6 surefire ways to motivate yourself to boost your productivity more



Do you know how far motivation can boost your productivity?

What is the main cause for your productivity levels to come down?

You might probably think that if you could raise your productivity levels effortlessly right!.

You might even try many strategies and methods and failed.

I know how it feels when we try hard and fail, sometimes you feel like you want to quit.

But fortunately, there is no need to quit, I will share some of the best strategies that I have been following, and that works.

Let's start:

What has changed my day has also changed my life.

1. Productivity increases when you do this

It begins with one crucial step that spreads all over your life, that one step has the power to influence the other areas of your life.

You got to choose that one step as you wish there is nothing like good or bad, but it all depends on that one step whether it could make your life or break it.

 The beauty is when you make it once and at some point you break and again you will be able to keep the strength to make it.

When you break you learn and bounce back and get on track quickly.

This is the reason why you don't need to worry about failure in any endeavor.

It's not the point what you start with but starting itself is important, because starting anything new is difficult and it takes enormous energy and courage and rest of the things fall into place once you start

Failure is not the end of the world but it gives you the next opportunity. 

However huge the goal is you got to start it with one tiny step, that step will motivate you further and helps you to hike your productivity.

Usually, what happens whenever there is a huge goal on our to-do list, we tend to learn more and more about it instead of starting it in the first place.

Because our mind says that it's better to stay away from executing it, to avoid the discomfort it gives if it doesn't work.

When the doubt sneaks into your mind, you would rather want to know more information and simply ignore the idea of taking action and making a crucial decision.

The majority of the people will not take action just because they don't know where to start and they think about everything all at once and overwhelm themselves and finally quit.

Instead, you start anyway, and doesn't matter where you start and what order you follow, but just start doing and productivity takes care of itself.

Rather than thinking too much about reaching your target, you focus on the present task.

2. Problem with avoiding distractions.

There is a problem with the advice of avoiding distractions, in fact, distractions are part of our life, you simply cannot throw away out of our life.

Because distractions could be in any form like watching TV or web series, people who have avoided and benefited seem that it worked for them and they have done it.

There is no problem if you cannot avoid it, but if it pulls you in so strongly that you couldn't avoid and get into it, then you carry on with that and watch tv or web series.

But you watch it keeping your goal in mind and figure it out and know that how can it help you to reach your goal or the most important work of the day.

For instance: if you are a writer and you get distracted by watching TV then you can capture some ideas for your writing and note them down on a piece of paper.

And you can turn every piece of tv and web series content into a great writing piece. Whatever you get distracted with, you should think in terms of your goal and important work. And use all your distractions for your benefit.

So nothing is like waste in this world, it is your point of view that makes that so. If something is a waste or crap for you, it could be useful and important for others.

Extract what is useful for you and discard the rest. The one that you have discarded will serve the purpose for some others.

Apparently don't think about what is waste? and what is useful, but what works for you is important and stick to what sticks to you. 

After all one cannot squeeze something valuable out of nothing, but there should be something we consume in the form of books, videos, movies, and so on.

We all get inspired with something or the other and induce into our work and reflect ourselves to make our day productive.

If you think that you are distracted by anything not related to your work then that distractions could be important and helpful in your endeavor and altogether change your life and it could be the turning point.

Thus distractions are always not bad, but if you think in terms of your goal you can use all distractions for your benefit and get on with your life goals by doing more in less time.


The only reason why some people are not successful is that they are not able to distinguish between the mind and the brain.

And they don't have the ability to utilize their automatic and wise logical parts of the brain.

We are all wired to use the automatic part of our brain first, keeping in mind to survive in the present moment.

Productivity is not to be achieved or what you should target because you are already productive in your respective work.

If your choice is to watch web series all day long that's your productive day as far as the web series is concerned. 

Any work you look into, that's your own choice to indulge in. If that is your choice of activity then that must be important

You are only ignoring it because the world around you is indulging in different works and activities or in any kind of endeavor.

Your choice should be your interest and that excites you and more importantly that you enjoy the most, but not what the world around you is doing.

The people may or may not do what excites and interests them, and following such advice and their footsteps will absolutely cause you unfulfillment and in the end, you miss the purpose.

There are certain activities that come naturally to you while others find it difficult and this is the area of your expertise and finally you should be doing this work or any work that is naturally inbuilt in your brain.

It would take no mental energy and you don't need to choose every time you do it, it is that work that is wired automatically in your brain and you don't have to think much about it. It flows as easily as you breathe.

Most of the time we think that everything around us is important and quite often we confuse to choose what exactly important for that moment.

And you automatically tend to choose for the things that are easy and familiar, where you get that instant gratification, it means that you and I choose the work which gives the pleasure if and only if the pleasure is for Sureshot.

The pleasure can be anything like instant relief, relaxation, feeling complete, feeling fulfilled at that moment, and so on.

Everything you do has its roots in the habit loop, where the trigger pulls you in to take action and follow the routine and get the reward in the form of instant gratification.

Then what to do? You got to capture those daily routines and change the routine that is important for you for the same reward but indulge in the routines which add value and contribute to your long-term goals.

4. Choosing the right task doesn't exist.

Where all activities and tasks club together and form a mesh there you put your effort to choose the right task that matters to you.

It's not like a lucky dip choosing tasks randomly in the end wonder that you have chosen the wrong task, here if you choose the wrong task you learn from it and move forward and try to choose the right one and you learn to choose and improvise.

There is no room for doing wrong things but you are in the process until you reach the end goal.

You tend to choose the wrong tasks only to know what is your right task. 

Imagine that you are fixing a Chinese dining table where the parts should be assembled, first, you will look at the manual and try to fix the legs of the table and fix the nuts and bolts, initially, you might go wrong then you will have a look at the manual where you would find how to fix it and in the end, with some trial and error, you'll find the right way to assemble the dining table and finish the task.

The same thing applies to every area of your life with trial and error you would find it possible to wrap up any task and any goal however huge it is.

It is a problem when you think that nothing should go wrong and you want to fix everything in one go and when fear of failure sneaks into your mind then it seems hard to start what you want to do in the first place and eventually it hurts your productivity.

5. Think beyond the fear of failure

When the fear of failure takes over you'll lose the ability to choose the right things. 

Let's find the root cause of fear of failure.

The fear of failure comes out of thinking that the results should be as you have anticipated and wanting the exact same results, and you forget that before getting the results you got to focus on the present task and give your attention to start doing to get those results.

Unless you start there is no way that you get the results either positive or negative.

The fear of failure stagnates your mind and withdraws you to take action and makes you stick to your old comfort zone. 

When you do certain things over a period of time, your mind adapts to it and allocates a certain amount of memory in your brain and when you try to do something out of the box it rebels and won't allow you to do until it becomes familiar through repeating it for quite a few times.

This is so true that practice makes a man perfect because when you practice, the task you are doing will be wired into your brain and the next time you do, it won't take a bit of energy. And over a period of time, it becomes automatic.

Imagine how would it be when your crucial tasks and important routines become automatic and it would boost your productivity to the peak levels.

6. Stop overcoming procrastination instead you do this.

Rather than stepping out of procrastination, you understand it and learn from the experience and use it to reach your goal, then with the least resistance, you can do more in less time and boost productivity.

Lose control and the ability to stop what you are doing valuable and adds purpose.

Never compromise with the things that give peace in the deeper levels of your heart.

People think that procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles and a bad habit, but what I feel is there are no bad habits if you could use them wisely and handle them with care.

Because for instance, if you are struggling with procrastination or you find it difficult to break it and finally with a lot of effort you broke it, then it means that you have a greater experience than the rest of the world.

But you should hold the capacity to give something valuable out of your experience when you break your bad habits for good.  

Think in terms of how to solve but don't take it as an everlasting problem.

And on the other hand, your experience is so precious and unique to share with the world, it would help people to break their own procrastination too. 

For some, it may or may not work but it definitely works for someone who is struggling with similar issues, if it resonates, the world accepts what you create out of your unique experience.

Everything boils down to, your every experience counts and would contribute a big hand to add an extra mile to your productivity.

For instance: If someone had not experienced the bad results of procrastination, then how would they give a piece of advice on overcoming procrastination, what I mean is, all the advice we get on the internet is that experienced or inexperienced? I would say that if it is not experienced then the advice lacks aliveness and you can smell that the advice is not out of the real experience.

That said, the world around us needs more experiences to beat procrastination, in fact, any bad habit.

What you experience could solve a specific problem of the person sitting in the other corner of the world.

One cannot say this is bad or this is good but, only can strive to solve their own problems and help the people struggling with similar issues.

When it comes to procrastination, it is born out of habitual behavior of doing the activities that are familiar and which are so glossy at the moment that serves you with instant gratification.

But it leaves you in regret that you haven't done anything valuable in your day and this feeling might even spread to the other areas of your life and push you to taste unfulfillment.

Once you know and understand what is important? and what is necessary? then you can focus on that work without any procrastination and you can be the most productive person.

The things that pull you into procrastination would fall under these things:

  • Fear of failure and thinking that you should finish in one go.
  • Attractive distractions like social media, web series, NetFlix, and so on.
  • Unattractive distractions but easy to do and you are quite familiar with like checking emails and writing short responses, indulging in the household chore, constantly checking your mobile phone for no reason.
  • Sense stimulating distractions like lying down all day long, overeating, and so on.
  • Thinking about the end goal and feeling anxious, and you'll take this as an advantage and indulge in unhealthy habits like watching TV and playing games.
  • Estimating that you have no sufficient energy to start your work.
  • Giving priority to the unimportant tasks just because they are easy to do like if you have to lose weight instead of following a healthy diet and exercising you tend to look for more details but never start anything to lose weight.
  • Looking at the goal in the big picture and expecting huge results as soon as you take the initial action.
  • Instead of working with the present task you would rather plan for the future goals and never take action in the present.
  • Overlooking long-term pleasures and fall victim to immediate pleasures.
  • You won't find any excitement and interest in the present task that is important and lose enjoyment in what you should be doing.
  • You think that it can be done after getting a clear picture and eventually postpone it for the next day
  • And last but not the least, procrastination strikes when you want to beat the uncertainty right now.
Knowing what not to do? is more important than what to do? because knowing what not to do itself push you to do the right things.

When you are aware of what hurts your productivity then your brain automatically stops you from making those mistakes. 

Everything boils down to there is no one magic tactic to motivate yourself to boost your productivity more but the productivity increases when the importance of work increases and don't need any motivation to take action.

The importance of work itself a motivation and when there is no importance then you create it by yourself, be aware of why you are doing so and so task or any routine. The reason behind everything you do creates momentum and kick starts your work.

And eventually, your productivity levels go up when the work you do matters to you a lot.

Taking the first step in every task you do is the only key to success and increase your productivity.


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