How to keep calm and focus on your goals?


Keep calm and focus on your goals

A huge problem is that deciding what to focus on and distributing your time, energy and attention in different tasks and directions.

And focusing on too many tasks at the same time and wondering ' why am I not able to reach my ultimate goal?

This happens with every one of us, but have you figured it out why you are unable to keep calm and focus on your goals?

Fortunately, this article will give you clarity on what to focus on? and how to focus on the goals that are more important for you?

Focusing is not an issue but what to focus on is the issue right!. If you could overcome the distractions from the beginning then sure shot you can focus on anything.

Concentration only happens when you are ready to work on one task and ignore the rest.

You have many tasks and routines to do in your daily life and most of the time you ignore the important task that you should accomplish in the first place.

What we all think every time is that if something works out like magic, that enables us to concentrate on everything at the same time. 

 Unfortunately, it is not possible. But you have a chance to concentrate on what you want and the one which is crucial.

How do you know what to concentrate on or where to use your energy and time?

What I have observed in myself is I used to procrastinate every time when  I had to complete an important and in fact very crucial task of the day followed by month and year.

One day I stumbled on this article by James Clear and I changed the approach towards my life goals.

Here is the thing, 

  • Write down the top 20 career goals that you want to achieve in your life.

  • Further, you compile your list of the 5 most important goals, now you could see that you have eliminated many goals which are not that important at the present moment.

  • Most probably you will have to work towards these 5 goals, now you can concentrate on these goals and put all your focus and energy on these goals

  • You can trim your list even to 1 goal that you want to work out right now, and you can work on the other goals simultaneously after finishing the first goal.

  • Unless you complete this extracted goal you will not be able to concentrate on other goals what so ever. Because this is the goal that is interlinked to many of your goals. 

  • And the first five goals are your primary goals to be focused first on the list. The main purpose of eliminating the other goals is to focus on the most important goals first and ignore the rest until you reach this first goal.

  • The success of this goal will determine whether or not you will be successful in other goals that you are going to target in future.

  • And most importantly this present goal output will act as the input for the next goals you are going to achieve.

  • Eliminating doesn't mean that those goals are not worth working on, but only you have to ignore for the present moment, as you can focus on one goal at a time with complete attention.      

Actually what happens is that every single task is asking for your attention you should give your attention to the areas that are important first and then you can share your attention to the other tasks

What most of us will do is that we try to complete multiple tasks at a time and end up with many incomplete tasks and projects, instead give our attention to one task at a time so that our time and energy is used wisely.

Unless you reach one goal or complete one task, the other goals are not necessary for the present, they are merely distractions for your present goal.

Here you have done the deciding and choosing part, now you should be able to deal with this goal by putting tons of work into it deliberately.

When there is no direction you may reach an alienating destination or you may not reach at all.

Sometimes you get bombarded with a huge volume of information, things around your environment, you will lose the ability to keep calm and remain focused on your goals.

The main reason you lose calm is the distractions that you face while you are working towards your goal.

However, perhaps, you have created them beforehand yourself, then you have to clear and keep away with making some smart changes in your approach.

To reach your ultimate goal what needs to be done?.

1. Divide your goal into small tasks and routines. Take your time to make your task into small chunks and work towards it one by one, then you don't have to go through the pain of figuring out how to reach this huge target.

Interestingly, when you work on tiny tasks, your brain allows you to work with more ease, because, a bulky task would overwhelm your mind and could pull you back from finishing your task.

2. keep away all the distractions from your goal, like social media, checking email, playing video games, you get back to your goal immediately remembering the importance of the goal.

3. But, the best way to maintain focus is to avoid distractions completely when you are able to judge what is essential for you. If you have decided to achieve a specific task that is small, then your brain won't have a chance to procrastinate.

4. Now, you are almost focused on your goal, schedule your daily tasks and put some weigh on measuring your progress. When you measure your progress you will get clarity on how much work you have accomplished and further you can move towards your goal.

You don't find problems in focusing on your goal but, if you are able to overcome the distractions, you will focus on your goal automatically.

Your brain has the capacity to eliminate automatically which are unnecessary and present only necessary things that matters to you to focus on.

But the only thing is to cooperate your brain with sufficient information by choosing what is essential and what is not.

If you have created the distractions and you can break them too.

The distractions come in two forms, one is created by your own and the other one is environmental.

The distractions created by your own are the habits, other entertainments, unnecessary routines, and constantly thinking, out of nothing comes anything useful.

The obstacles which are environmental are the gadgets around you and people who would disturb you on the phone calls and reaching your doorstep.

In the first place, you need to ignore the distractions created by you.

Distractions are not easy at first glance to overcome, you got to do it one by one with constant effort.

When you have created them it was entertaining and more pleasurable, but at the time of avoiding, you may have to face some struggles.

Distractions can only occur when you invite them and they won't occur unless you wanted to get distracted.

How to overcome the distractions and stay focused on your goals.

Define your progress by knowing how much work that you have done the previous day and evaluate to point out the errors. Refine them and continue.

The next day again you look into the previous day's work and by doing this you will be able to measure your progress on a daily basis.

And this will keep you going, and you will remain calm and focused on your goal until you reach your goal.

On the flip side, when you measure your results you are proving to your brain that you are progressing and which in turn it will allow you to focus on your goal without any distractions.

And give your attention to what is needed to be done now, rather than constantly thinking about the end goal, you can concentrate on doing the work towards your goal will aid's you to accomplish it faster.

On the contrary, deadlines will make you forcefully to do the work, we all have been there and experienced how we would increase the volume of work and speed when the time is running out.

But in the usual tasks, you tend to postpone or delay to complete the task.

It is not difficult to focus on one task at a time, but you think that so and show interest to get distracted and make yourself indulge in something which is not productive and not useful.

Here is the reason why?

When you try to accomplish two tasks at a time, actually you are not doing two things at a time successfully. Because while you are dealing with one task your brain can concentrate only on one thing at a time.

For instance: Listening to the music while reading a book, here when you are reading a book you are not actually listening to the music completely but the music is going on subconsciously under the level of conscious awareness.

Let us put it this way, while you are listening to music and at the same time you are talking on the phone, here you either speak on the phone call and the music runs subconsciously, means you won't be able to pay attention to the music while taking on the phone call.

If you force yourself to listen to the music with complete focus then you won't be able to talk on the phone call simultaneously.

That means at any given moment you will be able to do only one thing at a time, not both.

When you don't have to do anything else except one task, then you don't need to force yourself to focus on it, but the focus happens.

Final thoughts:

Everything boils down to, choosing an important task to complete in a day and give your full attention to it, is the most effective way of working towards your goals.

Discarding other tasks while working on an important task will improve your productivity and the quality of your work.

And importantly give your undivided attention to the single essential task.

 And accomplish it first, and other tasks can be done and managed with the energy given by this accomplishment of the task.

Finally, measure your previous results and concentrate on doing present work and not constantly thinking about the end results will allow you to keep calm and focus on your goals. 

What are the strategies do you follow to focus on your goals?

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