Hi, this is Raghav the person behind this blog and the content provided here on this blog.

The main reason behind starting this blog is my own experience on taping on to the power of the subconscious mind.

Well, nothing was going on my way as I have started discovering myself. I have been struggling with what I was doing, I was jobless but yet I was hopefull something is going to stuck anyway. 

I was addicted to alcohol and I have created hell for my life. And after struggling a lot, one day I decided to change my life and started TO CHANGE my lifestyle.

Then I have started practising meditation and learning new things and one day I have stumbled on to the Dr.Bruce Liptons video and the book 'THE POWER OF NOW', my life began to change, of course not completely at once, but I could notice the way I was looking at my life and finally inspired with the subconscious mind hacking techniques and my routine meditation.

And I want everyone on this earth to know the valuable treasure in themselves and could change their lives eventually using meditation and subconscious mind hacking techniques.

Though my blog is new I take the courage to expand this blog to help people who are struggling with their lives. 

What can be a better job on this earth than helping people who are finding it difficult to get on with their lives as me?

I would like to keep it simple to achieve any success in any field:
  • Decide what you want.
  • Evaluate what you can do.
  • Take action in the present moment 'Now'
And you know what? everything will take care of itself and certainly and quite hopefully you will land in the arms of success.

That's not all I have to say you can subscribe to my blog for new articles and more subconscious mind hacking techniques.

You can contact me through my email you can catch me on facebook.
Feel free to ask any questions and queries through commenting on my blog and email.

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