3 easy tips on how to be more productive in a day instantly


How to be more productive in a day and rebuild your time

Are you struggling to do more in less time?

Have you ever thought that how to hack your time and energy to be more productive?

But being productive seems tougher at times.

And I know how it feels when time is running out and time-wasting tasks competing for your attention.

Eventually ending up at incomplete tasks and you helplessly choose to do the activities that are in your comfort zone.

You probably might have used some other strategies and failed.

But now I will share some surefire strategies and tips on how to be more productive, you can use today and squeeze most out of your day.

Here is good news.

Luckily there is a way how to be more productive in less time.

Let's begin:

1. How to Focus on the things that need your immediate attention.

More often than not, you tend to focus on the things which don't need your immediate attention, but you ignore the goals that are really matters and need your instant focus and never get back to it.

And moreover, you take up the activities which are easy to do and unnecessary.

It happens every now and then, you forget to accept and act on that important step to start doing that needs your immediate attention. 

Despite knowing that nothing will happen when you indulge in things that don't matter, and it takes nowhere, but it gives you the relief that you are doing something progressive and it deceives you are on the path of progress and it's far from the truth.

For instance: If you want to lose weight, instead of focusing on a healthy diet and daily exercising you skip altogether and tend to know about the plan and read some popular articles or talk to the dietician and trainer to calm your inner urge to lose weight.

To lose weight rather you start eating healthy and workout as per the schedule.

It is easy to focus on the things which are in your comfort zone that seems to be easy and you are familiar with, which takes no mental energy and that can be finished in less time and gives more gratification.

The reason why we make plans and not take actions because we expect immediate gratification than future rewards.

And indulge in activities like watching tv, thrilling videos and obviously NetFlix which add no value to your day and eventually end up with yet another unproductive day.

It happens more often than not you plan your day to boost productivity and your schedule to do more in less time, but unfortunately, you will fall victim to those immediate gratification activities. 

The tasks and activities which are important and that add value to your long term goal never seems to be urgent and on the other side, the tasks that are not important seems to be damn urgent and forces you to act on them and gives a feeling of accomplishment.

But never takes you to your desired goal. You know this fact, but still, you choose to do those activities because your will power is at low and your energy levels are at rock bottom.

Now, here is the solution for this:

Choose to do your important and that need your immediate attention, when your will power is at the highest level and when your focus is unwavering.

Usually, your focus will be high in the morning hours, if you are a night owl then late at night.

You could choose either to work early in the morning or when everyone has gone to sleep.

Because these hours are precious to dig deep down into and get the things done more in less time.

You always have a tendency to work when the distractions are surrounded and wonder why your day has gone unproductive and a never-ending to-do list'

On the contrary, time management issues are always energy management issues.

When you are able to manage your energy the time falls into place.

If you choose to work in the early morning hours, you can do the work deeply and finish the work in 2 to 3 hours whereas you usually struggle to finish it in 8 to 10 hours.

Because in the early few hours you can focus without any distractions and you can choose what to do and what not to do as you haven't taken any decisions yet and your will power will be at the peak. 

Will power is like fuel for your brain as your decisions making goes high the will power gets low and obviously when your will power is low you'll automatically choose activities and tasks which consumes less of it.

What I mean to say is when you are at low will power you could not choose anything in particular but your brain turns in to auto-pilot mode and makes you do the tasks which you are already familiar with and easy, like watching tv don't need your will power but when you are tired with your daily routines and bored you'll choose without your conscious awareness.

Everything boils down to, choose to do the important and tasks that matter to you when your will power is full and prepare a to-do list as many as you can and start doing in the morning hours one task at a time. 

Remember that don't focus on all tasks and goals at a time but one by one, unless you finish task 1 you don't need to think about task 2, and before you complete task 2 you don't have to worry about task 3

Improve your focus when you think it is painfully hard and distractions surround you because it is needless to say that you have to focus when distractions are not there.

Points to remember:

  • You have a ton of things to do but you have a choice to work with what is important in the morning first hours.
  • Don't get rid of the distractions but immediately bounce back and get on the track.
  • Work when the distractions are least and when they have low power.
  • Distractions and interruptions have low power when your energy and will power are high and the will power goes high right after your meal.
  • After the morning hours schedule is done you choose to work after your meals like midday, lunch and evening snack.
  • You don't have to change all your habits and behaviours at once, but change your fundamental behaviours one at a time. And build powerful habits one by one.

2. How to manage your energy to boost your productivity.

When you are able to manage your energy, time management is not an issue because you usually work for long hours and finish your task, the same work can be achieved in just 2 hours when there are no distractions at all.

 And choose the working hours during the day and assign the most important task when your energy is high.

You should be able to finish that crucial task in the first hours of the morning because there are the least distractions.

 Don't work when there are unavoidable distractions, instead find a time when there are the least interruptions.

Work in bursts of sessions like 25min deep work and 5 min break. And work for 3 to 4 sessions and take a long break for about 1/2 an hour.

Short and long breaks are like energy boosters and motivate you to work for long hours. Taking a break is not having a cup of coffee or your favourite snack but making your wandering mind silent.

Being in the present moment makes your mind silent and when it resumes it wanders in the past, present and future and connect the thoughts and gives rise to creative ideas.

Usually, we think that working for long hours makes our day productive but what I have observed is, taking short breaks will make it possible to make your day productive.

 The tasks that you want to accomplish later, schedule it after the morning hours like tasks that don't need much of your attention and will power like checking and writing short responses to emails, sales callings and so on.

 When it comes to the tasks which are not important but urgent, you can outsource and hire someone to get that task done like maintaining a Facebook page, social media marketing, website designing and so on.

Outsourcing will save you time and energy and importantly will allow you to work on tasks that are more important.

The tasks which are neither important nor urgent, you ruthlessly discard like clearing junk mails, watching tv, NetFlix and so on. Because these activities will not serve the purpose and contribute to your long term goals and end up with an unproductive day followed by week, month and year.

Importantly these unproductive activities are contagious and spread all over your schedule throughout the year.

And moreover, it affects your flow state of mind and kills time to resume your important work.

Set a deadline to accomplish the most important and urgent tasks, I hate deadlines, but when I had tried once and set a deadline for my most important work done, the results were amazing and now I continue to follow this strategy.

When you get the results that meet your goals, it doesn't matter whether you like it or not, you ingrain certain simple and productive habits into your routines.

But if you overdo it, you will be stressed and anxious. Deadlines are like medicine, use moderately.

3. How to schedule your tasks depending on their depth

Now, plan your day and choose to work depending on its depth.
For instance: checking an email and replying with the same old templates is not deep work.

But if you have to write an article on any topic or any creative writing and publish needs a deep work.

Here you should choose the article writing in the morning and checking emails can be done later in the afternoon. This kind of simple and easy to do habits helps you to achieve your goals.

And you schedule each and every task according to its depth and how important it is at the present moment.

For instance: my daily working schedule goes like this.

  • 6.00am to 7.00am ( Reading at least 25 pages of any book)
  • 7.00am to 9.00am ( Writing and drafting articles and publishing)
  • 9.00am to9.30am( Having a breakfast)
  • 9.30am to 11.30am( Reading and researching on the topics)
  • 11.30 to 12.00 noon( Short break just relax)
  • 12.00 to 1.00pm (checking emails and social media marketing)
  • 1.00pm to 1.30pm( Lunch break)
  • 1.30pm to  2.30pm( Watching informative videos and listen to podcasts)
  • 2.30pm to 3.30pm( Editing and polishing the written drafts)
  • 3.30pm to 4.00pm( Tea break)
  • 4.00pm to 4.00pm( Practicing free writing)
  • 4.30pm to 5.00pm( Outlining for the next article to publish)

If you could observe my schedule, I have chosen to work with my important work of reading and writing in the morning first hours because reading and writing is deep work and it needs the least distractions.

And you'll find no interruptions like kids wandering around and the world around you is silent and calm not asking for your attention yet.

And I have consciously planned to work with things that matter and need immediate attention right after the break because after the break my mind resumes the task with an improved focus and motivation.

Final thoughts:

On the whole, your productivity of the day depends on how you manage your energy at the right time.

And everything falls into place when you plan and schedule your to-do list accordingly. Planning your work before night will save your energy and you don't have to think about what to do? next day.

Planning makes you jump on your work without making decisions on your part and it allows you to maintain the flow state of mind, and will not stagnate your thoughts and wonder what to do next?.

This question what to do next? is a huge energy sucker and makes you empty, and will not allow you to take any further action.

Your logical brain asks to work on what is important and productive whereas your impulsive brain stuck with the emotions and asks you to stick to the activities that give instant gratification at the moment.

Still, wondering how to be more productive in a day?

Follow your logical brain as frequent as possible, and as long as you ignore your impulsive brain which is also called the subconscious mind that pulls you into the entertainment mode, you will be able to do more in less time.

Resolve the war between your logical brain and the impulsive brain then your day will turn into productive automatically.

What strategies you follow to be more productive in less time?

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