give your complete attention.

  • Avoid thinking about your goal as a long term event, rather than focus on the process of work that leads there.

  • Make your present task easy to do like breaking it down into chunks of tasks. And reduce the number of steps to your task.

  • Choose one task at a time and take breaks after completing each task.

  • Be present while you are on break, but don't do other activities like checking social media and emails constantly.

  • The breaks are like refreshments and relief and act as an immediate gratification and further fuels to carry on with your next task.

  • By targeting your tasks bit by bit you will find it easy however huge the task is doesn't matter.

  • When you finish one task, it gives the feeling of accomplishment and boosts energy to get to the next task.

  • Likewise, you can finish your task and achieve your important work in a day.

Final thoughts:

Everything boils down to, you and I need not worry much about improving our attention span, but have the strength and courage to choose the most important activity or work.

To focus and concentrate on the present task through which you can add value, meaning and purpose to your lives.

We all at some point fail to give complete focus and achieve the target because we keep on focusing our energy on the end result or the event.

And we focus on the other tasks which must be done in the next order.

Eventually, your energy is divided into many different directions which results in incomplete tasks on your to-do list.

Instead, give your full attention to the present task and choose the specific task to accomplish.

What strategies do you use to focus on your work?



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